MLW Azteca Report: Taurus & King Muertes vs. Pagano & Alex Hammerstone

John Siino reviews the first episode of MLW Azteca featuring Taurus & King Muertes vs. Pagano & Alex Hammerstone, a Trios match & more.

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MLW Azteca #1

January 6th, 2022

Auditorio de Tijuana – Tijuana, Mexico

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

Welcome to MLW Azteca

Cesar Duran starts the show welcoming everybody to the best Lucha Libre in the world and says let’s show the world that Lucha Libre is number one and not this trash Gringo wrestling for little kids. Duran asks the crowd who loves Lucha and gets them to chant it before welcoming us to MLW Azteca. This is a co-promoted show with The Crash, so they are represented throughout the show set-up.

Myzteziz Jr., Black Destiny & Aramis def. Arez, Skalibur & Dinamico

Myzteziz Jr. is the only one who gets an introduction, as the rest of the competitors are in the ring and Rich Bocchini and Joe Dombrowski are live at ringside running down the rest of the card. Trios rules here as all six men right away start the match taking each other out, with the babyfaces standing tall and trying to hit suicide dive, only to be taken out with a steel chair. The rudos take advantage, followed by Skalibur and Dinamico diving to the outside, while Arez and Black Destiny go at it in the ring, with Arez hitting a cutter and a DDT. Skalibur and Dinamico hit top rope splashes for a quick cover. Aramis and Myzteziz follow this with double suicide dives. Arez and Destiny go at it again, but Dinamico knocks Destiny off the top rope just to get hit with a top rope cutter. Myzteziz and Ares go at it next, before Skalibur gets involved. All six men continue with this madness, including a 630 splash and a double stomp off the top for a 2 count as we go to commercial.

When we come back, all six men are still going at it, hitting tandem suicide dives and 450 splashes. MLW staples Arez and Aramis end up in the ring, with Aramis hitting the 3 Seconds Around the World followed by the pin and the win.

Winners: Myzteziz Jr., Black Destiny & Aramis by pinfall at 8:01

Cry Baby Calvin

They announce that MLW World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone recently signed a new multi-year deal, before going to Alicia Atout who’s backstage with National Openweight Champion Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas, as Alicia says a lot of people have said Kane has crossed the line by pressing charges on Calvin Tankman. Kane said what he thinks she’s trying to get at is that they are afraid of Tankman, but he’s not afraid of any man, God or even his own mother. They both start asking where ‘Cry Baby Calvin’ is and said Kane would defend the title, but Tankman can’t get his personal and professional life together, but when he does the comeback story will end with him choking on a submission and the crowd chanting Bomaye. They then announce Kane will defend his National Openweight Championship against Aerostar.

Upcoming Schedule

  • Next Week – Alex Kane vs. Aerostar
  • January 21st –  MLW Blood & Thunder in Dallas, TX
  • February 26th – MLW Superfight in Charlotte, NC

The Scorpion & The Frog

We go to Karlee Perez who is with Cesar Duran in his office and asks if he understands that this is a force they can’t easily control once it’s released. Perez asks if he knows the story of the scorpion and the frog, which he says he knows intimately, and they are both scorpions. King Muertes comes into the office and asks if he was summoned. Perez says he is home where the Old Gods require blood and sacrifice, as Duran says that will be Hammerstone and Pagano. Muertes says very well about it as Perez says she, unfortunately, won’t be able to attend as she has her own undertaking that is very important to all of their futures. Duran tells Muertes that Black Taurus will be fighting aside him, as Muertes tells Perez when she returns Pagano and Hammerstone will be no more.

We see highlights of the history between Duran and Hammerstone and the reintroduction of Matanza Duran.

Richard Holliday vs. Psycho Clown

Holliday comes to the ring with Alicia Atout, who makes her way to commentary for this match who says that Holliday begged her to walk him to the ring. Psycho Clown comes out to a huge reaction with a couple of kids with him who are dressed the same as him. Bocchini is questioning Atout hard if there’s something going on between her and Holliday, she says only in his dreams as he’s ‘like a little schoolboy who’s had a crush on her’, as Holliday asks her to hold his AirPods. Sadly to report, Holliday still hasn’t upgraded to the new Pro version of the AirPods, over the holidays. Psycho starts the match getting the crowd behind him, as Holliday follows suit and fails. They continue this for the first couple of minutes, before finally locking up. Psycho keeps taking Holliday down, including a clothesline knocking them both to the outside, where Psycho follows with a suicide dive. Psycho tries again, but Holliday stops him with a punch before taking control of the match as they go to commercial.

When we come back, they are trading chops with each other, followed by whips to the corner and a power slam by Psycho for a two count. Holliday stops Psycho with a rope-assisted DDT for a two count. Holliday takes over, placing Psycho on the top rope where he hits him with a torture rack into a neckbreaker. Holliday heads to the top rope, as one of Cesar Duran’s henchmen goes ringside to escort Alicia Atout to the back. Psycho Clown takes advantage, knocking Holliday down with a foreign object before hitting a Spanish Fly off the top rope for the pin.

