NWA The Crockett Cup – Night 2: Matt Cardona vs. Nick Aldis, Finals of Crockett Cup

Photo Courtesy: NWA

NWA The Crockett Cup, Night 2

March 20th, 2022

The Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN

By: John Siino

Commentary: Joe Galli, Velvet Sky & Tim Storm


Mims def. AJ Cazana by pinfall at 9:15

Team War Match: The OGK (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) & Cyon def. Magic Jake Dumas & The Fixers (Jay Bradley & Wrecking Ball Legursky) & Gold Rushhh (BLK Jeez, Jordan Clearwater & Marshe Rockett) (w/ Austin Idol) by pinfall at 11:47

PJ Hawx def. Alex Taylor (w/ Captain Yuma) by submission at 6:37. After the match Taylor attacked Yuma.

The Crockett Cup Semi-Final Match: The Cardonas (Mike Knox & VSK) vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)

Mark Briscoe and VSK start the match, with Jay easily taking VSK down a couple of times, until VSK comes back and whips Mark into the corner. Mark comes back with his ‘redneck kung fu’ and chops VSK into his corner, tagging in Jay as they double team VSK and get the crowd behind them. Jay stomps VSK in the corner, until Mark comes back in, and they keep VSK in their corner for a couple more minutes. VSK is able to fight them off and take in Knox who takes Jay down with a crossbody. As Knox distracts the referee, VSK chokes out Jay on the bottom rope. VSK tags back in, as Knox body slams him on top of Jay followed by a leg drop for a two. Jay escapes out and makes the hot tag to Mark who chops both of the Cardonas, followed by more of his kung fu. Mark hits a shotgun boot dropping VSK back into the corner until he whips VSK off the top rope for a two-count. VSK pushes Mark into Jay knocking off the apron, as Knox comes in hitting a cross body onto Mark as VSK gets a two count. Jay takes out Knox before going back in and The Briscoes hit Redneck Boogie followed by the Doomsday Device, as Mark gets the pin on VSK for the win.

Winners: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) by pinfall at 7:44, to advance

The Crockett Cup Semi-Final Match: The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) vs. La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf)

La Rebelion comes out again with their NWA World Tag Team Championship, as well as the original set of belts that David Crockett brought here for them. Doug Williams and Bestia 666 start the match, with Williams taking Bestia down by the leg. Williams keeps Bestia tied in the ropes, before tagging in Smith as they hit a double shoulder tackle before Smith hits a headbutt down low on Bestia. The crowd gets behind Smith as he body slams Bestia a couple times for a two count. Smith goes for a powerbomb, but Mecha Wolf runs in and takes Smith out as La Rebelion starts giving the boots to Smith. Wolf tags in and continues targeting the leg of Smith, as La Rebelion takes turns tagging in and out attacking Smith in their corner. Smith is finally able to fight back and take Bestia down with a power slam, before crawling over and tagging in Williams, as Wolf tags in and gets taken down by a couple clotheslines and flying European Uppercut. Williams keeps the attack hitting a suplex for a two count, followed by a Tiger Driver, but Bestia comes in and breaks up the count. Wolf comes back with a springboard DDT for a two-count. La Rebelion starts double-teaming Williams, hitting an awkward-looking Mark of the Beast that Smith breaks up the pinfall of. La Rebelion tries another double team move, but Smith breaks them up and gets tagged in, as Williams puts Bestia on Smith who’s on the top rope and hits a top rope Power Slam as Smith gets the pin on Bestia.

Winners: The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) by pinfall at 8:57, to advance

The Life & Times of Pope

Kyle Davis introduces The Pope at the podium. Pope says things didn’t go their way for himself and Mims, but last night reflected the life and times of Pope as he’s been knocked down and concussed, but he’s still there and he feels no wasted time. Davis brings up how Pope’s team won the Champions Series and Pope has a championship opportunity whenever he chooses. The Pope says that’s the million-dollar question, and when that time comes everybody will see it coming, and the Pope will let everybody know that he’s the reason what’s causing all this.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Anthony Mayweather (c) vs. Jax Dane

