Thunder Rosa addresses criticism of her and Britt Baker bleeding during their Steel Cage match

New AEW Women's World Champion Thunder Rosa speaks about her title win and Cody and Brandi Rhodes departing AEW

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Rosa talks about the online reaction to the Steel Cage match between herself and Britt Baker.

Headlining the 3/16 episode of AEW Dynamite St. Patrick’s Day Slam was Thunder Rosa challenging Britt Baker for the AEW Women’s World Title. The match took place one year removed from their Unsanctioned Lights Out match at the same AEW special.

Rosa bested Baker in a Steel Cage match to become the fifth Women’s Champion in AEW history. She spoke to NBC Sports Boston about some of the social media reactions to the match and the criticism she and Baker received for bleeding during their bout along with it being described as ‘violent’.

She stressed that things are changing when it comes to how women perform in the ring and they are no longer going to be viewed as the ‘popcorn match’. She then discussed her special entrance on 3/16 and looked back on Brock Lesnar’s mocking of Mariachi bands during his feud with Eddie Guerrero and how that resonated with her.

Everybody’s gonna criticize no matter what. I mean, even on Wednesday, people were criticizing. ‘Why are you guys — why is there so much blood? Why is there so much? Why are you so violent? Why is this? Why is that?’ It’s like people are programmed a certain way and they have been programmed for professional wrestling for decades a certain way because of how things have been handled before. I can’t tell you how much I read about me bringing the Mariachi and I remember Brock Lesnar making fun of Eddie Guerrero with that and that hurts, because they were making fun of my culture before and on Wednesday, I represented our culture properly, with honor and with respect, because people were, ‘Oh, Mariachi, fun.’ Let’s make fun of Mexicans. No, it’s like I’m saying, it’s the same with women. People used to make fun of us all the time. We used to be the popcorn match all the time, because that was how people have been programmed for so long, you know? Not anymore. Not anymore. We’re working really, really hard guys. You guys can criticize us all you want but we’re working really hard and every single company I feel, because we’re changing things little by little and I’ll tell you, myself, I’m taking that to a next level. I run a women’s promotion on purpose so like, so people can see, we’re not a popcorn match. Every single match is a banger, you know? And I have one exhibition match and that’s the men’s match, on purpose, you know? [Rosa laughed] So, like I said, give us time. It’s gonna happen.

In February, Cody and Brandi Rhodes announced that they were leaving All Elite Wrestling. Rosa worked closely with Cody on the Community Outreach team and said it was nice to see that side of him. She wishes both of them the best and understands that people have to do what they have to do.

I was shocked honestly. I really respect Cody and Brandi [Rhodes on] a personal level. But you know, people have to do what they have to do, right? I sent them a really nice message and I sent a message to both of them and I was a little sad that they were gone because Cody was always — he’d always receive me with a smile and we used to do Community Outreach together so he’s the one who I contacted — actually, it was my husband who contacted him — to get me on the Community Outreach and again, it’s just like, it was really sweet to see that part of him and the relationship that he had with the fans. The same with Brandi. She always was like that with ‘Heels’ and she was always very active with that stuff so, when people leave, we have to, again, be flexible and some people have to take roles that people left open for it so I wish them nothing but the best and for me, it was a pleasure to work with both of them, definitely.

It was reported by PWInsider over the weekend that Cody has signed with WWE. The site noted that he officially joined the company over a week ago.

Rosa is the current Warrior Wrestling Women’s Champion, but on 4/23, she’ll be appearing at their event to relinquish the title.

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