GCW War Ready: Nick Gage vs. Minoru Suzuki, New GCW tag champs

Jonathan Pine reviews GCW War Ready from L.A. featuring Nick Gage facing Minoru Suzuki, new tag champions, and Psycho Clown debuts.

Photo Courtesy: Game Changer Wrestling
GCW: War Ready

Saturday, October 24, 2021, The Ukrainian Culture Center, Los Angeles, CA

By: Jonathan Pine

Coming off their sold-out shows in Atlantic City, Game Changer Wrestling returns to the Ukrainian Culture Center for War Ready.  The show has been built on two major matches, Second Gear Crew vs. The Briscoe Brothers for the GCW Tag Team Titles and Minoru Suzuki vs. Nick Gage. The card featured numerous first-time matchups and the usual menagerie of styles that you are accustomed to seeing at a Game Changer show.

This is also the first show GCW has run since the announcement of their new sister promotion LA Fights. In the days following the Moxley vs. Nick Gage match it was reported online that earlier in the year GCW Promoter Brett Lauderdale was in talks with DJ Hyde, to buy the beleaguered Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW). Allegedly, there was an agreement in place, but DJ got cold feet and declined to sell. This in turn led to the resurrection of Jersey Championship Wrestling (JCW). Much like the reestablished Jersey Championship Wrestling (JCW), LA Fights will feature a mix of local legends as well as young and upcoming talent from the Southern California area. At a time when the independent wrestling scene is finally starting to get back into the pre-pandemic swing of things, Game Changer is on a different level by establishing two bi-coastal feeder promotions. The pace at which the promotion is growing is truly remarkable.

|If you want a glimpse into how much this promotion has grown in a short amount of time, check out the TJ and Friends youtube channel where he recently posted GCW Fight Club 1 from 2017. It’s remarkable the growth of this company when comparing the two Fight Club events with the first one taking place in front of a smattering of people and the most recent version which had the biggest match in company history in Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage in a completely sold-out Carousel Room in the Showboat.

Game Changer will continue their current hot streak with a full slate of shows; from War Ready, we head into GCW Evil Deeds taking place from Detroit, followed up by the much-anticipated Nick Gage Invitational 6 from Chicago. This year’s NGI could easily be the best iteration of the tournament as the show will feature first-round matches that are main events anywhere else in the entire world. So far for the first round, they have announced AKIRA vs. Alex Colon and most importantly ‘The Best in the World’ vs. 2-Time Defending King of The Deathmatch: Masashi Takeda vs. Eric Ryan. The moment GCW announced that Takeda would be returning to the NGI, I immediately bought a ticket to the show and booked a flight. Following the NGI, GCW goes back to Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, finally they end the year back at The Showboat in Atlantic City.

Spoiler Free Recommendations:
•Second Gear Crew vs. The Briscoe Brothers
•Nick Gage vs.Minoru Suzuki
•Alex Zayne vs. Jonathan Gresham
•Chris Dickinson and Starboy Charlie vs. Jacob Fatu and Juicy Finau

: Lenny Leonard and Kevin Gill
Ring Announcer: Emil JScramble Match: Gringo Loco vs. Eli Everyfly vs. Lucas Riley vs. ASF vs. Max Vandergraff vs. Branden Gatson vs. JTG vs. Allie Katch 

Allie and JTG got the biggest ovations by far from the sold out crowd at the Ukrainian Culture Center. Gringo loco is one of my favorite people to watch, the way in which he moves in the ring is unlike any other wrestler going today. Every single match he is in, he automatically makes better through his ability to act as the base. Gringo Loco and Thunder Rosa worked amazingly together during the scramble at GCW Fight Club. It’s notable how much bigger JTG is than the other competitors in the match, especially since he was on the smaller side during his WWE run. JTG hits a combination power slam/power bomb to ASF and Eli Everyfly for a ruckus two count. Ever since her match with Mercedes Martinez it is very evident that Allie Katch is working on a completely different level both in crowd reaction and in-ring work, Allie has consistently busted her ass to make a name for herself in GCW and it’s great to watch it all come to fruition. All the competitors are going a million miles per hour executing amazing highflying and a fair share of power moves much to the delight of the jam-packed audience. Allie Katch hits a piledriver onto Eli Everfly for the victory. Another momentous victory for Allie Katch as she is set to take on Chelsea Green.

Allie Katch def. Gringo Loco, Eli Everyfly, Lucas Riley, ASF, Max Vandergraff, Branden Gatson, and JTG

Unfortunately, Emil Jay hands-off ring announcing duties, and we are forced to listen to a terrible impression of what a ring announcer ‘should’ sound like.

