AEW FULL GEAR REPORT: Hangman Page is AEW Champion

John Pollock's live coverage of AEW Full Gear featuring Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page, CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston, and more from Minneapolis.

Photo Courtesy: All Elite Wrestling

Welcome to POST Wrestling’s coverage of AEW Full Gear from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Wai Ting and I will be live immediately after the show with our AEW Full Gear POST Show, which will be live for Double Double, Iced Capp & Espresso members of the POST Wrestling Café.

*AEW World Championship: Hangman Page over Kenny Omega (champion) in 25:11
*Minneapolis Street Fight: The Inner Circle over Men of the Year, Junior dos Santos, Andrei Arlovski & Dan Lambert in 19:38
*CM Punk over Eddie Kingston in 11:08
*AEW Women’s Championship: Dr. Britt Baker (champion) over Tay Conti in 15:13
*Cody Rhodes & PAC over Malakai Black & Andrade El Idolo in 16:51
*Falls Count Anywhere: Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Christian Cage over The Young Bucks & Adam Cole in 22:22
*World Title Eliminator Final: Bryan Danielson over Miro in 20:00
*AEW Tag Team Championship: The Lucha Bros. (champions) over FTR in 18:38
*MJF over Darby Allin in 21:59
*Buy-In: Hikaru Shida & Thunder Rosa over Nyla Rose & Jamie Hayter in 12:05

The Buy-In began with Tony Schiavone bringing out Minneapolis’ own Dante Martin. He was asked about the offer from Team Taz and was quickly interrupted by The Acclaimed.

Max Caster rapped about Lio Rush’s multiple retirements and Martin being the only good thing from this miserable town.

Bowens made a pitch for Martin to join The Acclaimed and demanded an answer or would break his legs. Martin struck both and hit a springboard somersault to both on the floor and ended the segment.


Rose is meeting Shida in the second round of the TBS Tournament while Hayter will face Rosa.

Vickie Guerrero was in Rose’s corner and there was an “Eddy” chant in the early portion. It was on this date in 2005 that he passed away and he died in Minneapolis.

The heels gained control of Thunder Rosa in their corner. Shida received the tag and was sent to the floor after Rose pulled down the rope.

Serena Deeb was shown watching in the crowd.

Shida was beaten on for several minutes including a backbreaker from Hayter followed by a release German suplex.

Thunder Rosa received the hot tag and attacked both opponents. Shida and Rosa hit high crosses to the floor when Shida dealt with Deeb allowing Vickie to hit her knee with a kendo stick.

Hayter hit Shida with a superplex, Rose followed with a splash from the top and Thunder Rosa made the save.

Shida countered the Beast Bomb and sent Rose into the corner and rolled her up and into a jackknife cover for the win.

WINNERS: Hikaru Shida (pinned Nyla Rose) & Thunder Rosa in 12 minutes and 5 seconds

It was a nice opener but wouldn’t go above that. Some of Rose’s strikes and movement seemed off but the people were into Shida & Rosa and popped for the finish. The selling by Shida was effective while Thunder Rosa feels like a major babyface when they are ready to go all the way with her.

Schiavone spoke with thee Best Friends and it was announced that The Butcher & The Blade will face Orange Cassidy & a partner of his choosing for Wednesday’s Dynamite. The partner will be revealed during the pay-per-view and they hinted it could be a member of CHAOS. Cassidy said it could be a pit bull so you’re led in the direction of Tomohiro Ishii.


MJF was introduced as “the man that can beat Darby Allin with a headlock takeover” after he bullied Justin Roberts.

A black-and-white video played of a car out of control and rolling over. Allin got out of the destroyed vehicle and lit it on fire. Excalibur explained this was symbolic of the car crash involving his uncle that was the subject of MJF’s promo in the lead-up.

Sting walked out with Allin, they fist-bumped and Sting walked to the back.

They did an incredible Lucha-style sequence starting with the Greco-Roman knuckle lock, each getting the shoulder up and then both bridging, then came off the ropes mirroring each with leapfrogs and arm drags before the standoff.

