NWA EmPowerrr Report: Kamille vs Hirsch, Invitational Cup, Awesome Kong retires

John Siino delivers a report on NWA EmPowerrr, the organization's first all women's event featuring the Women's Invitational Cup Gauntlet in the main event.

NWA EmPowerrr Report: Green wins Invitational Cup, Awesome Kong retires

NWA EmPowerrr

August 28th, 2021

By: John Siino

Khorassan Ballroom at The Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri

Commentary: Joe Galli, Brent Tarring & Velvet Sky

Dark Match: Paola Blaze (w/ Taryn Terrell) def. Kenzie Page

(Blaze is Paola Mayfield from 90 Day Fiancé fame)

Pre-Show: Skye Blue def. Christi Jaynes by pinfall at 5:11

They Said It Will Never Happen

Show starts with an old timey black and white video with May Valentine interviewing Aron ‘Shooter’ Stevens and JR ‘Krusher’ Kratos in old school gimmicks and she asks if they think we’ll ever see NWA Women’s Tag Team Championships, and they say, ‘men will dominate the NWA, just like the NWA dominates the world of professional wrestling.’ They go on about how preposterous it will be that one day people will all have televisions and pay for an all-women’s pay per view and Kratos ends it by saying it will never happen.

They go to the ring where the Executive Producer of EmPowerrr, Mickie James, makes her way to the ring. James starts saying tonight is not about her, it’s about women’s wrestling. She was told this wouldn’t be possible and women’s wrestling doesn’t make money, so she said she’ll find the best women. James starts to get a bit emotional and says it’s historic that the first time in 37 years there is wrestling in here and it starts with women’s wrestling.

Kylie Rae vs. Chik Tormenta vs. Diamante

This is being promoted as a battle of the brands with Rae representing NWA, Tormenta representing AAA and Diamante representing AEW. All three women start with a lock-up then right into a couple early pin attempts with Tormenta being super kicked to the outside. Diamante acts like she wants to embrace Rae but knocks her down. Tormenta runs in and breaks up the pin attempt and gets showered with boos. Rae comes back with a cannonball on her in the corner to Diamante, puts her in a Death Valley Driver position, but they both get German Suplexed by Tormenta. Rae runs in and breaks up a bridged suplex pin attempt by Diamante on Tormenta. Diamante attempts a superplex to Rae, but Tormenta comes in and hits a Tower of Doom and attempts to pin both Diamante and Rae. Diamante and Tormenta both go at it, but Rae in for a backslide attempt, but Diamante comes in and tries to pin both of them on that before tossing Tormenta to the outside. Diamante and Rae go to blows, ending with a superkick from Rae but Diamante escapes to the outside. Tormenta misses from the top rope and gets dropped by a dropkick into a crossface by Rae. Diamante throws in a chain to distract the referee, kicks off Rae and hits a Code Red on Tormenta for the pin.

Winner: Diamante by pinfall at 8:14.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final: Hell on Heels (Renee Michelle & Sahara 7) vs. The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle)

All four women start brawling as the bell rings with Belle and Michelle starting the match. The Hex keeps Michelle in their corner and starts stomping away, taking turns until Sahara finally breaks it up. Hell on Heels then take turns and keep Belle in their corner and hit a slingshot/superkick combo followed by a couple splashes in the corner by Sahara for a 2 count. Sahara lifts up Belle and Michelle superkicks her off for a 2 count. Belle fights off with a forearm and makes the hot tag to Kay. Kay comes in and chops away at Michelle as The Hex takes turns splashing Michelle and Kay hits a boot in the corner for a 2 count that Sahara breaks up. Kay takes Michelle out as all four women fight it out. The Hex takes out Sahara with a double knee they call ‘Hexclamation Point’. Kay grabs Michelle as she and Belle hit their finisher, the Hexecution for the pin.

