Nanae Takahashi undergoes knee surgery, scheduled to return on 12/29 SEAdLINNNG show

Nanae Takahashi is set to undergo knee surgery and will be out of action until late December

Takahashi to be out of action until December.

SEAdLINNNG’s Nanae Takahashi is taking some time off to undergo surgery. She is going to have a bolt removed from her left ankle and is also undergoing surgery on her right knee. Nanae was last in action at the 10/13 SEAdLINNNG show.

As of this writing, she is returning on the 12/29 SEAdLINNNG event at Korakuen Hall.

Nanae had been out of action from early 2020 until December of that year after undergoing surgery on her ankle. She had the following to say (via Tokyo Sports) about the injuries and looking forward to getting a fresh start when she returns:

I’ve been running since [I returned] at the end of 2020, but my body seemed to want a rest and I was in pain. To pull out the bolt on my left ankle. At the same time, I would like to clean my right knee to refresh my mind and body. Although there are few [wrestlers] belonging to SEAdLINNNG, I would like to be willing to put into practice that overdoing is not an aesthetic. We are here.

The 42-year-old Nanae Takahashi has been wrestling since the mid-90s. She got her start in All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling.

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