MCU L8R: Hawkeye Ep. 5 “Ronin” (w/ Karen Peterson)

MCU L8R: Hawkeye Ep. 5 “Ronin” (w/ Karen Peterson)

WH Park is joined by Karen Peterson to discuss Hawkeye Episode 5: “Ronin”, as Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova searches for Clint Barton while the identity of a major Marvel crime boss is finally revealed.

Following legendary comics artist George Perez’s announcement of his terminal pancreatic cancer diagnosis, WH discusses a selection of his greatest works in this week’s comic recommendations (see below).

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Episode 5 Synopsis:

After a fallout between Clint and Kate, the younger archer is ready to abandon her dream of becoming a hero. Meanwhile, a guilt-ridden Clint prepares to go face-to-face with the Tracksuit mafia, owning up to past actions. Everything changes, however, when Kate makes a surprising discovery.

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