Winners: The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) by pinfall at 6:54, to advance.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Finals: The Freebabes (Jazzy Yang & Miranda Gordy) (w/ Hollyhood Haley J) vs. Red Velvet & KiLynn King

The Freebabes are all daughters of wrestlers; Miranda (Terry Gordy), Jazzy (Jimmy Wang Yang) & Haley J (Amazing Maria from OVW). Velvet and Yang start the match, but Yang quickly tags out to Gordy who sizes up with King. King attempts a suplex, but Gordy stops her and tags back in Yang as they hit a double suplex on her for a one count by Yang. Gordy comes in but gets a knee to the face and a pump handle into a power slam, as Velvet comes in for a two count. Velvet runs the ropes, but Hollyhood throws his coat onto her face as Gordy hits a kick and Gorilla presses Velvet for a two count. Gordy puts Velvet in the Tree of Woe, as all three members of The Freebabes attack her with King being held back by the referee. Gordy takes King off the apron as the Freebabes keep Velvet grounded and keep her in their corner for a while. Velvet finally fights out, hits an Enziguri kick and makes the hot tag to King. King comes in and takes down Gordy with a kick to the side of the head and German suplex for a pin attempt that Yang breaks up. Yang comes in but gets pushed into Gordy, as King hits the Kingdom Falls on Yang for the pin.

Winners: Red Velvet & KiLynn King by pinfall at 6:44, to advance.

Hex Marks the Spot

May Valentine is backstage with The Hex and says after 28 years, the NWA has brought back the Women’s Tag Team Titles and how do they feel about possibly walking out here with them. Allysin Kay says she was the first to hold ‘The Burke’ in the modern era and now they can be the first to hold the tag titles. Marti Belle says the Dominican Republic has had a tumultuous relationship with the NWA, but now DR will have a champion that will be officially recognized by the NWA. Kay ends it by saying ‘Hex marks the spot’.

This is Awesome… Kong

Gail Kim makes her way to the ring and says she is having a difficult time expressing what she’s thinking and feeling right now as talking wasn’t always her thing, but she’s going to do her best. Kim said for the past 20 years she’s poured her life into professional wrestling just like all the women before her; Mildred Burke, Sensational Sherri, Madusa, Jazz and more and now they get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Kim says NWA asked her to be a part of this historic event and she hopes the fans appreciate the love and passion that she has for women’s wrestling. Music hits as Kim gets interrupted by Taryn Terrell, Jennacide & Paola Blaze as they make their way to the ring. Terrell says it’s cute how Kim came all the way here to see her and asks the fans if they remember the amazing matches they had together. Terrell says she’s so happy for Kim that she got to wrestle her, and she is welcome for that, as the fans boo. Terrell says Kim says she came to her house, and there’s only room for one legend so it’s time for Kim to go and say ‘bye’ in a very high-pitched way a couple times. Kim refuses to leave as Terrell says it’s always ‘The Gail Show’, and she’s sick of hearing it and this is actually about her and tells Jennacide and Blaze to get her out of her ring. Music hits and Awesome Kong makes her way to the ring to a huge reaction. Kong gets in Kim’s face, but then starts attacking Jennacide & Blaze including a chokeslam to Jennacide and the Implant Buster on Blaze on top of Jennacide as Kim scares off Terrell. As Kim turns around, she gets face to face with Kong who tells Kim to get in the ring. Kong gets on the mic and says she’s not much for words and it’s been a hard year in the Kong residence and only one thing can get her off her couch and away from them delicious ice cream bars and that’s Gail Kim. And if she’s going to go out, she’s going to go out with the toughest foe she knows and tells Kim that she’s done and she loves Gail Kim. Kim is at a loss of words and says Kong is special to her and they will always have a bond for life as both women start crying and hug to a big reaction.

IMPACT Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Melina

Purrazzo comes out with the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship as well. Deonna starts the match in Melina’s face, but Melina quickly pushes her off as they go and lock-up. Deonna takes down Melina and brushes off her shoulder, but Melina quickly comes back with a kick for a two count into a stretch with bicycle kicks to the back of Deonna and transitions into a lock that she turns around for a pin attempt. Melina comes back and knocks Deonna into the turnbuckles for another two count, before going to the second rope but Deonna catches her and hits a power bomb for a two count. Deonna starts working on the hands and arms of Melina before the referee Becky Phillips comes in and breaks it up. Melina starts fighting back, but Deonna knocks her off and puts on the figure four and transitions into a twisting toe hold that Melina reverses for a very close two count. Deonna angrily gets up and stomps Melina in the corner but misses a running shoulder block hitting the post and falling to the outside. Deonna slowly makes her way back inside and gets hit with a pair of clotheslines and a kick from Melina, runs into a boot but hits a double knee to the midsection of Deonna in the corner and a double knee to the back for a two count. Deonna comes back with a Russian Leg Sweep and transitions into a modified Tequila Sunrise. Melina tries to crawl to the ropes but digs her nails into the back of Deonna and gets out. Deonna comes back with a piledriver attempt, but Melina gets out. Things get a little ugly in the corner with a Sunset Bomb attempt, but Deonna quickly comes back and takes out Melina’s knee. Melina fights back with a jaw breaker but as she runs the ropes her knee gives out and she falls to the mat. The referee is about to call off the match, but Melina begs her not to as Deonna rushes in and attacks Melina in the corner. Deonna comes back and kicks Melina back down as Melina is screaming in pain. Deonna starts kicking away, but Melina fights back and gets a two count after slowly crawling over. Melina goes for the Primal Scream, but Deonna reverses into an arm bar and transitions into a half Crab on Melina’s injured knee as Melina taps out.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo by submission at 14:38, to retain.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament Final: Red Velvet & KiLynn King vs. The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle)

