GCW The Aftermath Report: Minoru Suzuki vs. Joey Janela

Jon Pines reviews Game Changer Wrestling's "The Aftermath" featuring Minoru Suzuki taking on Joey Janela and Alex Colon vs. Jimmy Lloyd.

Photo Courtesy: Game Changer Wrestling
GCW: The Aftermath

Sunday, October 10, 2021, Showboat Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey

By: Jon Pine

Coming off last night’s amazing GCW Fight Club show that featured the insane Deathmatch for the GCW World Title and the massive announcement by GCW Owner and Promoter Brett Lauderdale that GCW will be running The Hammerstein Ballroom on January 23, 2022. GCW returns to the Carousel Room, with The Aftermath. Today’s show features a smaller crowd than last night but that did not impact the energy and sound that the crowd produced. This was my first time ever seeing Minoru Suzuki live and I couldn’t have been more excited, plus we were treated to two of the best deathmatch wrestlers in the world going at it in Alex Colon and Jimmy Lloyd.

Scramble: Frontman Jah vs Ninja Mack vs Marcus Mathers vs Everett Connors and Spyder Nate Webb

The crowd erupts for the return of the legend Spyder Nate Webb. All men eventually pair off showcasing their high flying. Gringo Loco is one of the most underrated and talented wrestlers not currently signed to a major promotion. Ninja Mack and Gringo Loco respectively hit a Phoenix splash followed by two moonsaults onto Everett Connors. Loco hits Mack with a top rope sit-out falcon arrow for 2. Marcus Mathers hits a 450 on to Ninja who reversed the pin for the win.

Ninja Mack is victorious.

AJ Gray vs Colby Corino:

The two start off with solid chain wrestling before they start exchanging chops with AJ getting the better of Corino. Corino hits AJ with a swinging DDT on the floor

Eventually, AJ gets the advantage and puts Corino away with a series of lariats.

AJ Gray def. Colby Corino

Dante Leon vs Tony Deppen

This is Dante’s biggest test and most high-profile match in GCW, having been with the company for a relatively short time. Dante has had a string of incredible matches with Ninja Mack and has become one of the best highflyers on the GCW roster. Tony Deppen is the gatekeeper of GCW and a perfect opponent to face the young up-and-coming star in Dante Leon.  Right off the bat, Leon goes for a springboard cutter which was blocked by Deppen who starts grinding away on Leon, eventually hitting Leon with a tombstone for a 2 count. Leon goes for shooting star press but is caught in midair with a knee strike from Deppen. The crowd exploded for this spot.   Deppen hits a running knee for the win.

Tony Deppen def. Dante Leon

Nick Wayne vs. Atticus Cogar

Nick Wayne makes his way to the ring only to be jumped from behind by Atticus Cogar who starts to annihilate the 16-Year-old Nick Wayne. Atticus goes to the production table, picks up a cable, and wraps it around Wayne’s throat. He breaks out the skewers and sticks them in the head of Nick Wayne. The members of Young Dumb and Broke led by Jordan Oliver run in for the save and cut a promo on Atticus, shaming him for assaulting the teen and promises that Young Dumb and Broke will hunt him down.

No contest

Starboy Charlie vs. Alex Zayne

Both men come out to huge ovations and start right away with some innovative high-flying followed up by some mat-based work. The two trade near-falls. After a surprisingly hard-hitting match, Zayne catches Starboy in a twisting powerbomb for the win.

Alex Zayne def. Charlie Starboy

ASF vs Tankman

Major size discrepancy between the two men, with Tankman acting as an incredible base for ASFs unique high-flying offense. They end up brawling on the floor with Tankman throwing ASF around, absorbing any offense ASF dishes out.  Tankman hits a top rope powerbomb for the win.

Calvin Tankman def ASF

Singles Match: Mercedes Martinez vs. Allie Katch

From what I can tell this is Mercedes’s first match back since being let go from WWE and there is no better opponent to face than a staple of GCW’s women’s division, Allie Katch. Katch is on a hot streak defeating Gabby Ortiz at GCW Emo Fight and helping Ron Funches defeat Tony Deppen at GCW Highest in the room. I hope going forward GCW has more women’s matches as it sets them apart from the other top-tier Indy promotions who have a terrible track record or no track record of booking women wrestlers.

This was a monumental match for Allie Katch going up again a living legend and Shimmer Original. The match starts off with some catch wrestling with Mercedes eventually getting the better of the situation as the brawl spills to the floor. Katch hits two running hip attacks followed by a cannonball in the corner. Martinez hits a top rope spider German suplex for a two count. The two trade near falls until Katch hits a bridging cyclone suplex for the victory. The fans went crazy for Allie’s major victory.

Allie Katch def Martinez

Joey Janela vs Minoru Suzuki

DEAFENING Kaze Ni Nare! The atmosphere in the room was incredible as everyone was in awe.

Before the bell, Janela flips off Suzuki, which elicits a ‘you fucked up’ chant. The match starts with some joint manipulation eventually leading to the inevitable brutal chop battle. The crowd collectively held their breath as Suzuki lights up Janela. Suzuki is unphased by Janela’s return fire. Janela’s chest is beet red as both men brawl outside the ring. Suzuki teases a piledriver onto the merch table but Janela escapes. The two trade forearm strikes as Suzuki continues the beat down. Janela applies the figure-four to Suzuki, who eventually gets to the ropes. They trade more forearms strikes, and Suzuki catches Janela in the sleeper, turning it into the Gotch style Piledriver

Minoru Suzuki def. Joey Janela

Post-match- Chris Dickinson is in the ring to check on Janela, Suzuki nudges Dickinson with his boot, Dickinson fires up and shoves Suzuki. They were supposed to fight at Spring Break 2020 but it was canceled due to Covid.

Dickinson grabs the mic, says that they have unfinished business in GCW and Suzuki apologizes for his poor English but yells, “Fuck you” at Dickinson and proclaims he loves GCW.

Deathmatch: Alex Colon vs Jimmy Lloyd

They removed the second rope and one side of the ring was covered in Light tubes the other barbed wire. The two brawl on the floor, trading a couple of tube shots along the way. Lloyd hits a suicide dive through the Light tubes onto Colon. Glass goes flying into the crowd to everyone’s delight. Lloyd throws a massive bundle of tubes into colons face. Colon hits a swinging DDT to the floor, the glass pane doesn’t break so he just throws it at Lloyd’s head. Lloyd hits a Finlay roll to the floor through two doors. Colon starts to break every reaming tube on Jimmy Lloyd’s head and breaks a pane over Lloyd’s back. Colon hooks Lloyd in the camel clutch for the victory.

Alex Colon def. Jimmy Lloyd

Post-match: AKIRA makes his way to the ring to confront Colon. They each break tubes over their heads. AKIRA mentions how he was in the crowd when Colon fought Jun Kasai at GCW They Said It Couldn’t Be Done. He mentions how he looks up to Colon and asks Alex “When and Where.” Colon announces in the first round of the Nick Gage invitational.

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