The Wellness Policy #9: Music (w/ Dan Lovranski)


Wai Ting and Jordan Goodman are joined by Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski for a deep dive on music for this month’s episode of The Wellness Policy.

They share their formative experiences with music and explore the many ways in which music contributes to our sense of identity, community, expression, and well-being. They discuss experiencing music as both fans and creators, how music culture has evolved over the years, similarities between the art and business of music and pro wrestling, the power of music to help us more deeply connect with ourselves and others, and much more.

The guys also check in with members of the POST Wrestling Café to learn about the role of music in their lives.

The Wellness Policy returns next month to discuss the importance of community in our lives. They’ll explore the skills of community-building, how the Internet and pandemic changed our ways of connecting with others, our sense of identity and meaning found within community, and more. As always, we’ll hear from you in the Café as we record LIVE on Zoom!

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