Madusa came out before the match and joined commentary. Kay and King start the match and go face to face with Kay trying to scare off King who is just slightly taller than her, but King runs the ropes and takes Kay down, but Kay comes down with a shoulder block for a one count. Belle comes in as they double team King for a 1 count. Velvet comes in but quickly gets hit with 3 very quick German suplexes by Belle. King comes in and stops a Sunset Flip attempt by Belle but gets hit with a swift kick for a one count. The Hex keeps King in their corner and hits splashes and a boot in the corner. Kay goes to tag out to Belle, but Red Velvet runs over and knocks her off the apron. Velvet & King then take turns and keep Kay in their corner and multiple whips to the corner and a double neckbreaker for a 2 count. King starts holding Kay down with a front face lock as her and Velvet keep Kay in their corner, but Kay grabs her for a powerbomb attempt that Velvet reverses with a hurricanrana with a 2 count. Velvet runs the ropes and transitions into a stretch to Kay in the middle of the ring but Kay reverses into a Tombstone position, but Velvet gets out and hits a stunner but runs into a huge spinebuster from Kay. King and Belle both tag in with Belle getting the upper hand with a face buster, but Velvet breaks it up. All four women start fighting with Kay getting tossed to the outside and King slamming Belle down as she tags in Red Velvet who misses a big splash. The Hex tries to hit their finisher, but King takes out Belle. Kay uses Velvet’s own leg to take out King as they hit their finisher on King as Kay gets the pin.

Winners: The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) by pinfall at 9:41, to become NEW NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Madusa presents The Hex with the titles, and as The Hex are celebrating with the titles, Red Velvet and KiLynn King extend handshakes and hug the new champions.

NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) vs. Leyla Hirsch

Billy Corgan makes his way ringside before the match and looks like he’s concealing a title in a bag. Both champion and challenger get entrances showing them walk from the back, as Strictly Business is seen backstage with Kamille before she makes her way out. Kyle Davis the match with a prepared statement from Billy Corgan about Mildred Burke and her history with NWA and tonight they celebrate her legacy with her original title that Corgan presents for the referee to hold up. Tim Storm also joins the commentary team for this match. Hirsch starts the match trying to take down the much taller Kamille but gets tossed easily aside. Kamille teases Hirsch by putting her hands up, but Hirsch slaps her, quickly springboards off the ropes and sends Kamille to the outside where she dives onto her. They start fighting on the outside, where Hirsch jumps off the steel steps but gets caught by Kamille and swung headfirst into the ring bell table. Kamille takes Hirsch’s face and drags it along the guardrail. Strictly Business is sitting ringside as Kamille’s man Thom Latimer gives her a good luck kiss. Back inside, Kamille hits a back elbow for a two count. Kamille stays in control keeping Hirsch on the ropes, but Hirsch ends up on Kamille’s back and applies a sleeper hold, Kamille backs her up against the ropes where Hirsch puts on an upside-down arm bar. Kamille gets her off and hits a Samoan Drop followed by a backbreaker and a suplex. Hirsch tries to fight back with kicks and forearms, but Kamille stops her and whips her into the corner. They start fighting on the top rope where Hirsch hits an amazing German Suplex off the top rope. Hirsch hits three more snap German Suplexes followed by two knees to the face for a two count. Hirsch starts stomping on the injured arm of Kamille and applies a cross arm bar, but Kamille reaches out and grabs the rope to break it up. Kamille hits a big boot and a Torture Rack into a power bomb for a two count. Both ladies start delivering strikes as the fans get on their feet. Hirsch comes back with a German suplex and a flying lariat for another two count. Hirsch goes to the top rope but misses a moonsault, Hirsch leapfrogs Kamille’s spear, hits a backstabber into an arm breaker. Kamille lifts up Hirsch and powerbombs her down, but Hirsch gets out and runs right into Kamille who throws her down and hits the spear for the pin.

