AEW Dynamite Report: Contract signing, Dax vs. PAC, New PPV match

The final episode of Dynamite before the pay-per-view featured the contract signing between Kenny Omega and Hangman Page.

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

AEW Dynamite

November 10th, 2021

By: John Siino

Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis, IN

Commentary: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

Bryan Danielson vs. Rocky Romero (w/ Orange Cassidy)

Excalibur mentions how Cassidy along with the Best Friends, Wheeler Yuta & Kris Statlander were invited to join CHAOS by Kazuchika Okada earlier and accepted. This is Danielson and Romero’s first match since 2008 in Ring of Honor. They both start with takedown attempts and working on each other’s wrists before Danielson takes Romero down with a shoulder tackle and starts kicking his leg, but Romero quickly turns it into an arm breaker. Danielson gets knocked to the outside where Orange Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets just to distract Danielson who gets hit with a suicide dive from Romero. Back inside, Romero quickly goes back on the offense and keeps Danielson in the corner with chops, but Danielson reverses back and goes from chops to kicks before putting on the Romero Special into a Dragon Sleeper attempt, but Romero fights out of it. Romero hits a DDT springboarding off the ropes as Matt Hardy is seen sitting ringside giving Cassidy a thumbs up. Danielson and Romero start trading kicks and strikes while Danielson is hanging on the apron until Romero hits a dropkick off the ropes knocking Danielson to the outside. Romero meets him there with a huracanrana off the steps before throwing Danielson back inside where he hits a running Sliced Bread for a two count. Romero starts hitting his Forever Clotheslines, but Danielson stops him with a German suplex for a two count. They go to the top rope where Danielson tries to suplex Romero, but he counters it and tries to put on an arm breaker which Danielson turns into a powerbomb. They slowly get on their feet and start trading strikes, but Romero turns it into the cross-arm breaker again. They both attempt to reverse each other with submissions, but Danielson gets out, hits a big kick but runs into a knee strike. Danielson counters a Sliced Bread and puts on a modified Tequila Sunrise until Romero taps out.

Winner: Bryan Danielson by submission at 10:52

Tony Schiavone Tries to Speak to The Inner Circle

Schiavone introduces The Inner Circle ahead of their street fight this Saturday at Full Gear against American Top Team. Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Santana, and Ortiz come out to a pretty big reaction as the crowd sings along to Judas. As they are on the stage, they get attacked from behind by American Top Team as Dan Lambert taunts the audience. The Men of the Year hold up Guevara as Junior dos Santos hits him with a right hand, and they throw Santana into the steel steps. They start using weapons including a trash can lid and kendo stick to continue the attack on Inner Circle. The Men of the Year set up a table in the ring and assist Dan Lambert in hitting a powerbomb to Jericho through the table. Scorpio Sky gets on the mic and imitates Jim Ross saying Jericho might be broken in half and says this is just a small piece of what they could do, and we will get the full thing at Full Gear. Ethan Page gets on the mic and says not only will they win at Full Gear, but they will make sure that Lambert will pin Jericho. That is for Saturday, but tonight they will make Jericho tap out as Lambert puts Jericho in the Walls of Jericho and Sky makes Jericho tap out while controlling his hand. Lambert says this is actually called the Boston Crab and the real Rocky Johnson used to do it in 1975 for Championship Wrestling From Florida.

Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Jamie Hayter & Rebel vs. Tay Conti, Anna Jay & Thunder Rosa

All six women start brawling as the bell rings, with Baker escaping quickly to the outside. Rosa and Baker start the match, with Rosa trying to go for the Thunder Driver, but Baker gets out and tags in Rebel. Rosa hits a hip toss, dropkick, and a facebuster across the knee before tagging in Jay. Jay and Rosa attack Rebel in the corner and Jay hits a suplex. Jay tries to run the ropes, but Hayter grabs her takes her to the outside where she and Baker double-team her as they take a commercial break.

Rebel hits a suplex and tags in Hayter as they keep Anna Jay in their corner triple-teaming her through the entire break. Jay makes a quick comeback hitting a neckbreaker on Baker and tagging in Conti who goes at it with Hayter, before taking out both Rebel and Baker as well. Conti goes for the DD-Tay, but hits the Tay-KO instead, goes for the pin and it gets broken up by Baker. Baker and Hayter double team Conti, and this time Rosa breaks up the count. Baker and Jay go at it, as Rosa takes out Hayter with a cross body on the outside. Inside, Conti hits Rebel with the DD-Tay as Baker teases stopping it but decides not to, as Conti gets the pin and the win.

Winners: Tay Conti, Anna Jay & Thunder Rosa by pinfall at 6:59

We get a quick video package for Ruby Soho and Kris Statlander ahead of their TBS Championship Tournament match, where Soho says respect doesn’t mean shit anymore and Statlander says she is Kris Statlander, and she will be your louder.

