MLW Fusion Report: Mads Krugger vs. Jacob Fatu in a Stairway to Hell match

Photo Courtesy: MLW

MLW Fusion #138

March 24th, 2022

Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, NC

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

Killer Kross vs. Budd Heavy

Killer Kross makes his return to MLW after a very short stint he did back in February 2020, right before he went to NXT. Kross has his hair grown out, no facial hair, and no Scarlett Bordeaux by his side. Kross slowly goes to Heavy and tells him to give him his best show, which Heavy does and it doesn’t phase Kross. Kross asks him to do it again, which only makes Kross laugh and quickly takes Heavy down with a big boot and clotheslines and forearms in the corner. Kross hits an elbow, a big boot in the corner, and a Doomsday Saito Suplex. As Heavy slowly gets up, Kross takes him out with a forearm to the back of the head that he calls The Quickening. Kross follows with more forearms to a downed Heavy, until the referee calls off the match.

Winner: Killer Kross by referee stoppage at 2:23

After the match, the crowd chants for one more as Kross hits him with another Saito Suplex.

Great Taco Stand

We go to a video from last night of The Von Erichs bumping into Kerry & Ricky Morton. Ricky asks how Kevin is doing and says he loved the good times with them and questions what happened to Marshall’s knee that’s all wrapped up, as Marshall tells him they got jumped by 5150. Ricky points them all to the stadium behind them and the history he made there with some of the greatest wrestlers in the world and mentions a great taco stand that’s around here.

Inaugural Women’s Featherweight Champion

We got a video from the MLW Insider that the inaugural MLW Women’s Featherweight Champion will be crowned this summer. MLW has been talking to promoters and some of the best female athletes in the world as the road to the championship begin soon.

Getting Hammered

We see Richard Holliday walking backstage and he bumps into Mister Saint Laurent who was talking to Biff Lawson (shout out Biff!) Holliday congratulates Laurent on Microman, and Laurent says he’s working on ‘Micro coffee’ using ‘Micro coffee beans’ and he needs Holliday’s endorsement. Holliday says that’s fantastic and continues down the hall and bumps into one of Cesar Duran’s henchmen. Holliday tells the henchmen to loosen up before heading down to the ring.

As Holliday is making his way out, he gets attacked by Alex Hammerstone who sends him to the back. The henchman gets in Hammerstone’s way, so Hammerstone tosses him through the door and outside.

Los Parks Concina

“Greetings my friends. We opened this restaurant for the gringos. Why? Because the gringos do not know how to eat unlike masculine, physical specimens like me and my sons, you are all fat and dumb. Very sad. Word, pops. We are going to serve good food! You are going to be fit and not fat! Mexican food! In the best restaurant! Respect. So, come to Los Park’s Cantina”

They get interrupted by a gentleman with a sandwich who says that it’s gluten-free and not good. LA Park takes it and smashes in the guy’s face as he and his sons put the boots to him and say;

“Eat it you idiot, eat it!!! Protein! For your enormous ass! Eat! Eat! You fat ass! Savor the good protein. Mmm yes. Do not come to tell me that we do not sell good food here. Eat it!!! Humble apologies. Understand we are here to serve you. Please rate us on Yelp.”

Gangrel vs. Gnarls Garvin

Garvin gets on the microphone before the match and says he’s the best fighter in all the south and he came to MLW with a few promises given to him that haven’t been met. He came here for fights and all he’s gotten so far are dumb stupid pansies, so asks them to send him someone to hang with him, as Gangrel makes his way out. Gangrel is making his return to MLW after his one and only appearance at MLW War Games back in September 2018. They start trading punches, with Garvin sending Gangrel to the outside. Gangrel hits a couple of headbutts and chops, but Garvin hangs with him and gives it right back. They go back inside, where Gangrel hits a twisting elbow drop before Garvin comes back with an atomic drop and a dropkick. They head back outside, where Gangrel grabs the sickle he came out with and uses it to cut Garvin’s forehead wide open as the match goes to commercial.