Singles Match: Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Zayne

A clash of styles provided us with a tremendous display of athleticism. Gresham keeps offering body parts to Zayne and repeatedly counters Zayne’s every attempt. Getting released from WWE is the best thing to happen to Zayne as he was never going to get his due in that company, he can do some truly mind-boggling aerial moves. The pace of the match eventually slows down as Gresham goes to work on Zayne’s extremities, repeatedly wrenching on Zayne’s shoulders and ankles. Stiff forearm exchange as the crowd is chanting for both of these men as they transition into a rolling cradle exchange. Zayne counters and picks up the victory to the delight and shock of the crowd.

Alex Zayne def. Jonathan Gresham

Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. AJ Gray

First time meeting between Sheik and Gray with AJ having the size and strength advantage; both competitors start the match by grabbing a hold with Sheik eventually gaining the advantage over Gray. Sheik is returning to  GCW after their match with Nick Gage at Highest in the room. Gray beats down Sheik for most of the match with a flurry of hard-hitting offense, highlighted by a delayed superplex that eventually takes its toll on Dark Sheik. Gray hits a lariat for a 1 count, and Sheik counters the second one by punching AJ in the dick. Gray was able to recover hitting a final lariat followed up by a top rope splash for the victory.

AJ Gray def. Dark Sheik

Post Match: AJ helps Sheik up,  hugs her, and exits the ring leaving Sheik to get a standing ovation from the capacity crowd.

Singles Match: Arez vs. Ninja Mack

Our time with Ninja Mack in GCW is running out as he recently said on Twitter that come December he will be signed full-time to a promotion. Though it will be a big loss for GCW, they have a stacked lineup of new highfliers waiting to break through just like Ninja has.  The best way to watch this match is through the amazing gifs posted on Twitter, both of these men can do absolutely unreal maneuvers and are silky smooth making everything look effortless. Arez unmasks Ninja Mack which elicits a ‘you’re an asshole’ chant from the crowd. The two start brawling, landing some hard shots to the face as they transition back into their Lucha exchanges. Ninja Mack went for the Sasuke Special but pulled up last minute. Earlier this week a clip was posted on Ninja Mack’s Twitter showing what could’ve been a horrific situation as Mack’s neck got hung up in the ropes a la Mick Foley/Vader match.

Thankfully he was okay but it was a terrifying video to watch.  The pace of the match picked up with Mack going for a 630 phoenix splash for a two count.

The finish to the match was incredible, with Mack flying off the top rope landing in a superhero pose, and catching Arez in a sleeper for the victory.

Ninja Mack def. Arez via Submission

Tag Team Match: Chris Dickinson & Starboy Charlie vs. Jacob Fatu & Juicy Finau

This match came to fruition the last time Game Changer Wrestling was in Los Angeles when Chris Dickinson took on Jacob Fatu. The match ended in a DQ when Fatu hit and beat down Dickinson with a wrench only for Starboy Charlie to make the save on Dickinson’s behalf only to get hit with a pop-up Samoan Drop. Juicy Finau hit the ring only to align himself with Fatu as they continued to put the boots on to Dickinson and Starboy. The team of Starboy and Dickinson have started to gain momentum as they were successful in their last matchup when they faced Joey Janela and Marko Stunt at GCW Fight Club. This is Finau and Fatu’s first time teaming with each other in Game Changer Wrestling. Juicy and Fatu come out ready for war. Thankfully Chris Dickinson cuts off the ring announcer and the match gets underway. Dickinson and Starboy have the early advantage until Juicy starts destroying Starboy. Incredibly hard-hitting match with Juicy and Fatu getting the heat on Starboy Charlie, Dickinson made a hot tag and ran wild on the Samoans. Starboy eventually hits Juicy with a door and pins him for the victory.

Chris Dickinson and Starboy Charlie def. Jacob Fatu and Juicy Finau

Post Match: The crowd is completely shocked/going wild that Starboy was able to get the victory over Juicy. Dickinson and Starboy get jumped from behind by Fatu and Finau, with Finau hitting a Samoan Drop onto Starboy and Dickinson. Jacob Fatu hit a moonsault onto Starboy as they leave the ring. They grabbed the mic and announced that Finau and Fatu run this place. Backstage officials hit the ring in order to help Starboy Charlie to the back as we go to intermission.

