Tony Khan says WWE reached out to request interview subjects for their documentaries

Tony Khan recalls WWE reaching out to inquire about AEW talents possibly participating in WWE documentaries

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WWE inquired about interview subjects for their projects.

Going into AEW’s debut at the UBS Arena, company President Tony Khan made the media rounds and one of the outlets he appeared for was Barstool Sports where he chatted with Robbie Fox.

As their conversation progressed, Khan shared that WWE reached out to him about AEW contracted talent and staff participating in their upcoming documentaries. Khan said he’s always open to listen as long as discussions and business dealings are classy. He added that the phone call was very nice and he’s reviewing WWE’s interview subject requests.

I heard from them [WWE] recently. I’ll break this news here. I don’t think it’s being aggressive or anything to say it. I heard from them recently. They’re doing documentaries and a lot of the biographies, like they’ve been doing the biography shows so this is I guess breaking news. I heard from them recently. They were doing a lot of biographies and they wanted to use some of the people here [AEW] and I think that’s a thing, it’s probably gonna come out sooner or later. They wanted to interview some of the people who wrestle here that used to wrestle there and some people that have had history there or the other libraries that they own and so, we’ll see, you know? I think I’m open to talking. I heard from them and they were very nice.

No it’s not [the first time we’ve heard from WWE]. We’ve heard a couple other things. We did the thing last year; Chris Jericho did the thing with Steve Austin and that one made sense to me because of Steve, right? And I trust Steve and Chris completely and Steve’s a friend of mine and Chris is a friend of mine. It’s super classy and as long as everything’s classy and the way they approached me was very classy so, I have nothing bad to say about that so, I don’t know if we’ll see that competition head-to-head but, I am considering some of these requests on some of these biographies and it was actually a very nice call I received the other day but I’ve never actually talked to Vince [McMahon] himself.

Tony Khan had some back and forth with Eric Bischoff through their respective media appearances. Bischoff voiced his thoughts about some of the comments that Khan was making in interviews. Tony said he should talk to Eric because they’re friends, but was surprised by some of the comments Eric made.

Nobody else has really done anything at Madison Square Garden in 30, 40, 50 years. WCW never even did it, right? But WCW, they had their own buildings, you know? They ran all over the country and had dome stadiums and nobody’s done anything like that in the live attendance world since. It’s one of the reasons why I have so much respect for Eric Bischoff. We haven’t talked in a while and I probably would at some point, I probably should talk to Eric because we’re friends but like, I’m honestly super busy and I was surprised at some of the stuff he said. I guess he was taken aback by stuff I said. But, there’s only really like three big wrestling Presidents in my lifetime that have had a big run and he’s one of ‘em and Vince McMahon’s one of ‘em and now, thanks to the great wrestling fans, now I’m one of them, and so there’s only three of us so it’s important for us to have a good relationship but I haven’t talked to him in a while.

In September of 2020, Best Friends (Trent & Chuck Taylor) took on Santana and Ortiz in a Parking Lot Fight. Tony feels that it was the perfect match and detailed how happy he was after the bout wrapped up.

Tony ran from Gorilla Position to the other side of Daily’s Place to greet Best Friends and Santana and Ortiz for their performance[s].

It was a perfect match [Parking Lot Fight between Best Friends and Santana & Ortiz]. So I was really excited about the Parking Lot Fight. I was as excited as I’ve been about anything we’ve done because it was perfect and it could have been if we needed to, but it wasn’t a cinematic match. It was all one run. We didn’t change anything. Everybody went nuts and it was like that was just a home run match and it was like a real fight.

So there was a lot of great moments and great payoffs and you can count on the Best Friends sometimes to have those things up their sleeves. So I was so happy when we got that recorded and I just ran from Gorilla to where they were filming which was on the other side of Daily’s Place. I was so excited we got it and there’s great photos and the guys are all bloody and covered in glass, we’re all hugging and then I was bloody and covered in glass but I didn’t care at all and was so happy because it was such a great match and I was so happy for them that they got the five-star rating because they deserved it and it’s one of the craziest things we’ve ever put on TV absolutely. For the fans last year in the pandemic, we tried to put on great stuff like that and that was one of the home runs I thought so The Best Friends and Santana and Ortiz was a great match.

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