Mayweather attacks Dane before the bell, but Dane comes right back with an over-the-head suplex. Mayweather comes right back with ten punches in the corner that get the crowd into it, but Dane thumbs him in the eye. They run the ropes, until Dane just gives up on it and leaves to the outside and teases leaving to the back before Mayweather goes after him and tosses him into the ring post and barricade before Mayweather goes back and teases a dive onto Dane only to get hit with a forearm, but Mayweather comes back and suplexes Dane back inside the ring, but he rolls right back outside, where Mayweather hits him with a suicide dive that hit a bit of an ugly landing on the floor. They go back outside and Dane targets Mayweather’s knee after the dive with a couple running tackles before driving him into the ring post by the legs. Dane continues targeting his legs by slamming them down on the apron. Dane keeps Mayweather grounded in the middle of the ring with a modified half Boston Crab before slamming the knee back down. Mayweather tries a comeback, but Dane takes him right back down by kicking his knee. Dane tries to hit his clothesline finisher, but Mayweather turns it into a backslide attempt, followed by a spinebuster but shows injury to his knee. Mayweather decides to go to the top rope, but Dane pushes the referee Robert King into the ropes knocking Mayweather down. Dane joins Mayweather on the top rope, but Mayweather pushes him off and hits the flying elbow drop. Instead of going for the pin, Mayweather holds his knee and when he gets up, Dane picks him up. Mayweather reverses and tries to pick Dane up, but his knee gives up and Dane crashes down on him. Dane takes down Mayweather’s kneepad and stomps on his knee. Dane tries an elbow drop, but Mayweather catches his arm and traps it in a cross-arm breaker as Dane submits.

Winner: Anthony Mayweather by submission at 10:11, to retain

As Mayweather was being assisted to the back after the match, Dane went through the crowd and continued attacking Mayweather and dragged him back towards the ring, slamming him face-first into the steel steps before trapping his legs in the ring skirt. Dane grabs a turnbuckle from under the ring and smashes Mayweather’s knee with it a couple of times and tells the referee that he’s cashing in his Champions Series title shot.

NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Anthony Mayweather (c) vs. Jax Dane

Mayweather can barely get up on his feet before Dane hits his big clothesline for the pin and the quick win.

Winner: Jax Dane by pinfall in 30 seconds, to become NEW NWA National Heavyweight Champion

Kyle Davis tries to get a word with Dane after, but he just tells Davis to announce him as the new National Heavyweight Champion.

NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship: The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) (c) vs. Pretty Empowered (Kenzie Page & Ella Envy)

Marti Belle and Kenzie Page start the match, with Belle hitting a quick side headlock to take her down. They run the ropes, and transition into a pin attempt before Belle tags in Allysin Kay. The Hex hit a couple double team moves they call The Hex Express, as Kay gets a two count. Page tries to fight back, but Kay grabs her and hits a backbreaker for a two. As the referee is distracted, Page and Ella Envy try twin magic, but Kay doesn’t fall for it and pushes Envy to the outside before catching Page behind her and hitting a fall-away slam for a two-count. Belle comes in as The Hex hits a series of moves ending with a penalty kick for a two. Page kicks Belle off and tags in Envy, as they double team on Belle now keeping her in their corner. Envy hits a cannonball in the corner and gets a two-count. Belle fights out and tries to make the tag, but Envy drags her back down by the hair. Page and Belle start exchanging chops and strikes, but Page gets the upper hand. Belle fights out and tries the tag again, but Envy tags in and they double team Belle, until Belle ducks and Envy takes Page out with a roundhouse kick. Belle finally makes the tag to Kay who clotheslines Envy down followed by The Hex hitting Hex Marks the Spot, as Kay pins Envy for the win.