MJF was yelling at a fan as Allin hit a tope suicida like a missile. Allin missed a Coffin Drop to the edge of the apron as MJF rolled out of the way.

MJF was in control and attacked the back. They fought on the turnbuckle ending with the rotating stunner by Allin.

MJF rolled away from the Coffin Drop and got the headlock takeover. MJF resorted to a thumb in the eye after Allin was on offense. A Code Red by Allin was countered with a snap powerbomb and MJF applied the Scorpion Death Lock but Allin broke free attacking the knee.

Allin used a figure-four to further injure the knee, which MJF countered.

MJF caught Allin on the edge of the apron and hit a tombstone while hurting his knee when delivering it.

Each went for inside cradles, rolling around the ring and bringing the crowd to its feet. Allin countered a Last Ride with a Code Red and led to an amazing near fall that the audience ate up.

MJF rolled to the floor to avoid a Coffin Drop, MJF laid on the floor and Allin hit the move anyway. Allin went for another in the ring, landing on MJF’s knees.

Shawn Spears and Wardlow came out on the ramp and they were attacked by Sting.

MJF brought the skateboard into the ring, rolled it to Allin and dared him to use it. Allin was conflicted and handed it to Bryce Remsberg and with his back turned, MJF used the Dynamite Diamond ring and won by using the headlock takeover, just like he said.

WINNER: MJF at 21 minutes and 59 seconds

This was a terrific opening match and two of the strongest talents they have. Both were excellent in the match with the finish being perfect for the story you wanted. This was a great choice for the opener.


The Lucha Brothers continued their streak from All Out with a custom entrance featuring soldiers coming out and hiding for cover as their pyro went off.

FTR was wearing a knee pad of the U.S. flag and one with the Mexican flag.

FTR caught Fenix on the floor and tossed him into Penta against the guardrail to gain control.

Fenix sent Pentagon into the corner with a monkey flip as FTR were stacked on top of each other.

FTR snapped Penta’s neck on the top rope and then, tied his mask to the bottom rope as Harwood stomped him. Penta used a back body drop and tagged Fenix, but referee Rick Knox missed it. After a catapult into a DDT, Penta made the successful tag.

Fenix hit a double cutter and did the rope walk into a PK on Harwood for a two-count.

Fenix was blasted by the AAA tag belt on the apron by Wheeler as Harwood hit a brainbuster for a big near fall and lifted the audience.

Tully Blanchard grabbed Penta’s leg from the floor and led to Harwood landing a right hand and doing the Eddy Guerrero shuffle followed by the three amigos that got a ton of boos. Penta stopped them and did his own version for a major pop and led to another huge “Eddy” chant, Fenix hit the frog splash, but Harwood still kicked out.

Fenix kicked out of a spiked piledriver. The Lucha Bros. hit the Fear Factor and went for a double cover as both kicked out.

Cash Wheeler put the green mask on, was caught on the rope during a pin attempt as Fenix & Penta took control and hit an assisted piledriver as Penta scored the fall.

WINNER: The Lucha Bros. in 18 minutes and 38 seconds to retain the AEW Tag Team Championship

They went heavy on the near-falls and the crowd was hot for them. I thought Penta reversing the three amigos leading to Fenix landing the frog splash as the crowd was deafening with “Eddy” chants was too perfect a finish given the day and city and nothing was going to top that, so that would have been my preferred ending instead of it being a near fall.


Miro’s right quadriceps is taped up.

Miro continually shut him down in the early portion. Danielson tried for a swinging DDT to the injured neck, then went for Miro’s injured leg but was not successful.

Danielson finally connected with several kicks and running dropkick before being caught with a Samoan drop and was run into the post with his shoulder.

Danielson connected with a flying knee off the apron and continued his momentum in the ring and transitioned to a kneebar on Miro and escaped with a gut-wrench.

