IMPACT Sacrifice Report: Josh Alexander returns, three new champions crowned

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling Sacrifice 2022

March 5th, 2022

By: John Siino

Old Forester’s Paristown Hall in Louisville, KY

Commentary: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt

Countdown to Sacrifice Pre-Show

Lady Frost def. Gisele Shaw by pinfall at 6:03, with the top rope ‘Frost Bite’ moonsault

Rich Swann & Willie Mack def. Honor No More (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) by pinfall at 7:44. Maria Kanellis-Bennett was on commentary for this match.

IMPACT X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel (c) vs. Jake Something

Right at the bell, Something takes down Miguel after a lock up, but Miguel comes back with punches and kicks, but Something stops him with a clothesline as Miguel tries to bounce off the ropes. Miguel is able to come back with a dropkick and a hurricanrana attempt, but Something stops him with a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Something keeps stopping Miguel and whips him hard against the corner before knocking him down with a right hand for a one count. Miguel tries to run the ropes, but Something holds him back by stepping on his foot and knocks him back and hits a spear in the corner for a two count. Miguel is able to fight back with forearms in the corner and a flying forearm, followed by a roundhouse kick for a two. Miguel lands a bunch of chops, but Something smashes him down and hits a backbreaker for a two. Something clotheslines Miguel in the ropes, but Miguel is able to kick him to the outside and hit him with a diving Destroyer, before tossing him back inside for a two count and right into an armbar, but Something lifts him up and hits a powerbomb followed by another one. Something tries again, but Miguel reverses it into a Meteora for a two, before going to the top rope. Something meets him up there, but Miguel escapes and hits another Meteora as Something was caught in the ropes and gets the pin.

Winner: Trey Miguel by pinfall at 11:03, to retain

Sing the Same Song

Gia Miller is backstage with Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans, and she asks Tasha what her response is to Mickie James saying she wants no excuses tonight and will be going at it alone. Tasha asks Mickie if she’s sure she wants to do that as Chelsea Green is the reason, she is still champion, but tonight they are going to sing the same song but it’s going to be a different verse, that Steelz will drag James and beat every inch of her life and become the new Knockouts champion. Before she sends her back to her family as a loser, she’ll make sure she ends this match with a kiss.

Eddie Edwards (w/ Kenny King, Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, Vincent & Maria Kanellis-Bennett) vs. Rhino (w/ Chris Sabin, Rich Swann & Willie Mack)

Edwards rushes Rhino right away, but Rhino clotheslines Edwards down before Edwards escapes out to the safety of Honor No More. Rhino stays in control when Edwards goes back in, until Edwards challenges him to a chop battle. Rhino ends up tossing Edwards towards Team Impact who throws him back in. Edwards knocks Rhino down with a boot to the face, as Maria tries to hand Edwards a kendo stick, so Brian Hebner ends up ejecting Maria to the back. Rhino goes to run the ropes and gets tripped by Matt Taven, so Edwards takes advantage and mounts Rhino with punches. As Edwards distracts the referee, Taven keeps attacking Rhino. Rhino tries to break out of a sleeper hold, as Edwards attacks him in the corner, until Rhino spears him in the corner and sets up for the Gore. Kenny King gets on the apron, before everybody else starts fighting on the outside, as Rich Swann goes into the ring and dives onto all of them, followed by Willie Mack doing the same off the top rope. As the referee is checking on all of them, Steve Maclin runs in the ring and hits a DDT on Edwards and hypes Rhino up to hit the gore, before hitting Rhino in the back with the Kendo stick and walking out on everybody. Edwards hits Rhino with the Boston Knee Party and gets the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards by pinfall at 8:44

IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay) (c) vs. The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne)