Winners: The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) by pinfall at 7:09, to retain

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship: Colby Corino vs. Darius Lockhart vs. Homicide vs. Austin Aries

Before the match, the referee unveils the brand new Junior Heavyweight Championship which has the initials for Buddy Rogers and Ken Fenelon (the first-ever champion). This is a fatal four-way final for the vacant championship which has been inactive since 2017, with a tournament that took place on their new YouTube show NWA USA. Homicide is celebrating his birthday and comes out with a ‘Free Cain’ shirt as he starts the match going face to face with Austin Aries, before they toss Lockhart and Corino to the outside and challenge each other to hit dives to the outside, which they do. Homicide and Aries take it back inside, before Homicide shoulder tackles Aries off the apron, but gets stopped by Corino with a spear as he teased a dive. Lockhart comes right back with a dive on Corino before they both go and hit dives to the outside. Corino and Lockhart take it back inside, where Corino hits a couple knees and a twisting dive, but Lockhart takes him quickly down with a hard clothesline. Aries and Homicide come in and start testing each other again, attacking their opponents with stomps and chops in the corner. Corino tries a sharpshooter on Lockhart, but Homicide tries to break it up, before Aries puts Homicide into the Last Chancery, as both submissions are on until they reach the ropes. Corino and Aries go face to face, as Corino says he’s sick and tired of being compared to Aries and Aries calls Corino ‘a 2005 Austin Aries’. Corino hits a spinning tombstone, but Homicide breaks it up. Corino and Homicide hit a double backslide, but Lockhart twists them into a pin attempt, but the referee tells them their shoulders aren’t on the mat in that position. Aries and Lockhart go at it, but Lockhart stops him with a boot in the corner but misses the running knee. Aries comes back with a running dropkick and a brainbuster, but Homicide breaks up the pin. Homicide goes for the Cop Killer on Aries, but Aries gets out and hits another running dropkick and tries the brainbuster, but Homicide gets out and hits a cutter, followed by the Cop Killer on Corino for the pin.

Winner: Homicide by pinfall at 9:39, to become NEW NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion

Shiny New Toy

Kyle Davis introduces Trevor Murdoch to the podium, who says Murdoch isn’t cleared to wrestle tonight. Murdoch isn’t happy about what’s going on, but says Nick Aldis has to take out Matt Cardona as ‘nobody’s bigger than NWA’. Murdoch then says Aldis didn’t even take one minute and stepped over Murdoch to get a title shot, and to say he’s okay with that, is a bunch of horse shit. Murdoch says he needs to move on to Cardona and says Cardona took everything from him and for the last year and a half, he has either chased that title or been champion. Once Cardona bounced his head on the concrete, his whole world changed, then Cardona went on every podcast and talked shit about him and buried this company to make Murdoch seem like the most worthless individual in this business. Murdoch tells Cardona he’s coming to kick his ass but says the whole time Cardona was chasing him, the fans cheered him on. Murdoch says he isn’t the shiny new toy anymore and he’s been fired from everywhere before, but if he’s going to get fired from here it’s going to be on his terms. Murdoch tells the fans to look at the main event and see who to cheer for because, at the end of the day, they both will have to face him.

NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille (c) vs. Kylie Rae vs. Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green starts the match trying to fight off both women and clotheslines Kamille over the top rope. Kylie Rae fights her off and hits a dropkick for a two-count. Rae picks up Green, but she rakes her eyes to get out and gets dragged to the outside by Kamille. Kamille creeps up behind Rae and takes her down with a suplex for a two count. Kamille follows with a gut wrench suplex, but Green tries to sneak in and get the pin on Rae, before getting tossed back to the outside. Rae keeps Kamille in the corner and whips her to the other side, but Kamille fights off and hits a big boot for a two count as Green breaks it up. Green goes to the top rope and hits a double dropkick taking both Rae and Kamille down, getting a two count on Rae. Green stays in control and hits a double elbow drop for a two count, before tossing Kamille into the corner. Rae comes back and puts Green in a crossface, before tripping Kamille and putting on a double crossface. Kamille and Rae go to the top rope before Green joins them up there. Kamille knocks Green down, but she gets back up as they hit a superplex/powerbomb. Green tries to pin them both but gets frustrated as they kick out. All three start chopping each other, as Rae gets a high five from Kamille before super kicking her down. Kamille gets back up and hits the Radio Silence on Green, but she grabs the rope for the three count. Kamille puts Green in the torture rack, but the leg takes down the referee Scott Wheeler, as Kamille slams Green down and has no one to make the three count. Rae ducks and Kamille spills over to the outside. Rae hits the TKO on Green, as the referee slowly makes the count, and Green kicks out at the last second. As Rae is arguing with the referee about the count, Kamille runs in and hits Rae with her spear for the pin and the win.