Jungle Boy vs. Anthony Bowens (w/ Max Caster)

Max Caster’s freestyle includes saying Jungle Boy stutters during his promos, they will teach him how to work out and that he leaves his girlfriend (Anna Jay) alone with seven guys (Dark Order). The match starts slow, with Bowens out powering Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy tries to take Bowens down, but Bowens comes back tossing Jungle Boy down. Jungle Boy comes back fast and starts attacking Bowens in the corner. Bowens hits Jungle Boy in the stomach, stopping him, and chopping and stomping him in the corner. Jungle Boy comes back with a beautiful arm drag off the ropes and a dropkick as the crowd gets behind him. Caster tries to get involved and Jungle Boy pushes him away. Jungle Boy stays in control but gets stopped on the ropes by Bowens. Caster grabs the boot of Jungle Boy as Bowens knocks him to the outside as they go to commercial.

Bowens and Caster get into it with a fan ringside, but security quickly puts that to an end. As Bowens is distracting Aubrey Edwards, Caster attacks Jungle Boy on the outside. Jungle Boy hits a basement dropkick and a lariat to knock Bowens down. Bowens hits a superkick and drops Jungle Boy down for a two-count. Jungle Boy goes for the Snare Trap, but Caster gets on the apron. Jungle Boy knocks him down, hits a suicide dive to Caster, but gets hit with a DDT by Bowens for a very close two count. Jungle Boy comes back quickly and applies the Snare Trap, tries to reach out to Caster but eventually taps out.

Winner: Jungle Boy by submission at 10:08

As Jungle Boy is celebrating on the ropes, Bobby Fish runs out and takes out Jungle Boy with knee strikes and an Exploder Suplex to the ropes. Christian Cage and Luchasaurus run out for the save, but Fish runs to the back.

We get a video package with Hangman Adam Page talking about how last year he had to sit home and watch his friends wrestle, as we get sound bites from Taz and Kenny Omega. Page says nothing could feel better than winning the AEW World Championship. Omega says he never loses big matches while Page always loses them.

No Dispute in this Era

We go backstage to Adam Cole and the Young Bucks, where Cole says he’s known this guy for a long time and introduces the Bucks to Bobby Fish. Young Bucks says they know him very well and make one thing clear to him, there is ‘no dispute’ as it’s the ‘era’ of The Elite and the SuperKliq. Cole suggests in two days at Rampage, to have Bobby Fish vs. Jungle Boy but asks if Fish could leave something for him for Full Gear.

We see a video package for Eddie Kingston and CM Punk where they showed old footage as Excalibur speaks about Kingston back then was carrying bags as that’s where he was in the pecking order.

Wheeler Yuta (w/ Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy) vs. Wardlow

Yuta starts with a couple of dropkicks but fails to knock Wardlow down. Yuta stumbles off the ropes and gets taken down by Wardlow. Wardlow hits a big powerbomb as the crowd chants one more time. Wardlow does hit another one, Yuta slowly gets up and gets hit with a third powerbomb, followed by a fourth. Wardlow puts Yuta in the corner and hits the Casualty of War and goes for the pin.

Winner: Wardlow by pinfall at 2:19

As Taylor and Cassidy are attending to Wardlow, The Blade and Isiah Kassidy run to the ring and take them out. Matt Hardy enters the ring with a chair and hits the Twist of Fate on Cassidy with his neck wrapped in the chair.

We see footage from the commercial break of Eddie Kingston and CM Punk being separated in the parking lot by wrestlers and officials. Kingston looks like he’s about to leave, just to try and rush in on Punk, but gets held back.

Dante Martin & Lio Rush vs. Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty

Martin and Moriarty start the match with wrist lock attempts, as the crowd is fully behind Moriarty. Martin springboards off the ropes as this match gets fast quick with a couple of innovative pin attempts as they stand face to face and get a big reaction. Rush and Sydal reach out and both get tagged in as Sydal hits a kick with Rush coming back with a huracanrana and keeps taunting Moriarty. Martin and Moriarty come in and all four, start brawling as they go to commercial.

When we come back, Martin has Sydal in a pin attempt but then hits a dropkick off the middle rope. Rush and Moriarty tag in and go at it quickly, with Moriarty hitting a rising uppercut. Rush comes back with strikes but gets dropped on his face by Moriarty for a two-count. Sydal comes in as he and Moriarty try to double team Rush. Rush escapes and kicks Sydal out of the ring followed by kicks to Moriarty to send him to the outside as well. Rush hit a double handspring elbow to take out Sydal and Moriarty before hitting two back-to-back suicide dives to them on the outside. Back inside, Rush gets a two-count and then tags in Martin. They both get on the top rope but get taken down by Sydal and Moriarty. Moriarty hits an uppercut and gets a two on Martin. Rush takes Moriarty down with a hook kick and tells Martin to get to the top, where he does and hits the double jump moonsault off the ropes on Moriarty for the pin.

