GCW: One Night Only – Joey Janela vs. Ninja Mack from The Roxy in L.A.

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GCW: One Night Only
Thursday, March 24, 2022, The Roxy Theatre, Los Angeles, California

By: Jon Pine

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations
Kevin Blackwood vs. Mike Bailey
BUSSY vs. Gangsta Party
Jai Vidal vs. Blake Christian

Singles Match: Kevin Blackwood vs. Mike Bailey

The two men shake hands, the bell rings and we are underway as they wrestle to a standstill, they regroup and Mike Bailey starts working over Blackwood’s arms. Bailey hits a flurry of kicks sending Blackwood to the floor and continues his offense hitting a moonsault that laid out Blackwood. Blackwood was able to recover from the onslaught and was able to land some stiff strikes and chops, Bailey was eventually able to stop Blackwood’s momentum landing a kick right to his heart, he hits a running corkscrew for a two count. They once again met each other in the center of the ring as they traded forearms, which kicked off an incredible striking spree by Kevin Blackwood. Blackwood is on the cusp of being a big-time indy talent and next week at The Collective is when he can fully cement that status. Blackwood hits a series of German suplexes, he goes for another one but Bailey grabs the rope and went to the apron where he hit double knees, he climbs to the top rope but Blackwood hits him in the stomach with a kick and connects with some vicious strikes but Bailey was able to power through and preserve downing Blackwood with a strike to the ribs followed by a top rope double knee moonsault for the victory.

Mike Bailey Defeated Kevin Blackwood

Singles Match: Jack Cartwheel vs. Nick Wayne

They also start the match with a handshake as they go right into a series of chain wrestling escapes, They trade a series of near falls, hit dueling kip ups as the crowd goes crazy for these two incredible athletes. Cartwheel backs Wayne into the corner and lays in a series of hard chops, Wayne is doubled over but is able to escape the corner landing a chop of his own, and sends Cartwheel into the other corner to continue working him over. They engage in various unbelievable high-flying offense, the crowd is on their feet for the entirety of the match, Nick Wayne hit a cutter but Cartwheel is able to power through the pain and hits him with a powerbomb. They hit dueling poison ranas as the crowd chants ‘This is awesome.’ Cartwheel hits a handstand elbow followed by a Sasuke Special, goes for a corkscrew shooting star press but Wayne kicks out. Wayne is on the stage, runs dives over the top rope, and hits a cutter, followed by another top rope cutter for the victory. A very fun closing sequence.

Nick Wayne Defeated Jack Cartwheel

Singles Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Sandra Moone

The crowd goes absolutely nuts for both of these athletes, they soak in the adulation of the crowd for a moment until they start trading a series of nearfalls, wrestling to a stalemate to the delight of the crowd. Sandra hits Jimmy with a back suplex and hammers away on Lloyd’s skull for a two count. Her advantage doesn’t last long as she’s cut off by Jimmy Lloyd who lands a series of strikes and proceeds to slow down the pace of the match eventually hitting a shoulder block for a two count. Sandra then goes on the offensive stunning Jimmy Lloyd and riling up the crowd with her flurry of strikes; Moone tries to go for a sliced bread but Lloyd cuts her off and hits a tombstone for another two-count. Sandra hits a destroyer, Lloyd goes to the floor where he’s caught with a running DDT, she rolls Lloyd back into the ring but only gets a two count for her efforts. Jimmy hits a sit-out Muscle Buster followed by a stiff superkick and piledriver for the victory.

Jimmy Lloyd Defeated Sandra Moone

Singles Match: Matthew Justice vs. Dark Sheik

Sheik hits a series of dropkicks to Justice who bailed to the outside of the ring to retrieve a chair, he charges back into the ring with the chair but it ends up getting kicked into his own face. Justice is busted open from the chair to the face, Sheik jumps off the top rope but Justice returns the favor by throwing the chair at her head. Sheik bails to the stage and Justice keeps beating her down with the chair, he throws two doors into the ring, Justice delivers a Razor’s Edge which elicits a Scott Hall chant. Justice bridges a door between the ring and a chair, Sheik puts Justice through the door when she hits a top rope leg drop. Sheik suplexed Matthew Justice onto an open chair for a two count, Justice escapes to the stage while Sheik attempts to set up another door in the ring, before she can place the door Justice hits a running dive smashing the door into Sheik’s head, Sheik was able to hit double knees putting Justice through the door once again. Justice lays Sheik out with a spear followed by a death valley driver through the chair, he climbs to the top rope and hits a splash for the victory.

