MLW Fusion ALPHA: King Muertes wins the IWA Caribbean Championship

John Siino reviews ALPHA with Richard Holliday defending the Caribbean title against King Muertes, the Opera Cup continues & more.

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MLW Fusion ALPHA #5

October 20th, 2021

2300 Arena – Philadelphia, PA

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Saint Laurent

Postponed Holliday

We were supposed to start the show with the IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Championship match but after a couple of false starts with his entrance music, we head to the back where Holliday is being attacked by Mads Krugger and Ikuro Kwon of CONTRA Unit. Alex Hammerstone shows up with a chair to scare them away.

Nicole Savoy vs. Holidead (w/ Dr. Dax)

Willow Nightingale joined Bocchini and Laurent on commentary for this Featherweight Division match as Savoy and Holidead both made their MLW debut. Holidead brings Dr. Dax with her who’s attached to a chain and with a leather mask on, but Holidead makes sure to attach his chain to the ring post for the match. They start the match locking up, but Savoy quickly brings Holidead to the mat and into an armbar. Savoy comes back with a pair of huracanranas to knock Holidead to the outside where Savoy meets her with a Suicide Dive.

When we come back from the commercial, Savoy hits a Saito Suplex for a two count. Holidead comes back with a surfboard, but Savoy is able to reach for the rope. They trade kicks until they both hit a double headbutt knocking each other down. They start trading strikes and Savoy comes back with a butterfly and German suplex, followed by a running elbow for a two count. Holidead comes back with some offense, but Savoy reverses it into a Dragon suplex for a two-count. Holidead tries to pick up Savoy, but Savoy turns it into a triangle choke and right into the Rings of Saturn as Holidead submits.

Winner: Nicole Savoy by submission at 8:06

After the match, as Willow was leaving the commentary table, she gets attacked from behind by Holidead who takes her out with a DDT on the ramp.

Rarified Air, I Don’t Care

Alicia Atout is backstage with Richard Holliday and says he doesn’t look cleared to fight, but he says he is and when you breathe rarified air you defend your championship. Bocchini says that the elite physician, Dr. Nelson Sweglar has advised Holliday not to compete but he’s going with it anyway.

MLW Coming Up

·       Next Week: TJP vs. Alex Shelley

·       Next Week: Bobby Fish vs. Lee Moriarty

·       Nov. 6th: MLW Live in Philly (2300 Arena)

·       Nov. 25th: MLW Fusion on Thanksgiving

2021 Opera Cup Opening Round: Matt Cross vs. Calvin Tankman

King Mo joins commentary who says he’s here to watch Tankman for recruitment. Cross starts by trying to take Tankman down with kicks, strikes, and chops, but eventually takes him down with a flying head scissors, and a double stomp to take Tankman to the outside where Cross hits him with a suicide dive. Back inside, Tankman pounces on Cross sending him to the outside as they go to the commercial.

When we come back, they are trading punches with Tankman winning that war and hitting a vertical suplex for a two. Tankman starts working on the neck of Cross, but Cross is able to fight out of it. Tankman comes back with a big splash for a two-count. Cross comes back with a pair of kicks and a crossbody, he heads to the top and hits a double stomp to the back, and takes out Tankman with a kick. Cross tries to dive on Tankman on the outside, but Tankman catches him and powerbombs him on the apron where he gets a two-count inside. They start trading chops, but Cross bounces back with a springboard cutter for a two. Cross goes to the top, tries a Shooting Star Press, but Tankman moves out of the way and hits a pop-up back elbow. Cross tries to fight back, but Tankman stops him with a clothesline and the back fist to the back of Cross’ neck for the pin.

Winner: Calvin Tankman by pinfall at 8:15, to advance


Alicia Atout stops Matt Cross after the match and asks him what happened in that match. Cross says everybody saw it, Tankman poked him in the eye to win the match, and although his vision might be blurry everybody in here saw it, and that’s BS as the fans boo him a bit for complaining.

