CM Punk: My storyline is that I’ve been gone for seven years and I came back

Ahead of his match versus Daniel Garcia airing on Rampage, CM Punk discussed his time in AEW thus far, AJ Lee/WOW and more

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Ahead of his match on AEW Rampage, CM Punk chats Daniel Garcia, AEW and AJ Lee.

At 10 PM EST, the newest episode of AEW Rampage is going to air on TNT and on that show, CM Punk is going to be seeking his third consecutive win in AEW when he meets Daniel Garcia. By the end of this week, Garcia will have had matches with Punk, Minoru Suzuki, Davey Richards and Alex Shelley.

Punk talked to Sports Illustrated and reacted to some of the comments he’s seen which read that he’s not in storylines. Punk said his storyline is that he was gone for seven years, came back and is working his way back up.

To me, that’s the story I want to tell on the screen. I see some of the comments like, ‘CM Punk’s not in the story line.’ Yes, I am. The story is I’ve been gone for seven years and I came back. I’m starting at the bottom and making my way to the top. That’s the story.

On Wednesday, it was revealed that AJ Mendez (AJ Lee) will serve as an Executive Producer for the WOW relaunch. Punk expressed how excited he is for AJ:

I’m very excited for her. She’s doing what she wants to do. She’s going to get to write and use her voice to do something that she maybe thought she wouldn’t get the chance to do again. It’s no bumps, and it’s a chance to help foster and grow the next generation of females in wrestling. That’s a perfect, perfect spot for her.

Following tonight’s SmackDown and Rampage shows, POST Wrestling will be live with a recap of both shows for Café patrons.

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