Before the match, The Influence tells Kaleb with a K to stay in the back as Kaleb is more of a liability now, and he can take pictures after, as this match finally happens after multiple attempts dating back to Hard to Kill in January. McKay and Dashwood start the match, as the IInspiration play to the crowd. McKay takes Dashwood down before hitting her pose and a suplex, knocking Dashwood out to tag in Rayne. Lee comes in as they hit a double-team kick on Rayne. They trade a couple pin attempts, before Lee puts on an arm hold and tags in McKay. All four women come in, as The Influence mock The IInspiration’s pose, before getting knocked to the outside. Dashwood is able to catch Lee on her shoulder and slam her down face first on the apron, as Rayne tosses McKay into the ring post. Rayne stays in control of McKay keeping her in their corner, as the Influence takes turns tagging in and out. McKay fights them off and makes the hot tag to Lee who stomps Dashwood in the corner and hits a Fisherman’s suplex for a two. They double team on Dashwood, as McKay comes in and gets a two. Rayne hits McKay with a kick as the referee isn’t looking, followed by The Spotlight from Dashwood as McKay surprisingly kicks out. Kaleb with a K makes his way down ringside, and tosses Dashwood one of the tag titles, which she uses to knock out Lee and get the pin.

Winners: The Influence (Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne) by pinfall at 10:20, to become NEW IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Champions

Anthony Carelli’s Words of Advice

Rhino is backstage with Heath and is screaming about what Steve Maclin did, as Heath says he should have been out there, but Rhino says he didn’t want him there as he has to focus on his World Title match. Heath says he’s not sure if he’s even ready for this match, but gets interrupted by Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella), who’s talking in his actual voice and gives Heath some words of inspiration and says Heath has been doubted and every single time he has proved them wrong. Carelli says Heath was born for this opportunity and for him to take it. Heath tells Moose to be ready for a wake-up call before yelling into the camera.

Alternative Commentary

Commentary cuts to alternative commentary by Brian Myers who’s at his own table promoting his action figure and talking trash about W. Morrissey. This prompts Morrissey to come out followed by security, as Morrissey is distracted, Myers tries to take advantage and slips away from the powerbomb attempt. Morrissey instead grabs a security guard and powerbombs him through the table, as Myers runs to the back.


Right away they go blow to blow, before PCO hits a neckbreaker and a running dropkick knocking JONAH to the outside. They keep brawling on the outside, before JONAH hits PCO with a side Russian leg sweep on the entranceway. Back inside, JONAH knocks PCO down with chops, but he gets up just to take more before delivering his own in the corner. PCO clotheslines JONAH to the outside, before hitting him with a running cannonball through the ropes. PCO places JONAH on the apron and hits him with a top rope De-Animator. PCO goes to the top again, but JONAH stops him and hits a superplex. They slowly get up and exchange punches and then German Suplexes. JONAH hits a DDT and a suplex, as PCO starts twitching and joins JONAH on the top rope where he hits a hurricanrana. PCO heads back to the top and hits the PCO-Sault but JONAH kicks out. JONAH ends up going to the outside and dodges PCO and throws him into the steel steps. JONAH grabs PCO and hits him with a Tombstone on top of the steel steps. JONAH follows that with a powerbomb off the steel steps onto the floor, before finally tossing him back inside where he hits a Tsunami splash to the back of PCO for the pin.

Winner: JONAH by pinfall at 11:30

The doctors run out to try and help PCO, but he refuses help

The Man I’ve Become

Gia Miller is backstage with Jay White who mentions the history between him and Alex Shelley, who was his mentor and first match in NJPW. White says he knew this day would come when they cross paths and Shelley doesn’t know the man White has become and he’ll go out there and show him exactly who he is.