All Japan Middleweight

The commentary points out how the new MLW Middleweight Champion Yoshihiro Tajiri returned back home to Japan and made the cover of Weekly Fight, and Tajiri said he promised to be a fighting champion and could possibly defend the title in All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Pumpkin Spice Cannoli Beer

Alicia Atout is backstage with Budd Heavy and calls him the ‘unexpected hit from Philadelphia’, as he’s drinking a Pumpkin Spice Cannoli beer and says he’s been partying with the people in Philly. Atout asks how did it feel like to hear that crowd buzz for him and Budd said it was almost as good as when he drank his first beer, but they get interrupted by Cesar Duran’s masked henchman who comes and grabs Atout as she says she has to leave.

It’s Time for War Chamber!

Emilio Sparks is backstage and is sneaking a camera to catch a conversation between Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael. Fatu is screaming about losing the title to Hammerstone and says it’s a fluke. Samael says Fatu is stronger, more athletic, bigger, and more resilient than Hammerstone and he’s going to kill him at War Chamber and Fatu will go back to the top. They notice the camera and Fatu chases them away.

Terrible & Romantic Violence

We go to Cesar Duran’s office where he stops a phone call as Alicia Atout walks in. Duran says she’s impressed with her work, and she says since there’s a camera here if they can do the interview she requested. Duran says he must have missed the request, but what has impressed him the most is her exposé on his activities. Atout says the entire thing was as true and accurate to the best of her abilities. Duran calls it ‘dirt sheet standards’ like she covers Richard Holliday, but she responds back that she covers the Dynasty the same way she would cover anybody else in the League. Duran says then she should enjoy the front row seat when he faces King Muertes tonight. Atout doesn’t think that’s a good idea, but Duran says they’ll be champagne and terrible and romantic violence. Atout says she’ll see him there.

When we come back from the commercial, we go back to Cesar Duran where he says he has a personal invitation to make to Mads Krugger as he strikes him as a man whose potential has yet to be fully realized and he should come see him as they have much to discuss.

IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Championship: Richard Holliday (c) vs. King Muertes

Cesar Duran and Alicia Atout are sitting front row for this as they have glasses of champagne as promised. Holliday comes out showing injuries from his attack as Atout shows a bit of concern for him. Holiday tries to attack Muertes but his injuries are holding him back. Muertes fights back with a big spear and mounts Holliday with punches. Muertes keeps at it with punches and kicks and starts pulling Holliday’s arm on the rope before hitting a DDT. Muertes starts working on Holliday’s head on the apron and ropes. We see some footage of EJ Nduka and Mads Krugger brawling in the back as we go to a commercial.

When we come back, we see the Sentai Death Squad observing ringside. Holliday tries to fight back with a suplex but gets clotheslined to the outside where Duran pours his glass of champagne on Holliday’s head. They start brawling on the outside as we see more footage of the CONTRA Unit attacking Nduka. Muertes attacks Holliday in the corner before placing him on the top rope, but Holliday fights him off and hits a flying forearm on Muertes. Holliday hits a spinebuster for a two-count. Holliday tries a Boston Crab, but Muertes fights out and hits a scoop powerslam for a two count. Hammerstone is seen backstage now helping Nduka fight off CONTRA Unit. Holliday grabs Muertes off the top rope and turns a torture rack into a neckbreaker for a two-count. Holliday gets distracted by the Sentai Death Squad on the outside before getting kicked in the head by Ikuro Kwon followed by the Straight to Hell by Muertes on the floor. Muertes throws Holliday back inside and gets the pin to win the title.

Winner: King Muertes by pinfall at 11:12, to become NEW IWA Caribbean Heavyweight Champion.

Duran tries to toast with Atout ringside, but she smacks the glass of champagne out of his hand and walks off. Josef Samael is seen with Kwon and the Sentai Death Squad ringside smiling at the outcome of this match.

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