MCU L8R: Hawkeye Ep. 4 “Partners, Am I Right?” (w/ JoJo Remy)

MCU L8R: Hawkeye Ep. 4 “Partners, Am I Right?” (w/ JoJo Remy)

Wai Ting & WH Park are joined by JoJo Remy to discuss Hawkeye Episode 4, Charlie Cox’s confirmation as MCU’s Daredevil, and the incredible hype surrounding next week’s Spider-Man: No Way Home release.

We dive into Hawkeye Episode 4’s many references to Black Widow and its continued revelations for Eleanor Bishop, Laura Barton, Clint’s PTSD, the Rolex, “Uncle” and more.

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Episode 4 Synopsis:

Secrets are revealed about a key suspect in the mystery, while hard truths emerge about Hawkeye and his past. But as Clint and Kate’s partnership finally takes off, their efforts to uncover more of the story result in a stunning and confusing battle against not one, but two opposing forces.

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