Killer Kross reflects on promo segment with Adam Cole, says writers wanted to lean into the fourth wall

The verbal exchange between Adam Cole and Killer Kross was put together by the NXT writing team and they wanted to lean into the fourth wall

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Killer Kross looks back on the segment with himself and Adam Cole.

On the lead-up to NXT TakeOver: In Your House in 2021, Adam Cole was attempting to secure himself a shot at the NXT Championship which was in Killer Kross’ possession.

There was a segment on the June 1st edition of NXT TV when Cole stood face-to-face with Kross and suggested that NXT does everything to make Kross look special. Cole mentioned that the then-NXT Champion has the cool music, lights, fog machine and Scarlett Bordeaux and all NXT ever needs to do to make Cole feel special is ring the bell.

Kross dove into that segment during his interview with CBS Sports’ Shakiel Mahjouri. He said the entire exchange was put together by the writers and they wanted to play into the fourth wall as a way to create a reason for Cole to be involved in the title picture.

It may have been counterproductive of me not to address this earlier, but there are certain things that I think are important to protect. I probably never would have brought this up unless you asked. The night before we had received a script. Everything that he said and everything that I said was delegated to us by a writing team. He’s a total professional, he was awesome to work with and we literally just showed up and did our job that day like we would do any other day. He’s always been the fourth wall promo guy. They thought that would be the best way to integrate him into the fatal five-way match, which is what we went into. If I recall, they were booking him with 50-50 booking after he dropped the title to Keith [Lee].

How it was explained to me was they wanted me to go up to the main roster with clean kills on everybody. Time just wouldn’t afford it, so they thought, ‘How can we get the best guys in NXT in one match where Kross can go over and kill these guys?’ In this business, you can’t just run people over all month in promos and tag matches and stuff and then kill them clean at the pay-per-view. They get nothing. So, I think the idea behind that was to let them get their licks in prior to the pay-per-view, and then they just get smashed and beat. That was basically the idea behind it. Cole needed to look strong in the promo and they’re playing on the fourth wall stuff and that’s basically it.

Kross’ 90-day non-compete has expired and he is officially a free agent. Several months ago, it was confirmed that Kross landed a movie role and he is currently scheduled for multiple independent dates.

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