Killer Kross feels it would’ve been best-case scenario to drop the NXT Championship to Kyle O’Reilly

Killer Kross feels that it would have been best-case scenario for him to lose the NXT Championship to Kyle O'Reilly

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Killer Kross feels that it would’ve made sense to lose the title to O’Reilly.

From April 2021 until August, Killer Kross reigned as NXT Champion and he lost the title to Samoa Joe at TakeOver 36. Fast forward to present day and both men are no longer with WWE. Kross is officially a free agent as his 90-day non-compete has expired on and 2/1, alongside Scarlett Bordeaux, he sat down with Highspots Wrestling Network for a virtual signing.

Kyle O’Reilly’s name was brought up and Kross went on to state that he hoped he’d drop the NXT Championship to O’Reilly. He felt that it would have complemented O’Reilly’s story arc post-Undisputed ERA and thinks it would have been the best-case scenario.

No, I don’t think Kyle O’Reilly’s underrated. I was actually — I don’t know. We [Kross & Scarlett Bordeaux] were always talking about — it’s not up to us but like ideally, if we wanted to lose the belt to anyone, we actually were hoping it was gonna be Kyle O’Reilly because it would have complemented his story arc. He was supposed to be the one that kind of broke out of Undisputed [ERA] and he was — you know what I mean? And we were building in that direction. We just would’ve been cool [with that happening]. They had me undefeated for, you know, over a year and to put him over clean to pass off all the momentum I think would have been the best-case scenario in our opinion.

While Kross was champion, O’Reilly challenged for the NXT Title one time and that was at TakeOver: In Your House where Kross outlasted O’Reilly, Pete Dunne, Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano in a five-way to retain the championship.

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