Winner: Kamille by pinfall at 13:03, to retain.

As Kamille is celebrating with Strictly Business, Trevor Murdoch shows up and gets in Nick Aldis’ face ahead of their championship match tomorrow night.

NWA Women’s Invitational Cup

The winner of this match will go on to face Kamille tomorrow at NWA 73 for the NWA World Women’s Championship. Ten entrants in this match enter by random numbers and every 2 minutes a new entrant enters the fray, elimination occurs via pinfall or submission only.

Chelsea Green and Kiera Hogan are the first two to start the match and both get great reactions with Kiera being labeled ‘the hottest free agent’. Chelsea and Kiera start the match in a lock-up and roll around, but Chelsea knocks her down with a pin attempt and they continue to go back and forth with multiple pin attempts. Kiera hits a big super kick and a big clothesline in the corner. Chelsea dodges her in the corner but misses a punt attempt as they trade sunset flip pin attempts. Entrant #3 is Bianca Carelli, the daughter of Santino Marella who runs in and takes down Kiera and Chelsea with Judo throws. All three ladies go back and forth with pin attempts as Thunderkitty comes out as Entrant #4 and starts taking all three of them out, including a suplex to Carelli and knocks Kiera and Chelsea together. Jennacide is Entrant #5 and comes out with Taryn Terrell. Jennacide catches Carelli and plants her down and pins her for the first elimination. Kiera, Chelsea and Thunderkitty start triple teaming Jennacide as Lady Frost comes out as Entrant #6 and takes her time getting into the ring, and the camera stays on her missing all the action in the ring, but we see Jennacide takes out and eliminates Thunderkitty as the camera wrong just gets abysmal during this segment with the camera stuck on Frost and her name being keyed up.

After that bizarre segment, Debbie Malenko comes out as Entrant #7 and starts fighting with Frost on the outside and throws her inside. Malenko starts hitting clotheslines on Kiera and Chelsea as Jamie Senegal is Entrant #8 accompanied by Pollo Del Mar and starts going at it with Lady Frost. Frost hits a corkscrew moonsault on Senegal, but she kicks out, Malenko quickly puts a crossface on Frost as she taps out. Malenko puts a surfboard on Green, but Kiera sneaks in and pins Malenko to eliminate her while it’s on. Kiera hits a suicide dive to take out Chelsea and Jennacide on the outside. Senegal takes them all out with a Asai Moonsault as Masha Slamovich comes out as Entrant #9 and hits a sunset flip onto all the ladies on the outside. Jennacide hits a Death Valley Driver but only gets a two count on Masha.

Chelsea, Senegal and Masha triple team Jennacide and pin and eliminate her as St. Louis’ own Tootie Lynn comes out as the final entrant to a huge reaction and takes everybody out. Masha hits a kick and a piledriver on Senegal for the pin and elimination. We are down to the final four with Chelsea, Kiera, Masha & Tootie as they all start to brawl. Tootie hits a drop toe hold and double stomp on Masha, but gets taken to the outside by Kiera. Kiera comes in and hits a kick and shotgun dropkick to Masha. Kiera slowly goes to the top but Masha stops her as Chelsea and Tootie hit a tower of doom as Masha pins and eliminates Kiera. Masha hits a bridged suplex on Chelsea but only gets a two count. Tootie and Masha go at it but Tootie rolls her up for the pin and elimination as we are down to Tootie Lynn and Chelsea Green. Chelsea goes for the Unprettier but Tootie reverses for a two count. They go back and forth and Chelsea Green does hit the Unprettier for the pin.

Winner: Chelsea Green by pinfall at 24:08, to win the NWA Women’s Invitational Cup

All the women who competed on the show come out and surround the ring and entrance as Chelsea Green holds up the cup, including Jazz, Madusa, Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, and Mickie James.

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