Fan jumps the guardrail, tackles Seth Rollins on 11/22 WWE Raw

While Seth Rollins was headed to the backstage area, a fan jumped out of their seat and tackled him to the ground

A fan in attendance at Raw in Brooklyn, New York jumped the rail and tackled Seth Rollins.

As the post-Survivor Series episode of Raw was underway, Seth Rollins and Finn Balor were scheduled to go one-on-one. Rollins attacked Balor before the match but their match did not officially start. Rollins hit the ‘Curb Stomp’ on Balor twice and as he was exiting camera’s view, a fan tackled Rollins to the ground.

Security immediately picked said individual up and escorted the fan away from the entrance area. Security was waiting for Rollins near the entrance set. Michael Hayes appeared when the fan was removed from the vicinity.

Rollins was the sole survivor for Team Raw at Survivor Series. He is also the #1 contender to Big E’s WWE Championship.

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