Billy Corgan part of group funding nine scholarships to Austin Idol’s wrestling school

Billy Corgan part of a group that is funding scholarships to Austin Idol's wrestling school. Corgan hopes some of the talent land with the NWA

Photo Courtesy: National Wrestling Alliance

The trainees could land with the National Wrestling Alliance. ran a story about Austin Idol’s ‘Universal Wrestling College’ in Greenville, South Carolina. Idol told the publication that it can be difficult for students to join due to financial reasons.

To assist with that, NWA owner Billy Corgan along with Idol, The Spinx Company and Stephen P. New, a West Virginia lawyer, are going to fund nine scholarships to Idol’s school. Corgan said the following:

The key for me is that when you talk about being inclusive as an industry, you have to create opportunities. It’s one thing to say, ‘Hey, everybody is welcome’, well, not everybody has the same opportunity to step up and pay a tuition.

The name of their program is titled the ‘Top Rope Dreams Scholarship’. Billy is hoping that the talents they help train remain with them until the end.

Wrestling really is a sort of, anybody can make it, anybody can be in the show. And if you have passion and a lot of love for the sport of professional wrestling, you can not only accomplish but you can entertain and you can inspire. We look forward to building the stars of tomorrow and hopefully they’ll be with us until the end.

It is noted that there’s a likely chance that five of the nine trainees will be chosen to have their journey[s] documented.

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