Winner: Kamille by pinfall at 12:01, to retain

Thom Latimer comes in the ring and makes out with Kamille, as commentary questions where Chris Adonis is as there’s been dissension lately in Strictly Business.

NWA World Television Championship: Tyrus (c) vs. Rodney Mack

Austin Idol comes out with Tyrus but gets on the microphone and says tonight he will let Tyrus lose and go out there on his own. They start the match going face to face, before going into boxing stances. Rodney Mack catches Tyrus in the corner and delivers a couple body shots. Tyrus tries to trap Mack in the corner, but he gets out and drops another punch. Mack drops Tyrus down with more punches, before trapping him in the ropes, but Tyrus grabs him and tosses him twice into the ring post. Mack tries to fight back, but Tyrus stays in control and hits an exploder suplex followed by a splash in the corner for a one-count. Mack fights his way out and takes Tyrus down on the mat with punches, but Tyrus comes back with a suplex for another one count, before dropping an elbow drop for another one. Tyrus heads to the top rope, but Mack is able to get up and meet him there where he hits a superplex. Mack crawls over for the cover, but Tyrus puts his foot on the ropes. Tyrus comes right back and hits the Heart Punch for the pin.

Winner: Tyrus by pinfall at 8:14, to retain

It’s Not Okay, May

May Valentine is backstage with Aron Stevens and asks him as a friend if he’s ok. Stevens asks what he is ok with, as there are so many things going on. Stevens says he’s not ok with the NWA as he’s not in the finals for the Crockett Cup because he was with that ‘Blue mess’, and it’s not okay, May. Valentine asks if he’s going to be a singles competitor, but Stevens doesn’t know as he can be a lot of things like a stunt double, as he’s someone who’s transcended entertainment as we know it. Valentine asks him who he thinks is going to win the Crockett Cup, but Stevens says he’s going to reinvent tag team wrestling and go at it alone and if anyone should be winning the Crockett Cup tonight, it should be him.

The Crockett Cup Finals: The Commonwealth Connection (Doug Williams & Harry Smith) vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)

Joe Galli is joined by David Crockett and the Pope on commentary for this match, as they replace Velvet Sky and Tim Storm. All four men shake hands before the match, as Doug Williams and Mark Briscoe start. Williams takes Mark right down on the mat, but Mark puts on head scissors. Williams gets out and attacks the knee of Mark, putting him into a surfboard-like submission. Jay tags in as he hits a clothesline on Williams, before keeping him in the Briscoes corner. Williams fights Mark off with a boot in the corner and a top rope European uppercut before tagging in Harry Smith. Smith hits a snap suplex and a body slam for a two-count. Smith tries to keep Mark in a submission move, but Mark fights out and tags out to Jay who knows Smith down with a big boot and goes for the Jay Driller, but Smith blocks it and hits a side suplex before tagging in Williams. Smith and Williams keep Jay in the corner, before Smith hits a powerslam and drops Williams on Jay with a senton for a two. Now they keep Jay in their corner, as Smith stomps and chokes him out with his boot, before delivering a bunch of headbutts. Williams tags in as they hit the wishbone on Jay, followed by a snap suplex for a two. Jay Briscoe is able to fight back and hit a dropkick before tagging in his brother. Smith joins Mark who hits chops and forearms, knocking Smith to the outside where Mark meets him with a dropkick through the ropes. As Smith goes back inside, Mark hits him with a flying chop off the top rope, followed by a Fisherman brainbuster for a two. Mark goes to the top rope, but Williams stops him. Jay takes out Williams, as Smith joins Mark on the top rope. Smith grabs Mark’s beard and hits a superplex for a two-count. Williams tags in and knocks Jay off the apron, before hitting a Tiger Driver on Mark for a two count. Jay comes in and knocks Williams with a big boot, before Smith runs in and all four men get laid out on the mat. Mark and Williams get on their feet and trade-off forearms, but Mark stops him with a suplex and tags in Jay. Jay hits a Death Valley Driver, as Mark hits the Froggy Bow, Jay goes for the cover, but Williams miraculously kicks out. Mark and Smith start fighting on the outside, as Jay tries to hit the Jay Driller on Williams. Smith hits Jay with a boot, and Williams hits a German Suplex for a two-count. All four men start brawling inside again, As Mark tosses Smith into Williams, followed by Jay hitting the Jay Driller on Williams, followed by Mark hitting another Froggy Bow and Jay covers Williams for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) by pinfall at 13:54, to win the 2022 Crockett Cup

All four men shake hands after the match before David Crockett presents the Crockett Cup to The Briscoes who raise it up and celebrate.

