Davey Richards was contacted by AEW & IMPACT when he returned to wrestling

When Davey Richards announced his return to pro wrestling, he heard from multiple companies and promotions including IMPACT Wrestling and AEW

Photo Courtesy: Major League Wrestling

Davey Richards heard from AEW and IMPACT when he announced his return to wrestling.

After being out of the ring since 2017, Davey Richards made his return to wrestling this past June and along with competing on a multitude of independent shows, Richards signed a one-year deal with Major League Wrestling.

Davey previously shared that he received an offer from WWE when his return was announced. He also was contacted by All Elite Wrestling and IMPACT Wrestling. Vickie Guerrero released her sit-down interview with Davey that was conducted at WrestleCade 2021 and Davey mentioned that AEW and IMPACT contacted him as his return run got underway.

So I came back to wrestling after, jeez, three-and-a-half-years in June and I signed with — so I announced I was coming back. I remember telling my wife, I was going, ‘I don’t know if anyone is gonna book me anymore,’ you know? ‘We’ll see what happens’ and I was very — I was taken aback and you know, places like AEW reached out, IMPACT reached out, MLW reached out and it was — they were really kind and what fit best for me was MLW so I started with them and it’s been great.

Six years of Davey’s career was spent in Ring of Honor. When he reflects on the run he had with the company, he narrowed his favorite rivalry down to his storyline with Eddie Edwards that culminated with Richards winning the ROH World Title at Final Battle 2011.

Richards went on to name Seth Rollins as the talent he gelled with the most in the ring during their time together in ROH.

Not Eddie [Edwards], that was too painful [Richards jokingly responded when asked for his favorite rivalry from ROH]. Holy crap, he chops hard. I mean, well, maybe I just put my foot in my mouth. Eddie was very special. It’s funny because I actually won the world title on the anniversary of my grandfather dying so that was a big, big moment for me and it wouldn’t have been so special without Eddie of course and that rivalry, storyline was really built upon what I think is like lessons of wrestling which is competition. I always considered it a sport so if you think the other person is not looking to outdo the other like a sport, you’re crazy. But as far as my opponents I just gelled with, I’d say Tyler Black, or Seth Rollins now. So yeah, we had some great matches and he was so easy to work with. Doesn’t surprise me one [bit that] he’s gone as far as he has.

Richards is scheduled to compete in the 2022 PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament. He is the 10th entrant to be announced for the tournament as of this writing.

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