Winner: Psycho Clown by pinfall at 10:45

The Drought Continues

5150’s Rivera and Slice Boogie are backstage with a promo where they said they took out Los Parks, Injustice and are taking over MLW, but they need to take out The Von Erichs next. Rivera tells them to never bring up Konnan’s name again or they’ll beat their ass from the lobby to the top floor and take away their cowboy boots to sell them for a military discount. Then use that money and go to a party with some bottles and women. Rivera tells them the 40-year drought will continue for the Von Erichs because they can’t get the wrestling scene right like 5150 can. It’s then announced that 5150 will defend the MLW World Tag Team Championship next week.

Bestia 666 is Rising Soon

We cut to a video package promoting the return of Bestia 666 will be ‘rising soon’ to MLW.

Overwhelm Them Quick

We go to Kevin Von Erich in Kauai, Hawaii who is watching Ross and Marshall train and gives them directions, before telling them to call it a day as it’s getting late. Kevin says they have to overwhelm 5150, since they are new champions, with quick and hard attacks. They say 5150 have to shut their mouths since they are really scared to death. Kevin brings up the 40 years again and says they can’t wrestle their style, and to let 5150 wrestle theirs.

The Plan is in Motion

Cesar Duran is seen speaking to a gentleman backstage, but quickly gets stopped by Richard Holliday who asks where Alicia Atout is. Duran says she is safe and sound in her locker room, and Holliday should thank him for that because what if Psycho Clown would have got to her. Duran introduces Holliday to the gentleman he was speaking to, revealing him to be a detective. The detective grabs Holliday and tells him he needs to bring him to the police station now for questioning. Duran mentions it’s about some ‘nightclub incident from last night’, but Holliday says he wasn’t at a nightclub and says Duran will be hearing from his lawyer, before saying ‘fuck it, you’ll be hearing from me’. Duran tells one of his henchmen that the plan is in motion.

Apocalypto Match: Taurus & King Muertes vs. Pagano & Alex Hammerstone

This match is basically a hardcore match with weapons in and out of the ring. As the bell rings all four men start brawling before Hammerstone gets clotheslined to the outside. Pagano and Taurus end up in the ring, as Muertes starts attacking Hammerstone with a chair and a cheese grater on the outside before Hammerstone takes the chain away from him to use it. Pagano and Taurus are punching each other before Hammerstone and Muertes come into the ring and take them out with weapons before squaring off themselves. Hammerstone takes Muertes down with an over-the-head suplex and a kick for a one-count. Muertes follows with a power slam, before going to attack Pagano off the apron. Taurus starts using some blue tin-type object, and Bocchini keeps asking ‘what the hell is that blue thing’. Taurus then grabs a green umbrella but decides to spear Pagano into the crowd instead. Taurus grabs the dreaded umbrella, as Muertes grabs more weapons from under the ring. All four men start brawling into the crowd as the very flimsy barricade just falls apart. Muertes spears Pagano into more chairs and people, as Taurus does the same to Hammerstone onto a more sturdy barricade on the other side. Taurus starts whipping Hammerstone with a camera cable, before choking him with it. Muertes and Pagano go from the crowd to the entranceway, where Muertes suplexes Pagano, while Hammerstone simultaneously kicks Taurus in the face on the other side of the arena. Hammerstone and Taurus work their way back into the ring, where Taurus whips Hammerstone into a chair that was wedged in the corner. Taurus and Muertes start attacking Hammerstone with a chair and plastic trash can, including Muertes swinging Hammerstone with the chair, while he was in the can as we go to commercial.

When we come back, Muertes is choking Hammerstone out with a chair while Taurus sets up a floorboard outside against a barricade. Muertes and Taurus continue attacking Pagano and Hammerstone with weapons inside the ring, but Pagano tries to fight his way back just to fail. Muertes and Pagano end up being the two standing in the ring, as the crowd gets behind Pagano. Muertes takes Pagano down with a spear, but Hammerstone breaks up the count. Hammerstone hits Muertes with a TKO onto the trash can that Pagano helps move into position, but they only get a two count. Hammerstone takes the wooden floorboard into the ring and sets it up against the corner and ends up back body dropping Taurus into it. Pagano ends up slamming Taurus into a chair, followed by a clothesline off the ropes as Hammerstone as holding Taurus up in a powerbomb-like position. Muertes starts attacking the babyfaces with clotheslines in the corners but gets stopped with a German Suplex by Hammerstone, followed by a powerbomb as Pagano takes out Taurus on the outside with a suicide senton. Hammerstone fights off Muertes, but Muertes hits a lung blower for a two. On the outside, Pagano puts Taurus through another wooden floorboard with a Death Valley Driver. Inside, Hammerstone hits the Nightmare Pendulum on Muertes for the pin and the win.

Winners: Alex Hammerstone & Pagano by pinfall at 15:57

Pagano Turns on Hammerstone

As Hammerstone and Pagano are celebrating, we cut to Cesar Duran on the stage who does the cutthroat symbol to them. As Hammerstone is asking if that was for him, he gets attacked from behind by Pagano. King Muertes goes into the ring and stares down Pagano before joining in on the attack on Hammerstone, along with Taurus. Cesar Duran sends about half a dozen henchmen to the ring, who take Hammerstone and carry him to the back as commentary ends the show shouting where the hell are Cesar Duran’s masked men taking the World Heavyweight Champion?

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