Jay White vs. Alex Shelley

This is Alex Shelley’s first match in IMPACT since December 2020. They start the match by taking in the dual chants before locking up and exchanging stands and switches. They run the ropes, with Shelley taking White down and holding him with a wrist lock. They head over to the corner exchanging chops, with Shelley winning that battle before hitting a top rope knee to the elbow of White, which sends White to the outside. Shelley keeps White on the apron hitting offense before snapping his neck on the ropes. White counters him with a double knee and a backbreaker. They head to the outside, where White drives Shelley into the apron while taunting the fans. They go back inside, where White stays in control and hits a backbreaker for a two. They trade off forearms, before White is knocked down with a running one. Shelley follows that with a series of kicks, but White fights back and hits a DDT. White hits a twisting suplex for a two count, but Shelley comes back slamming White face first into the middle turnbuckle. White keeps Shelley down with chops, before Shelley delivers his own, which ends with White hitting a Uranage, but Shelley puts his leg on the rope during the count. Shelley comes back with Sliced Bread but only gets two. Shelley teases a Blade Runner, but it gets twisted into the Motor City Stretch, before White tries the Blade Runner, right back into the stretch, but White puts his leg on the rope. Shelley attacks White’s arm, until White ends up on the outside. Shelley tries to dive on him, but White catches him and hits a Blade Runner onto the apron. White rolls him back in and tries another Blade Runner, but Shelley hits one of his own and right into the Stretch again. White fights out and hits the Blade Runner again for the win.

Winner: Jay White by pinfall at 18:46

The match gets a standing ovation after, including from Rehwoldt and Hannifan, as Shelley extends his hand to White, but White laughs it off and leaves.

Protection From the Wolves

We go to Violent by Design backstage where Eric Young says the business arrangement with the Good Brothers is done and their reward comes tonight with the tag team titles. They tell them to not look past them for the Briscoe Brothers as they have a real problem standing right in front of them.

ROH Women’s World Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green comes out to accept this Champ-Champ challenge and choose the ROH Women’s World Championship as her pick, rather than the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. They start by locking up and exchanging takedowns as Tom Hannifan states because of the future of Ring of Honor that’s been in the news lately the winner of this match will have a busy upcoming schedule. Green knocks Purrazzo to the outside where she hits her with a suicide dive. Back inside, Purrazzo knocks her down with a clothesline and starts choking her out on the ropes. Purrazzo hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep into an armbar, but Green gets out and knocks back down with a clothesline for a two. Purrazzo starts working on Green’s arms, but Green fights back with a sunset flip for a two. They exchange a couple pin attempts before knocking each other down with a double boot. Green stomps Purrazzo out in the corner, but only gets a two count. Green heads to the top, but Purrazzo catches her for a suplex and right back into an arm bar, but Green reverses it into an arm bar herself as Purrazzo reaches for the bottom rope. Purrazzo snaps Green’s wrist, as the referee stops the action to check on her. Purrazzo even shows concern, but Green pushes her off, just for Purrazzo to jump right on her and put in the Fujiwara arm bar as the referee immediately stops the match.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo by referee stoppage at 8:17, to retain

Purrazzo keeps it on after the match as more referees run in to stop her. Mickie James eventually runs in and chases Purrazzo away as doctors are there to check on Green. As James is still checking on Green, Tasha Steelz comes out with Savannah Evans, for her match.

IMPACT Knockouts World Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Tasha Steelz (w/ Savannah Evans)

During the introductions, Mickie James is still checking on Chelsea Green and gets attacked by Tasha Steelz before the bell rings. James fights back with kicks in the corner, as Green is seen being helped to the back. James stays in control but keeps checking on Green on the outside. James comes back and puts on a Boston Crab, as Savannah Evans goes and attacks Green on the outside. James runs out there to attack Evans, and tells officials to bring Green to the back, as Steelz takes out James with a suicide dive, before Steelz drives James into the steel steps. Steelz stays in control inside, but James fights back with kicks before getting knocked down with a big boot for a two. They trade chops in the corner, before Steelz takes control with a bunch of kicks for a two count. Steelz puts on a Camel Clutch in the middle of the ring, but James fights back with a stunner. James ends up on the top rope, as Steelz joins her, where they slug it out and then eventually both tumble to the floor. They start trading strikes inside, before James hits a Thesz Press and a neckbreaker for a two. James misses a Mick Kick but ends up hitting the Mick-DT, but Evans comes into the ring to distract the referee. James knocks her out of the ring with a Mick Kick, but Steelz hits a crucifix bomb for a two count. They start exchanging strikes again, until James hits a hurricanrana. James blocks Steelz bulldog attempt and hits a flapjack, before going to the top rope. Evans tries to attack her, but James kicks her off before falling into a cutter by Steelz, as Steelz turns James over for the pin.

