Brandi Rhodes discusses the toughest part of her job at AEW, what people assume about it

Brandi Rhodes feels there's an assumption that her position means she oversees all concerning the women's division and people of color

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandi Rhodes and Cody Rhodes do an A.M.A.

As All Elite Wrestling is gearing up to present their Dynamite Grand Slam event from Arthur Ashe Stadium, Cody and Brandi Rhodes are making the media rounds to promote AEW and their ‘Rhodes to the Top’ reality show which premieres on TNT on September 29th.

Bleacher Report hosted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ with both Cody and Brandi and Brandi was asked what is the toughest part of her job. She feels that there is an assumption that because she has an executive role, that-that includes watching over everything having to do with the women’s division and people of color.

People seem to assume because I have an executive role that it’s all encompassing of everything having to do with women and people of color. That’s just not the reality of corporate america. Think of the person who has my job at Coca Cola, you wouldn’t say they’re responsible for all women and people of color because they’re a woman and person of color. It’s something I’ve gotten very used to and completely turn on. I do what I do need to do and that’s my job. Those are areas I’m passionate about, but you have to stay realistic. You have to be professional and be measured about how you fight for some of your passions as well as do your job. As a professional sometimes you eat crow and you do what you know is right.

Back at the 2019 Full Gear event, the stipulation for the AEW World Title match between Cody Rhodes and then-champion Chris Jericho was that if Cody lost, he can never challenge for the AEW World Title again. Cody has stated that he will never break that promise and added that one thing he also will not do is turn heel. He added that he’ll retire before he does so.

The music has broken my heart far more than it has cheered me up so far. I started a bit smaller and today in our industry I’m like a giant. Currently, I’m in a position where they think I book the show and book myself which has created tension for some fans. I’m of the belief that if you pay your money you can cheer, boo, etc. To go from a warm reception to an adversarial reception…i’ll retire before I become a heel. I’m not going to make decisions that are bad for our youth to see. That’s the challenge, how do I maintain where I’m at when the crowd wants to get a different flavor.

AEW Dynamite Grand Slam will feature Kenny Omega versus Bryan Danielson and following that show, AEW is taping Rampage Grand Slam and the show lineup for that event includes a six-man tag with the SuperKliq (Adam Cole & The Young Bucks) along with CM Punk versus Powerhouse Hobbs.

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