Carmella reveals that she tested positive for COVID-19 several weeks ago

WWE's Carmella shares that she tested positive for COVID-19 several weeks ago. Corey Graves tested negative multiple times

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Carmella details her bout with COVID-19.

WWE’s Carmella is one-half of the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions alongside Queen Zelina. They have been reigning as champions since late November.

Carmella was present on the 1/17 Monday Night Raw and today, she and WWE commentator Corey Graves pushed out a new episode of their ‘Bare With Us’ podcast. Carmella shared that several weeks ago, she tested positive for COVID-19 and added that she was “down and out” for up to four days. Graves tested negative multiple times. Both he and Carmella are vaccinated.

Carmella: You guys, I got the ‘vid. I did, I got it, got me. I got COVID. I got-got about what? A week-and-a-half ago? No, two weeks ago now. Yeah, I woke up super just not feeling well, just really tired, run down and took some tests and I tested positive and then I mean, it was like a cold. It was kind of like a little bit worse than a cold. I was down and out for like three or four days just not really doing much. But, on the up and up, feeling better now. However, my lovely fiancé over here was just bragging and bragging and bragging about his immune system and how amazing he is and it’s not gonna get him because it’s true, he had to test because he was around me.

Graves: We live together. We slept in the same bed.

Carmella: We were making out like animals the night before I had tested positive and I was like sick, so I don’t know how you didn’t get it. So, he was really bragging, to the point it was annoying.

Graves: I was extremely confident [he jokingly said]. Actually, I wasn’t confident at all. I was just waiting, it was a matter of time until I took the test and got it and I was fully mentally prepared for that but I kept taking the test. I had to take multiple tests just to be able to go back to work and you and I are both vaccinated and it was just it finally hit us and it was what it was, but I’ve avoided it this entire time.

Carmella’s most recent match was on the January 3rd Raw when she and Queen Zelina defeated Nikki A.S.H. and Rhea Ripley to retain the Women’s Tag Titles. Carmella did not tag into the match.

On 1/5, PWInsider reported that she is working through an injury and her TV appearances are set up so that she can work around said injury.

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