Winners: Dante Martin & Lio Rush by pinfall at 10:14

Goodbye to Your Wife, Hello to Mine

We get a video package from Miro who says this isn’t personal and Bryan Danielson is just a body standing between himself and his wife and asks Danielson if he knows his God and if he’s willing to trade his bad neck for Danielson’s. Miro needs to put the World Title on his shoulder because his God fears him, just like Danielson should. Miro again says this isn’t personal and all Danielson does is have to say goodbye to his wife, so Miro can say hello to his.

Dax Harwood (w/ Tully Blanchard) vs. PAC

They mention Cash Wheeler not being allowed ringside as he doesn’t have a manager’s license. PAC and Harwood start hard and fast, with Harwood putting PAC in the corner. They start working on each other’s wrists until PAC knocks Harwood down with a couple of shoulder tackles. PAC comes back with a body slam, and they trade off arm drags as the fans get behind them chanting ‘This is wrestling’. Harwood stops the staredown with a hard clothesline, but PAC comes back with chops in the corner. They start trading off strikes, but PAC hits a quick German Suplex and clotheslines Harwood to the outside where PAC meets him with a twisting dive as they go to commercial where they fight on the outside.

When we come back, PAC and Harwood are fighting on the top rope where PAC hits a deadly-looking avalanche brainbuster but only gets a two. We see that during the break, PAC’s chops caused Harwood’s chest to open up and bleed. PAC kicks Harwood down and goes to the top rope where he hits a shotgun dropkick to the back of Harwood. PAC goes back to the top, but Harwood rolls out of the way. Blanchard tries to help Harwood get out of the way, as he hits a brainbuster on PAC for a two. PAC knocks Harwood down with another kick, goes to the top to go for the Black Arrow, but gets knocked down by Harwood. Harwood joins PAC on the top and hits a backdrop as this crowd gets into the match. PAC hits a German Suplex, tries to go for another one, but Harwood hits a lariat and the Liger Bomb for two. PAC tries a backslide but only gets a two, quickly puts on the Brutalizer as Harwood quits right away.

Winner: PAC by submission at 13:55

Cash Wheeler runs to the ring immediately and attacks PAC as Blanchard holds PAC down. The lights go out and when they come back on, Malakai Black and Andrade El Idolo are in the ring and join FTR in beating down PAC. The Lucha Brothers and Cody Rhodes make their way to the ring to help out PAC as all eight men start brawling, until Rhodes, PAC and the Lucha Brothers stand tall.

They announced for Rampage on Friday it’ll be Bobby Fish vs. Jungle Boy, Orange Cassidy vs. Matt Hardy in a Lumberjack Match and for the Full Gear Buy-In; Nyla Rose & Jamie Hayter vs. Thunder Rosa & Hikaru Shida, Cody Rhodes & PAC vs. Malakai Black & Andrade El Idolo as well as the rest of the Full Gear card that’s been previously announced.

We see a video package for Darby Allin vs. MJF where they discuss the Four Pillars of AEW as well as the feud.

Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page – Contract Signing

We see the Dark Order and the rest of The Elite have been kicked out of the building for this contract signing as Hangman Adam Page and Kenny Omega make their way to the ring. Schiavone presents the contract and asks who will sign first, which Page does. Page said there isn’t much else to say and the sooner he signs this the sooner he’ll get to kick Omega’s ass at Full Gear as the crowd chants Cowboy Shit. Omega says he wishes he could share the excitement from Page and the fans, but he has to admit that he’s a little sad as they used to be partners and family and everything here was meant for Page and if it wasn’t for his insecurities and failures and if wasn’t for them to pick up Page to ‘put him back on his horse’, he wouldn’t be here. And even after Page walked away, and Omega did it because he saw a bit of himself in Page, but he was wrong and calls Page a disappointment. Page says maybe Omega is right about all that, and if remembers right Omega used to have another tag team partner that maybe he feels like he didn’t measure up to either. Page says over the last few years, Omega told him many lies including last year when Omega said, ‘Good job Hanger, I’m proud of you’, but he says Omega wasn’t proud of him, he was afraid of him. Omega doesn’t want Page to become what he will on Saturday, the AEW World Champion. Omega said he did all this because he cares for Page and whether they will ever team again, he doesn’t know, but what he wants to do now is shake his hand just one last time as the crowd says no. Page reaches in and shakes his hand. Omega says good job and he’s proud of him and starts to leave, only for a cameraman to attack Page behind with the camera and reveal himself to be Don Callis. Callis quotes ‘the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist’, says for six weeks he’s been hiding his basement as Page is busted open, and Omega signs the contract with Page’s blood.

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