Matthew Justice Defeated Dark Sheik

Tag Team Match: BUSSY (Effy and Allie Katch) vs. Gangsta Party (B-Boy and Lil Cholo)

Cholo and Katch start off the match with a series of arm wringers and reversals, Katch grounds Cholo and tags in Effy. B-Boy starts chopping Effy in the chest but it only fires up Effy who lays in a series of strikes; goes to the apron but gets caught with a punch to the face, B-Boy tags in Cholo who picks up where B-Boy left off. Cholo hits a delayed verticle suplex, B-Boy tags back in and kisses Effy on the mouth, completely shocking the crowd and commentary. Effy hits Cholo with a bridging suplex for a two count and makes the hot tag to Allie Katch who runs wild with a series of cannonballs to both members of Gangsta Party. Katch hits a double bridging suplex for a two count. Gangsta Party eventually cuts off Katch’s offensive and beats her down a little bit but Effy was able to return to the ring to make the save. B-Boy climbs to the top rope, Effy follows him but he gets pushed to the floor, Katch returns to the ring and starts to beat up B-Boy but Cholo is able to stifle her momentum but they are only able to get a two count. Katch flips off Gangsta Party, distracting them long enough for Effy to jump them from behind. Katch hooks in a Boston Crab, Effy hits a blockbuster and wrenches back and gets the submission victory.

BUSSY Defeated Gangsta Party

Singles Match: Jai Vidal vs. Blake Christian

The crowd is chanting for both of these men as the match gets underway with Blake quickly gaining the advantage. The pace picks up quickly as Blake Christian starts landing strikes and kicks to the younger competitor; Vidal isn’t intimidated by the offensive onslaught and is able to land some strikes on Christian. Christian runs Jai into the corner and starts landing some chops and slowing the pace down as Christian starts to pick away at Jai’s arms and shoulders. Christian engages in some small joint manipulation which left Jai writhing in pain in the center of the ring; despite the pain, Jai was able to fire up and beat down Christian for a short bit of time. Jai climbs to the top rope but he gives Christian too much time to recover as he countered the top rope maneuver into a casadora followed by a standing frog splash. Christian connects with a superkick which sends Jai to the floor; Christian hits a flipping stage dive taking Vidal out on the floor, he rolls Vidal back into the ring and locks in a submission move but Vidal is able to get to the ropes. Christian hits a release German Suplex followed by a neckbreaker maneuver for the victory.

Blake Christian Defeated Jai Vidal

Singles Match: Eli Everfly vs. Juicy Finau

Everfly has the speed advantage but Juicy has the size and strength advantage, Everfly got planted in the center of the ring with a massive powerslam followed by a headbutt. Juicy backs Eli into the corner and tees off on his chest with overhand chops. Eli is briefly able to ground Juicy with a ‘rana followed by a sliced bread on the apron, he follows that up with a twisting senton laying Juicy out once again. Eli climbs onto the stage and goes for a flip dive but gets powerbombed onto the stage by Juicy. Juicy tossed Eli back into the ring and hit Eli with three consecutive leg drops. Juicy hits Eli with a delayed vertical suplex for another two-count, Juicy hits the people’s elbow, Juicy Elbow, Juicy places Eli on the top rope but Eli rakes Juicy’s eyes and hits the sliced bread number two. Both men are laying in the center, Eli spits in Juicy’s face but Juicy lays in vicious strikes with his massive hands. Juicy hits a Tonga Drop for a two count, Eli hits a series of kicks to the head as they once again are both laid out in the center of the ring. Both men roll out of the ring, Juicy grabs two chairs and chokeslams Eli through the two open chairs onto the stage. Juicy Finau hits the Rikishi driver for the victory.

Juicy Finau Defeated Eli Everfly

Sean Waltman joined the commentary team for the main event.

Singles Match: Ninja Mack vs. Joey Janela

Ninja Mack bows to Janela and Janela kicks him in the head and starts to beat down Ninja Mack in the corner. Joey can’t match Ninja’s quickness as he quickly gets locked into a chokehold, Joey is able to break free and bails to the floor where he is once again taken out by a flying Ninja Mack. Joey is able to ground Ninja Mack as he locks in a body scissors and beats upon Mack’s head, he continues to work over Mack with body slams and kicks. Joey went for a moonsault but Mack was able to roll out of the way and hit a cutter for a two count. Ninja postures to the crowd but he gets hit in the head and hits an avalanche back suplex, Janela sets up a door in the corner, Ninja Mack hits a springboard Sasuke Special followed by a 450 for a near fall. Mack went for another one but Janela got his knees up and he sent Mack flying through the door, Janela hits a fisherman buster for a two count. Both men trade fists on the floor, Janela hits a piledriver on the apron, rolls Mack back into the ring, and hits a massive Package Piledriver for a two count. The crowd chants ‘You can’t beat him’ towards Janela, Janela hits a spinning backfist and elbow and two superkicks and sets up a door in the center of the ring. Janela gets caught with a kick and Mack lays him on the door and hits a 630, Mack goes coast to coast but was cut off in mid-air by a steel chair, Janela hits the X-Factor, but gets caught in a chokehold and passes out.

Ninja Mack Defeated Joey Janela 

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