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Nick Wayne

First-time match-up between two of the younger competitors on the GCW roster with Nick Wayne being only 16 years old and Oliver at a ripe old age of 22 years old. NickWayne is a 3rd generation star, and as Lenny Leonard said Jordan is someone you can build a company around. The future is incredibly bright for these athletic and high-flying men. The two have been in scramble matches with each other but this is their first time having a singles match against each other; the match starts off with a feeling out process with the two men exchanging holds before they start trading forearms. Jordan rocked Wayne a couple of times with a forearm. Wayne is perched on the top rope when Atticus Cogar comes through the crowd and pushes Wayne off the top, Oliver goes for the save only to get low blowed, Atticus retrieves a barbed wire-wrapped chair and plants Oliver on top with the headlock driver. Cigar takes the mic and refuses to be grouped together with all of the other young guys as he is head and shoulders better than all of them. The crowd chants and eats shit, until Cogar announces himself for the NGI 6.

No Contest

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) (c) vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)

Emil J announces that the next match is a tag team match and the crowd comes unglued, Gimmie Back My Bullets hits and outcome The Briscoe Brothers. This is the first time in over a decade that the Briscoes have worked for someone other than Ring of Honor. Pantera hits and SGC storms the arena. T The two teams soak in the adulation from the crowd until Mance and Mark eventually square off. Jay throws in 4 chairs and all of them competitors exchange offense with the chairs. Justice crashed and burned landing hard on his hip, brutal-looking spot. Warner is busted open after he was hit with an unprotected chair shot. Justice went coast to coast planting a chair into Mark Briscoe’s head. SGC hit the total elimination onto a busted open Jay for a two count; Justice went coast to coast again this time planting a chair into Jay’s face. All four men are busted open, Jay and Mance trade headbutts, only for Mance to grab a door from under the ring. The two teams traded near falls as the crowd broke out into a GCW chant. The Briscoes are about to suplex Mance Warner to the floor through doors when Justice speared both Briscoes with all four men crashing through the doors onto the floor. Jay hits Justice with the Jay Driller for a massive near fall, the crowd came to their feet chanting fight forever. Jay hits another Jay Driller this time onto Mance Warner, Mark hits Froggy Bow for the win. Incredibly hard-hitting match, I highly recommend searching out this match.

The Briscoe Brothers def. Second Gear Crew to win the GCW Tag Team Championships.

Singles Match: Psycho Clown vs. Effy

This match intrigued me from the moment it was announced; I have never seen a Psycho Clown match before so I was excited to see what he and Effy create. The place was going absolutely crazy for both of these men, having never seen a Psycho Clown entrance, I can confidently say I was not expecting anything close to what happened. A lot of posturing from Psycho Clown to start the match eventually sending Effy to the floor and hitting a tope suicida eventually sending Effy into the 4th row. The action spills back into the ring with the two men wrestling into a stand-off to the delight of the crowd. Effy went to remove Psycho Clowns’ mask, Clown fought him off, sending Effy to the floor and hitting another massive tope. He crotches Effy on the ring post as he postures for the crowd. Effy hits the Sack Ryder for a two count as the crowd continues to chant for both of these men. Psycho Clown starts whipping Effy with some blue thing, but Effy likes it, fires back up, kisses the ref by accident, rips the mask off of Psycho Clown, and rolls him up for the victory.

Effy def. Psycho Clown

Dream Match: King vs. King: Nick Gage vs. Minoru Suzuki

Coming off his hard-fought battle last night at Bloodsport with Chris Dickinson, Minoru now has to face The King. I really didn’t know what to expect when this match started as the two have very different styles but the match did not disappoint in the slightest. This is Gage’s first match since he was rocked during his match with Jon Moxley and he seemed to be moving like his usual self again. Both men receive their usual massive ovations.  Nick Gage and Minoru Suzuki have two of the best entrances in all of professional wrestling. Right away Gage pulls out the pizza cutter swipes at Suzuki who blocks it with a massive kick. Gage goes to the floor as Suzuki follows as they begin to exchange forearm shots. Gage throws a bucket of beer at Suzuki’s head, who returns fire with the same bucket. They continue to brawl on the floor with the cameras unable to keep up with the action because of the mass of humanity following the two men. Eventually, the match goes back into the ring with Suzuki hooking in a heel hook. Suzuki throws a chair, Gage ducks, and it hits the ref. Gage hits Suzuki with the chair and gets the visual pinfall over Minoru. The crowd helps get a door in the ring which Gage sets up in the corner to hit his reverse springboard back elbow only for Suzuki to hit the Gotch piledriver through the door for the victory.

Minoru Suzuki def. Nick Gage
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