Winner: Tasha Steelz by pinfall at 14:08, to become NEW IMPACT Knockouts World Champion

Commentary points out how Tasha Steelz has become the first-ever Afro-Latino Knockouts World Champion in history.

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson) (c) (w/ Chris Bey) vs. Violent by Design (Eric Young & Joe Doering) (w/ Deaner)

Eric Young and Karl Anderson start the match, as the crowd is behind the Bullet Club. They start the match slow with arm drags and holds, before Gallows and Doering both get tagged in. They fight to take each other down, but Gallows wins with a big boot for a one count. Gallows whips Doering as they bounce into each other and fall down. Anderson and Young tag back in, where Anderson hits a body slam, leaping senton and a Fisherman buster for a two count. Doering comes in and tackles Anderson down as VBD hit a double-team slam/elbow drop. Gallows and Anderson hit a double-team neckbreaker, as Anderson gets a two on Young. The Good Brothers trade off tags, but Young fights out of the Magic Killer, before VBD double team Anderson. The Good Brothers try a double suplex on Young, but Doering joins in making it a Tower of Doom. Anderson takes Doering down with a spinebuster, but Doering bounces back up and hits a clothesline. Meanwhile, Young and Gallows are on the stage where Young hits a piledriver on the top of the ramp. Back inside, Doering and Young hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo, as Doering gets the pin on Anderson.

Winners: Violent by Design (Eric Young & Joe Doering) by pinfall at 11:46, to become NEW IMPACT World Tag Team Champions

IMPACT World Championship: Moose (c) vs. Heath

Anthony Carelli joins commentary for this match. They have a stare-down that quickly turns into punches, before Heath corners Moose with punches that turn into Moose attacking him in the corner before tossing him to the other side. Moose keeps attacking Heath, who tries to fight back but keeps getting kicked back down. Moose tosses him yet again, before ripping Heath’s shirt and chopping him. This fires Heath up to knock Moose to the outside, but when he joins him, he gets knocked down with a boot and thrown into the ring post. Moose stretches Heath’s arms on the post before whipping him into the steel steps. Moose eventually tosses Heath back inside and keeps him down with his boot and stomps. Heath continues to try and fight back, but Moose keeps knocking him right back down. Moose keeps Heath on the ropes with a choke, before applying an abdominal stretch with elbows raining down. Heath eventually escapes by biting Moose’s hand, but Moose just tosses him back outside where he hits him with two Uranage’s onto the apron. Moose continues to toy with Heath inside the ring, but Heath fires up and knocks Moose over the top rope where he is met by a crossbody from Heath. Heath throws him inside where he tries a roll-up, followed by the Wake Up Call for a close two. Moose stops Heath with a Uranage followed by his Lights Out Spear for the pin.

Winner: Moose by pinfall at 12:11, to retain

Josh Alexander is Back

As Moose is in the ring celebrating, he’s met by Josh Alexander who hits him with the C4 Spike Piledriver as commentary says they didn’t think he worked there anymore. Alexander grabs the mic and says the last time he was in this ring Scott D’Amore sent him home. Alexander says he had to go home and get it all sorted out and D’Amore was right to send him home. Alexander says since he was at home in Toronto about a mile away from Anthem Corporate office, he went there and sorted everything out and signed a new multi-year contract with IMPACT Wrestling. Alexander then shows another contract for the main event of Rebellion, for himself vs. Moose for the IMPACT World Championship.

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