POST PURORESU: NJPW vs NOAH, Stardom (w/ Andrew Thompson)

POST PURORESU: NJPW vs NOAH, Stardom (w/ Andrew Thompson)
Photo Courtesy: NJPW / NOAH


November’s POST Puroresu sees WH Park joined once again by Andrew Thompson to talk about New Japan and Pro Wrestling NOAH holding a joint show for the Jan. 8th Wrestle Kingdom event in Yokohama.

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They also look at Stardom’s Tokyo Super Wars on November 27th and how it will relate to the booking of their final show of the year, Dream Queendom on December 29th.

Plus, a discussion on Zeus and Osaka Pro, Drew Parker leaving Big Japan Pro Wrestling, Rocky Romero talking about Kenny Omega’s discussions with New Japan, and so much more!

Photo Courtesy: NJPW/NOAH

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