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Matt Cardona (c) vs. Nick Aldis (Special Guest Referee: Jeff Jarrett)

Matt Cardona comes out in an old-school robe, but with his skull logo all over it, as well as a Razor Ramon-inspired elbow pad. Jeff Jarrett explains the rules by saying ‘ya’ll know the damn rules, and these people came here to see a classic NWA title match’ before telling them to do their part and he’ll do his. Cardona attacks Aldis before the bell rings, but as the match starts, Aldis comes back with a Thesz Press and punches as Cardona escapes to the outside for a breather. Cardona slowly gets in at 7 and Aldis is there to greet him with chops and ten punches in the corner. Cardona stops him with knees in the corner, but Aldis dodges his missile dropkick and clotheslines Cardona to the outside. Cardona goes to the commentary table and gives Tim Storm a middle finger, rolls in the ring to break the count but goes back outside, grabs the NWA Championship, and starts heading to the back. Jeff Jarrett stops the count, grabs a microphone, and says he won’t count Cardona out. As Cardona is refusing to go in, Tim Storm goes behind him and tosses him back in the ring. Cardona tries to go to the back again, but this time Aldis runs after him and throws him into the barricade. They continue to fight in the aisle way, before Aldis tosses Cardona into the crowd where Aldis drops Cardona face-first into the bleachers. Cardona drags Aldis in the entrance and slams him into the podium before shoving off Jarrett, but Aldis hits a back body drop on Cardona, followed by a suplex on the stage. They head back towards the ring, as Cardona drives Aldis into the ring post followed by a side Russian Leg Sweep into the barricade. Cardona screams that Aldis is nothing and hits a DDT to Aldis on the concrete floor. Cardona tosses Aldis back inside and attacks him in the corner. Cardona takes his wrist tape off and tries to choke Aldis with it, but Jarrett stops him. They go back and forth for a bit, until Cardona puts Aldis into a sleeper hold, but Aldis leaves his arm up at the third try. Aldis fights out and hits a back body drop as the crowd starts getting behind Aldis. Cardona gets back in control and does the Fargo strut right in front of Jarrett before Aldis takes Cardona down with a clothesline. They trade off forearms, but Aldis comes back with a pair of clotheslines and a Michinoku Driver for a two count. As Aldis picks Cardona up, Cardona hits a Code Breaker and tries a Figure Four. Aldis reverses into a small cradle, and then transitions into a Figure Four of his own. Cardona goes to grab the rope, but Jarrett kicks his hand. Cardona moves out of the corner and hits the Unprettier on Aldis, but he kicks out at two. Cardona goes and grabs the NWA championship, but Jarrett gets in between them. Aldis ducks it and hits the Tombstone, goes to the top rope, and hits the flying elbow drop, but Cardona kicks out at two. Aldis grabs the title now, but Jarrett takes it away. As Jarrett is putting it away, Cardona hits a low blow, the ReBoot, and the Radio Silence, but Aldis kicks out at two. Aldis catches a running Cardona and tosses him over the rope to the outside. VSK and Mike Knox run out to check on Cardona, but Doug Williams and Harry Smith run out to take them out. VSK goes in the ring, but Jarrett punches him and tosses him to the outside. Chelsea Green comes into the ring and hits a low blow on Jarrett. Mickie James runs in and tosses Green to the outside. Cardona goes for another Radio Silence, but Aldis grabs him, powerbomb, and puts on the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf. As Cardona is tapping out, Jarrett calls for the bell. Aldis is celebrating as if he won the championship, but Jarrett tells Kyle Davis that he actually disqualified Aldis thinking Mickie James delivered the low blow, so he raises Cardona’s hand as the winner.

Winner: Matt Cardona by disqualification at 21:13, to retain

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