Liv Morgan’s other WWE name option was “Liv Gallows”

Liv Morgan shares that she had to choose between her current name or 'Liv Gallows' to go by in WWE

Photo Courtesy: WWE

She had to choose between ‘Morgan’ and ‘Gallows’ for her on-screen name.

Liv Morgan is coming off of a Raw Women’s Title opportunity against Becky Lynch at WWE’s ‘Day 1’ event. Morgan was unsuccessful in her attempt to become champion but she and Bianca Belair confronted Lynch this past Monday on Raw.

WWE’s house show in Boston, Massachusetts is taking place tonight and at the event, Morgan, Belair and Lynch are competing in a Triple-Threat for the Raw Women’s Title.

Liv Morgan guest appeared on Wrestling Inside The Ropes ahead of the show and was asked how she came up with her on-screen name. When Morgan first joined WWE, she gave them a list of names that they were not too big on so they gave her the options of going by ‘Liv Morgan’ or ‘Liv Gallows’.

The real background [of my on-screen name] is that, you know, when you arrive to the Performance Center, when it’s time to create your character, you send in like a list of names, right? And I must’ve sent in like three different lists of names and I thought, ‘All my names are so terrible.’ All the names that I picked, they thought it was so bad. So literally I show up to TV one day at Full Sail for an NXT taping and they pulled me aside and they were like, ‘All right, you’re either Liv Morgan or you’re Liv Gallows’ and I was like… ‘I guess I pick Liv Morgan’ and I always liked the name Liv. I didn’t really like ‘Morgan’, you know? But I grew to love it, I grew to love it all and I found so many little puns to use ‘Liv’ for and fun little things I can use so I grew to really — SmackDown Liv, You Only Liv Once, Liv is Life, Watch Me Liv, I mean I can go on and on. [It says on my titantron right now], ‘Liv is the best’.

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