A Busaiku knee was stopped with a powerbomb and Miro went for Game Over and finally locked it in, but Danielson fought to the rope and Miro looked up to the sky in frustration.

Miro went for it again and Danielson rolled over and transitioned to the LeBell Lock, Miro breaks out and drops elbows inside of Danielson’s guard. Danielson catches him in a triangle and drives elbows to Miro’s head, but it’s broken when Miro gouges his eyes.

Miro invites him to deliver kicks, he absorbs them and drops Danielson with one of his.

On the turnbuckle, Danielson hit a swinging DDT off the top, applied the guillotine and Miro was out.

WINNER: Bryan Danielson in 20:00 minutes

What an incredible match, totally different level of selling particularly from Danielson with an outstanding finish that adds to the repertoire of Danielson.

This has been nothing short of an amazing start to this show.


Matt and Nick Jackson have dyed a portion of their facial hair purple.

Cole introduced a chair and threw it into the face of Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy took the chair and used it on Cole.

Jungle Boy suplexed Cole as the garbage can went flying, he hit a pair of tope suicidas on Cole and went for a third and was hit with the trash can by the Young Bucks.

A table was brought out by Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus.

Cole was drilled into the chair and was bleeding a significant amount. Cage went for another Conchairto but handed the chair to Jungle Boy and was stopped by Matt Jackson as Cage and Nick fought to the back of the stage and into the concourse area.

Matt sent Jungle Boy into the corner, he leaped over with a ‘rana sending Cole off the apron through a table. Matt followed with an elbow drop from the top to Luchasaurus through another table.

Cage climbed onto a balcony and hit Nick Jackson and Cutler with a high cross.

The SuperKliq are in control and Cole brought out a black bag containing thumbtacks and placed them into the mouth of Jungle Boy and the Bucks superkicked him simultaneously as Cage made the save.

Nick brought out a ladder as the weapons continued to escalate. Cage fought all three with a trash can and a tornado DDT to Nick onto the ladder that did not look like a fun landing for either party.

Luchasaurus took on all three with Cole and Nick nasty falls onto the ladder in the corner. Matt hit him with repeated trash can shots and he sat up and kicked out at one from a superkick.

Matt tried to leave up the ramp and Jungle Boy surprised him by applying the Snare Trap until Cole saved Matt.

All six were on the ramp featuring Matt hitting an incredible somersault dive to Luchasaurus on the floor. Cole came off the lighting Truss with the Panama Sunrise on Jungle Boy with Luchasaurus saving.

Cole revealed thumbtack knee pads for all three, which they put on, and went for the BTE Trigger on Luchasaurus and hit it but Jungle Boy broke the cover.

Jungle Boy fought all three on the stage and hit a German on Nick, Cage returned to spear Matt and Luchasaurus choke slammed Cole off the stage onto Cutler and followed with a shooting star press off the stage to the floor.

Cage brought out two chairs, set up for the Conchairto on Matt but Jungle Boy wanted to do it and he hit Matt with it and pinned him.

WINNERS: Jungle Boy (pinned Matt Jackson), Luchasaurus & Christian Cage in 22 minutes and 22 seconds

This continued the hot streak of matches and a huge match for Jungle Boy, who the whole match was structured around.

I liked the ending for many reasons including Matt Jackson taking the fall and keeping Jungle Boy and Adam Cole for a future showdown and representing Jungle Boy’s larger destination.

This was spectacular on all fronts.


Rhodes had a lot of boos coming out and immediately tagged himself in and generated more.

The story is whether Rhodes and PAC can work together against common enemies.

PAC hit an Asai moonsault to Black and Andrade on the floor.

Arn Anderson and Jose the translator traded words and Anderson beat him up and sent him up the ramp to the backstage area.

It turns into a handicap match after Rhodes was struck with a kick and PAC had to fight on his own. PAC was looking for the tag and Rhodes is still on the floor selling.

Andrade landed a running boot and Pendulum DDT onto the edge of the apron on PAC.