When we come back, Garvin is bleeding a bunch as we hear a dubbed-over voice on commentary that mentions this match is now a no disqualification match as Cesar Duran revels in the chaos he creates. Gangrel keeps Garvin in the corner with clotheslines and a running bulldog. Garvin comes back with clotheslines and a body slam but misses a running crossbody on the ropes and flies to the outside. They continue to fight outside, as the dubbed voice reminds everybody about the no DQ and now no count-outs. Garvin sends Gangrel back inside and tries to go to the top rope but gets knocked down. Gangrel bites Garvin’s forehead, but Garvin knocks him down and tries a splash, as Gangrel moves out of the way and hits the Impaler DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Gangrel by pinfall at 10:35

The Lock on the Open Door

We go to Cesar Duran who is on the phone in his office and gets interrupted by TJP. TJP introduces himself as the lock on his open-door policy and says he’s bored by carrying all these crayon-eating indie darlings when he could be carrying something so much more and says this waistline could use an accessory. EJ Nduka comes into the office and listens, as Duran says TJP’s victory over Buddy Matthews was impressive and he will give him a title shot and sign the papers tonight. Nduka interrupts and says nobody is getting a title shot before him as 5150 spray painted him, and he doesn’t look like someone who gets spray painted. Duran likes that idea of him fighting 5150 but asks who Nduka’s partner is. Nduka says he doesn’t need a partner and if he did, he wouldn’t tell Duran. Duran likes that idea, as one of his henchmen hands him a note. Duran reads it and excuses himself and runs out of the office screaming something about Hammerstone and Holliday.

We go to Richard Holliday who is running frantically downstairs, before getting stopped by Mister Saint Laurent. Alex Hammerstone creeps up from behind Holliday, rips his shirt off as Holliday escapes.

MLZ Azteca Underground Control Center

·       Azteca Apocalypto Match: LA Park vs. Jacob Fatu

·       Mexican Lumberjack Match: Aramis vs. Gino Medina

·       Mini Abismo, Arez & a mystery partner vs. El Dragon, Microman & Aerostar

This TV taping will be on Friday, April 1st at Gilley’s in Dallas, Texas.

Next Week

·       MLW World Tag Team Championship: 5150 (c) vs. EJ Nduka and a mystery partner

We go back to Cesar Duran’s office, as Savio Vega sneaks his way in while nobody is in there. Vega starts going through Duran’s stuff and pockets a stack of bills. He knocks on some luggage, as Microman comes out of it. Microman whispers something in Vega’s ears and Vega seems concerned before leaving with Microman as they are up to something.

Stairway to Hell Match: Mads Krugger vs. Jacob Fatu

This match is basically a ladder match with the items held up being two weapons chosen by Krugger and Fatu, with Krugger’s being a South African war club and Fatu having a barbed-wire-covered Kendo stick. Right away Fatu grabs a ladder, but Krugger dives into him on the outside. Krugger tosses Fatu into the barricade, before heading up the ladder and grabbing his war club. Fatu comes in and knocks the ladder with Krugger on it down and hits Krugger with a Samoan drop. Fatu tosses Krugger into the ring post before grabbing the ladder, placing it on the ropes, and body-slamming Krugger. Fatu tosses the ladder onto Krugger and hits a springboard moonsault onto the ladder and Krugger. Fatu starts climbing the ladder, but Krugger grabs him and powerbombs him off the ladder. They go to the outside where Krugger grabs a steel chair and smacks Fatu’s back with it. Krugger sends Fatu back inside and throws in another chair. Krugger tries to whip Fatu into a ladder in the corner but gets reversed and whipped into it by Fatu instead. Fatu goes back up the ladder, as Krugger joins him but gets knocked down as Fatu finally grabs his barbed wire cane. Fatu starts hitting Krugger with the cane before a final shot to the head as they go to the commercial.

When we come back, Fatu hits a running hip attack in the corner to Krugger, sets up a chair on top of him, grabs another chair, and hits a Coast to Coast to Krugger in the corner for a two count. Fatu goes and grabs his cane and smacks Krugger over the head again, as Krugger is now busted open. The crowd chants for tables as Fatu goes and grabs one under the ring and tosses it inside. Fatu goes to set the table up, but Krugger gets up and tries to chokeslam Fatu into the table. Fatu escapes and hits a couple of superkicks knocking Krugger onto the table and starts climbing the ladder. Krugger joins him at the top of the ladder, and they start punching each other until Krugger hits a superplex from the top of the ladder onto the table. They roll on to each other and both get two counts. They get up as Fatu hits a superkick and a swinging uranage for a two count. Ikuro Kwon makes his way to ringside and distracts Fatu, tossing the war club into the ring for Krugger to pick it up and smack Fatu with it followed by a front Full Nelson slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Mads Krugger by pinfall at 14:32

Krugger gets on the mic and says that on this day, CONTRA is reborn, and he will recreate it in his image. Fatu gets back up and smacks Krugger in the back with a chair before brawling with Kwon. Security and officials run out and separate them all, dragging Fatu to the back.

We go to Alex Hammerstone who is backstage still looking for Richard Holliday and finally finds him as they start brawling. Hammerstone rips Holliday’s pants and shoes off as Holliday makes an escape to the outside and jumps into a limo that Alicia Atout is in. Hammerstone starts chasing it as the limo drives off.

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