AEW extended Aubrey Edwards’ contract this year

All Elite Wrestling official Aubrey Edwards reveals that her contract was extended this year

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

Aubrey Edwards signed a new deal with AEW this year.

Since All Elite Wrestling’s Double Or Nothing event in 2019, Aubrey Edwards has been a part of the company. On top of her officiating duties, she is also working in the gaming division.

Edwards guest appeared on episode five of Into The Danger Zone with Chris Denker and as their conversation progressed, Edwards mentioned that she and AEW came to terms on a contract extension this year.

Unless you’re in the discussion about the match, you don’t fully understand all of the things that are being talked about, right? And ultimately if the wrestlers I work with are happy and my bosses are happy, and you know, I got a contract extension this year so clearly I’m doing something good. Let me just drop that in there [Aubrey laughed].

Aubrey listed off several matches from recent memory that she enjoyed being a part of. One of those matches was Chris Jericho versus MJF at AEW All Out. Edwards shared that after the match, she was trying not to become emotional because she was proud of her work in the match.

The last pay-per-view, All Out, I did [the] Chris Jericho versus MJF match where if Chris Jericho lost, he wasn’t gonna wrestle again and I — put myself over a little bit. I was very happy with my work in that match. A lot of times when I’m in the middle of reffing, I hate it because I’m so worried about, ‘This is needs to happen and this needs to happen and this needs to happen. I need to focus on this and I make sure the time is here.’ Like, ‘hate’ is a strong word but there’s so much going on that I don’t get to enjoy it to its fullest extent. But, in that match, it went so well and the crowd was so into it that I went to the back and I’m just like, ‘Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry’ because I was just so feeling that emotion of like, ‘This was a really cool thing’ and that’s how I felt so I can’t imagine how people watching it felt.

This week’s AEW Dynamite is airing live from Miami, Florida on Saturday, October 16th. The company is also going live this Friday for Rampage and for 30 minutes, Rampage on TNT is going head-to-head with Friday Night SmackDown on FS1 at 10 PM EST.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit Into The Danger Zone with Chris Denker and H/T POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. 

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