Rhodes finally returns and enters the match. Rhodes hit a step-up enzuigiri on Black and hit a reverse superplex on Andrade for a two-count.

Rhodes applied a figure-four as PAC tagged in and hit a 450 splash as Andrade was still in the submission but Andrade grabbed the rope to stop the count.

PAC went for a Fosbury Flop but Black pulled Rhodes in the way and he was taken out by his teammate.

Rhodes and Black landed on the floor and Black landed a running boot sending them over the guardrail.

PAC connected with a poison ‘rana on Andrade, climbed to the top, and hit the Black Arrow for the victory.

WINNER: PAC (pinned Andrade El Idolo) & Cody Rhodes in 16 minutes and 51 seconds

Immediately after the match, Cash Wheeler ran down and attacked PAC while Rhodes was down on the floor.

They were in a tougher spot following what they did and it was a fine match but much more story around the partners getting along and I wouldn’t say this was a big hit but fine for what it was, I would have cut some of the time as this show feels like it’s going very long.


Rich Ward from Fozzy played Baker’s theme on her way to the ring.

Conti avoided the Lockjaw early in the match.

Baker avoided a suplex and was able to hit the stomp coming off the ropes and got a two-count. Rebel placed the glove onto Baker’s hand but was caught with a cutter by Conti for a two-count.

Baker stopped a Gotch piledriver on the edge of the apron and hit an Air Raid Crash that looked painful as Conti came down. In the ring, Baker tried for the Lockjaw as Conti was near the rope.

After getting out of a backslide, Conti hit the Tay-KO for a two-count. Conti hit the Gotch piledriver for another near fall.

Rebel distracted the referee and allowed Jamie Hayter to send Conti into the steps. Baker followed with a stomp onto the steps and another one inside the ring and applied Lockjaw, but Conti landed on the rope for the break.

Conti dropped her with a pump kick sending Baker to the floor and followed with a moonsault onto Hayter and Baker as Baker got out of the way. Conti hit DD-Tay in the ring for a two-count.

Baker countered another DD-Tay, each tried for a cradle with Baker catching Conti for the cover.

WINNER: Dr. Britt Baker in 15 minutes and 13 seconds

It was a big stage for Conti and they had a lot to follow on this show and I thought each worked exceptionally hard and it turned into a very good match, although it feels the audience has felt the effects of this show and they were not into all the near falls that you would hope for. It was a great performance for Conti and relied on all her key maneuvers. The crowd did react loudly to the Air Raid Crash spot.


Bryce Remsburg has to get between them before the match officially began and had a great intensity to the walkouts and pre-match. Kingston dropped Punk with the Uraken before the bell rang. Punk gave him the middle finger as the match officially started.

The crowd was rabid chanting for both.

The audience booed when Punk scored with his first bit of offense. Punk drilled him with a kick on the apron and attacked Kingston’s right hand.

Punk was busted open and Kingston laughed and rubbed it onto his own face. Punk’s face was covered.

In the ring, Punk hit the Cena style slam and held his hand in the air before giving Kingston the finger. Punk used the three amigos and it was brought up how he dedicated this match to Guerrero earlier in the day.

They met in the middle for the Frye-Takayama spot and Kingston dropped Punk with an enzuigiri. Kingston made the “Go to Sleep” sign but instead, Punk lifted Kingston and hit the GTS but can’t go for the cover as he’s still hurt.

Punk attacks with knees from the Thai clinch and followed with another GTS for the win.

WINNER: CM Punk in 11 minutes and 8 seconds

This was awesome, a tremendous fight that had its own unique feel separate from anything else on the show and the audience loved it.

This was a great two-week program that came out of nowhere and became a major part of this pay-per-view.

Punk offered his hand to Kingston and he walked out without shaking his hand.


The Inner Circle were out in army fatigues

It started as a straight-up wrestling match complete with tags. Hager and Arlovski traded punches and Arlovski doesn’t need to be throwing worked wrestling punches.

