CM Punk gives his take on AEW adding titles, prefers Women’s Tag belts over Trios titles

CM Punk speaks about the addition of the TBS Championship. He also detailed talking to AJ Mendez about working with Jeanie Buss

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CM Punk gives his take on AEW adding titles and AJ Mendez joining WOW.

In 2022, AEW will have crowned their first-ever TBS Champion. The title was formally introduced on Dynamite and there will be a tournament and the finals are taking place on January 5th when Dynamite moves over to TBS.

CM Punk spoke to Robbie Fox on My Mom’s Basement and gave his thoughts on AEW adding titles. He explained that he is of the mindset of less titles the better. Punk questioned if there would even be enough depth for a secondary women’s title. He thinks he’ll be proved wrong with the addition of the TBS Title. He went on to say that if it came down to Women’s Tag Titles or Trios Titles, he prefers the Women’s Tag Titles to be added.

Yeah, 100 percent [I like the simplicity] in wrestling. I think if everybody has a title and everybody’s a champion then nobody’s a champion. I think you gotta be really careful with that and I think TBS Title is even pushing it. There’s already a women’s title. Do we have the depth in the women’s division? Do we have the depth in the men’s division to have a secondary title? I think we’ve been doing it pretty good so far. I think Miro brought a lot of credibility to that belt and stabilized it and obviously Kenny Omega is the AEW Champion. It’s kind of a touchy subject. I know in 2021, everybody wants to, you know, really extol the virtues of women’s wrestling and this isn’t a knock. I married a women’s wrestler. I just wonder if we have the personnel to support a secondary or a title that’s on even footing with the women’s title. I just — and I don’t know, and trios? It’s the same thing. It’s just like yeah, there’s a lot of stables that have three people and yeah, you could have me tag with Sting and Darby [Allin] but, you know, again, if everybody’s a champion, nobody’s a champion. There needs to be, in my opinion, less titles but we’ll see how it goes. I’m sure all the women will prove me wrong and I’m okay with that.

I think maybe instead of another women’s title, maybe women’s tag belts but then again, I don’t know. Women’s tag belts before trios belts, I’ll say that.

Former multi-time WWE Divas Champion AJ Mendez (Lee) is back in wrestling as an Executive Producer of WOW (Women Of Wrestling). Punk said that it is an coincidence that he and AJ got back into wrestling around the same time and recounted receiving an email which read that Jeanie Buss wanted to get in contact with AJ. Punk encouraged AJ to take the meeting.

I don’t want to put words in her mouth, but I think that’s just a happy coincidence [AJ Mendez getting involved with wrestling again after he did]. I think it was more, you know — so I’ll go ahead and… I had somebody reach out to me saying, ‘Hey, Jeanie Buss wants to talk to April’ and I was like, ‘What?’ And you know, April doesn’t know anything about sports, like nothing. So, I took the idea to her and I was just like, ‘You have to at least take this meeting. Jeanie Buss is the most powerful woman in sports.’ In my mind, I was just doing cartwheels thinking of my wife talking to Jeanie Buss and I thought that was super cool and you know, they had a great conversation and Jeanie was just kind of kick-starting WOW and it really just kind of fit into the stuff that April’s doing; writing, producing. So, it really was just an idea presented to her that I think opened her up to, ‘Oh sh*t, yeah. This is actually perfect. I can help the next generation of female wrestlers with the creative side of stuff and I don’t have to get concussed.’ It’s excellent. So it really fit what she’s doing in her wheelhouse and I’m super stoked she’s doing it.

Punk will be in action on the 10/15 AEW Rampage against Matt Sydal. To get a refresher on the full Rampage lineup, head over to POST Wrestling’s article about the topic.

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