Terri Runnels speaks on Plane Ride from Hell, not reporting Lesnar incident

Terri Runnels addressed the recent episode of Dark Side of the Ring where Runnels spoke about her experience on the Plane Ride from Hell.

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Terri Runnels addressed the recent episode of Dark Side of the Ring where Runnels spoke about her experience on the Plane Ride from Hell.

Runnels took questions from viewers on her Cigars, Scars, and Superstars stream on Twitch that covered subjects from last Thursday’s episode.

During the episode, Runnels alleged that Brock Lesnar exposed himself to Runnels backstage at the Insurrextion pay-per-view in London, England on that tour in 2002. It is a claim that Runnels has made several times in the past including a mid-2000s interview with the Pro Wrestling Torch and last year during the Speaking Out Movement when appearing on the KEE on Sports podcast.

During her Twitch stream, she spoke about Dustin Rhodes singing on the plane and appreciating how Paul Heyman calmed the situation:

The thing with Dustin (Rhodes) and me was just embarrassing. That’s just an ex-wife being embarrassed that her ex-husband was in the back of the plane and woke everybody up singing to me, serenading me, that’s all. That was all I ever saw, I never went in the back of the plane. And another thing too, I appreciate Paul E. (Heyman) saying to me that night on the airplane – because he sat right across from me – I appreciate him saying, ‘don’t sell it’ where Dustin was concerned because had I gone back there and tried to play ‘Mama’ to get him to calm down and sit down, that probably wasn’t going to lead to a good place considering the inebriation at the time. So, I appreciated Paul E. saying, ‘don’t sell it’. That was an appropriate time to do that and say that.

Runnels would go on to speak about the Brock Lesnar incident without identifying him by name but adding that she believes she would have lost her job if she reported it:

The other crap with the other ‘pink feeder-mouse dude’, yeah, I should have reported it, but again, would’ve probably lost my job, which is so sad, so sad.

Runnels also believes that by speaking publicly about the issue she will never go into the WWE Hall of Fame:

And just this be known, because of me speaking out in any way, I can promise you like dimes to donuts, I’ll never get into the WWE Hall of Fame and it makes me sad because I’m literally – they’re my family and I love that company and I love so much of my life with them. Vince (McMahon) was like a Dad but at the same time, there was a bigger machine rolling, it was rolling heavy and fast, if I had said what had happened to me, the machine would have just kept rolling and I, kind of, would have been pushed aside.

During the stream, Runnels stood by her and others that claim that Vince McMahon was on the May 2002 flight.

The full Twitch stream can be watched on her channel.

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