JDS was in with Jericho and attempted a standing moonsault leading to Lambert being tagged in while Jericho is down. Jericho went to strike Lambert, and everyone ran in.

They fought on the floor where Hager came off the top with an ax handle.

Jericho pulled out the Prince symbol from underneath the ring as a weapon for the easy pop and led to a “Purple Rain” chant.

A trash can was placed over Page’s head as Santana & Ortiz attacked it with hockey sticks. Ortiz put Sky up for a Gori Special and applied a simultaneous camel clutch on Page alongside Santana.

Arlovski hit a big spine buster and the cover was broken up by Hager using a toaster.

Guevara hit a double springboard into a double cutter on Men of the Year and then, a Swanton on Sky for a two-count.

Hager used a Bundt cake pan. That’s all.

Guevara climbed a giant ladder with Sky placed on a table on the floor and hit a Jeff Hardy style Swanton.

Page was yelling at Hager’s wife in the front row when Baron von Rashke appeared and applied the claw on Page for one of the best spots all evening.

Jericho was alone with Lambert in the ring, he went for the lionsault and JDS was late with the strike to Jericho to prevent the move.

Lambert went for the Walls and was stopped with kendo stick shots by Jericho and hit him low with a stapler.

Jericho pointed up for Eddy Guerrero and hit a frog splash to win the match.

WINNER: The Inner Circle 19 minutes and 38 seconds

This was just crazy with every weapon under the sun.

Announced for Dynamite:
-Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii vs. The Blade & The Butcher
-Nyla Rose vs. Hikaru Shida in the TBS Tournament
-The Acclaimed vs. Lio Rush & Dante Martin

Tony Schiavone brought out Jay Lethal as the newest addition to AEW. Lethal said he is “All Elite” and heard there is an open challenge for the TNT Championship and proposed they have a match this Wednesday on Dynamite.

Guevara came out and accepted.


There was a tremendous video of Page riding through the empty streets of Minnesota on a horse as footage of him losing to Jericho and other highlights played. This was fantastic.

Don Callis got involved when referee Paul Turner’s back was turned and choked Page.

There was a lot of fighting on the floor including Omega rubbing Page’s face into the steps.

Page came back later in the match with the moonsault off the top to the floor on Omega. Omega hit a springboard Liger Bomb sending Page off the top to the canvas and looked spectacular.

Omega used the Snap Dragons, a V-Trigger and Page stopped the One-Winged Angel with a Victory Roll for a two-count. Omega hit the Tiger Driver ’98 for a two-count.

Page stopped Omega on the top turnbuckle and hit the fallaway slam/moonsault combo that Bandido has popularized.

Page came off the top post with a flying clothesline putting Omega through a table at ringside.

Page went for the Buckshot Lariat, but Omega collapsed, and Page couldn’t go for it. Page missed with his own V-Trigger, he hit a pop-up powerbomb and went for the Buckshot, but Omega pulled referee Paul Turner in the way to take it.

Callis entered the ring with the belt and Page struck him. Page ducked a belt shot hit the Dead Eye on Omega as Aubrey Edwards ran down and Omega kicked out at the last second.

Omega attacked with knee strikes, one final one was caught and Page fought back, Omega hit a V-Trigger and Page responded with a discus lariat.

Omega was landing Kawada kicks when Page rocked him with a lariat and both went down.

The Young Bucks came out selling the injuries from the Falls Count Anywhere match.

They traded backdrop drivers onto their necks, which looked brutal.

Page went for the Buckshot Lariat into a V-Trigger, Page countered the One-Winged Angel and Page hit the One-Winged Angel to Omega for a two-count.

Page hit the Buckshot to the back of Omega, Matt and Nick nodded at Page, he hit the Buckshot proper and pinned Omega.

WINNER: Hangman Page in 25 minutes and 11 seconds to win the AEW Championship

The crowd exploded for the title change.

The Dark Order came out to celebrate with Page and presented Page with a beer as they all hugged.

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