STARDOM World Climax – Night 1 Report: Syuri vs. Giulia, KAIRI returns

Karen Peterson reviews Stardom's first night of World Climax with Syuri vs. Giulia for the World of Stardom title, and the return of KAIRI.

Photo Courtesy: STARDOM

STARDOM World Climax – Night 1: Syuri vs. Giulia, Saya Kamitani vs. Hayashishit, KAIRI returns

By: Karen Peterson

English Commentary Available! – Stewart Fulton is back on play-by-play with Stardom analyst Sonny Gutierrez on color commentary. On Japanese commentary, Haruo Murata (play-by-play) is joined by Makoto Oe (color commentary). Bushiroad Voice Actresses and Revue Starlight cast members, Aina Aiba (RS: Claudine Saijo; black skirt) and Maho Tomita (RS: Tendo Maya; gray skirt) participated as guest ring announcers and would join JP commentary for the show. 

On the Road to World Climax

2022 Cinderella Tournament Bracket Announced

A 30-participant field was announced for the three-stop series starting in April (a week removed from day two of the Stardom World Climax). At the time of the bracket announcement, Syuri and Kamitani were granted byes in the first round as the sitting champions. Their first tournament matches will be on April 17th, while everyone else will have matches on April 3rd. A complete match listing is available here

Hina returns to Queen’s Quest and wrestling activities having passed her high school entrance examination for her top choice school. The Cinderella Tournament will be her official return match. 

DDM Defends Artists of Stardom Championship

At Korakuen Hall on March 13th, DDM defended their championships against Queen’s Quest (Lady C, Saya Kamitani & Utami Hayashishita). Maika would lay out Lady C with the Michinoku Driver II and pin her for MaiHimePoi’s sixth successful defense (18:43). Cosmic Angels (Nakano-Shirakawa-Unagi) would challenge next as the former Artists of Stardom Champions are determined to keep their longest consecutive defense record intact at seven. MaiHimePoi defeated the trio back in October 2021, to stop their winning streak at seven successful defenses. 

Thekla Defends SWA Championship

At Nagoya International Conference Center on March 21st, Thekla (DDM) successfully defended her SWA Championship for the second time against OedoTai’s Ruaka.  (10:58) No new challenger has been announced yet. 

Syuri & Giulia Prepare to Part Ways?!

When Syuri finally completed her journey to the World of Stardom Championship before her own ALIKABA (Alto Livello KABALIWAN) tag team partner and founder of Donna del Mondo, Giulia, it was complex emotions all around. DDM seconded her at ringside at Queendom, and celebrated Syuri’s win together. However, I had a gut feeling that I had when Giulia was revealed as the Masked Assailant that grew exponentially when Prominence brought their old business into their former colleague’s new place of work. 

At the World Climax Press Conference, Giulia and Syuri were equally emotional, with both acknowledging that once their match at Ryogoku takes place, it is highly likely that they will not remain together because at the end of the day, everyone wants to be the best in Stardom and only one woman can stand at the top. Has Giulia’s desire to be the best in the world paired with her being forced out of the spotlight by someone she handpicked to join Stardom be the straw that will break the camel’s back and cause DDM to collapse?! 

What shocked me most in their final comments to one another after their last match teaming together as ALIKABA prior to World Climax, was Syuri’s declaration that she would be coming with a new bodyguard to the ring. It was unclear if it was to ensure that Giulia’s five evil exes in Prominence didn’t get involved in the match… or if Syuri no longer trusted her sister in arms in DDM. Also, it suggests that the bodyguard-to-be isn’t one of the other six members of DDM.


Last night, with mere hours before the bell Ryogoku Kokugikan, WH Park and I ran down both nights of the Stardom World Climax with our thoughts and predictions! Check it out and see the accuracy of our crystal ball! I might need to check my predictions ratios after this! Plus, we talk briefly chat about The Korakuen Hall 60th Birthday Celebration including The Joshi Dream Festival on April 15th (and The Golden 50th Anniversary Crossover: NJPW x AJPW on 4/16… NJPW, AJPW, GLEAT and MORE)!

Spoiler-Free Synopsis

  • Future of Stardom Championship – You hit the ones  you love the hardest – Worth a Watch
  • Golden Generation Singles Match – Powerhouse Queens ONLY – Recommended
  • 6-Woman Tag Gauntlet Match – Quick, blink and you miss it all!  – Worth a Watch
  • Donna del Mondo vs. Prominence – The Escalation Continues – Recommended
  • Goddesses of Stardom Tag Team Championship – Tag Defense, but make it High-Speed Class – Recommended
  • Pirate Princess Stardom Revival – Welcome home, KAIRI – Recommended
  • Wonder of Stardom Championship – Will AphroditE survive? – Recommended
  • World of Stardom Championship – Is ALIKABA truly caput? – Highly Recommended

Future of Stardom Championship – Hanan (STARS)© defeats Rina (OET) (7:05)

It’s sister versus sister, but both Hanan and Rina approached the match as “wrestler versus wrestler.” The judo roots of both sisters did show through as both fought more aggressively with one another than I’ve seen with others in recent memory. What I liked most about this match is that OedoTai let Rina handle the match on her own, with nearly the entire group seconding her in the blue corner. 

Hanan and Rina might have been “Oil and Water” in last year’s Goddesses Tag Tournament, but I am curious to see if their paths will reconverge one day, finding them aligned together. Although a short and sweet match, I really enjoyed it because we get to the continued growth of the younger talent. This was Hanan’s third successful championship defense.

Like tag partners knowing every single weakness, Hanan and Rina have that escalated sibling awareness, with answers for nearly every question the other posed throughout the match. I do like their individual character development over the course of the last year. I am curious to see how their third sister, Hina will factor in once she returns to QQ and Stardom next month. 

Next Challenger: Mai Sakurai (DDM) at Stardom World Climax ~ The Top ~ (Tomorrow!)

Golden Generation Singles Match: MIRAI defeats Saya Iida via Submission (10:23)

Note: On English commentary, it was stated that Stardom’s Golden Generation are Utami Hayashishita, Saya Kamitani, Maika, Himeka, Unagi Sayaka, Saya Iida & MIRAI. It seems that Rossy views these wrestlers as those who will lead Stardom in the future like Aikawa, Bito, Hojo, Iwatani, and Shirai did in the foundational years.

If you love gritty, no-frills, mat-based strong style with a heaping dose of fighting spirit– look no further. The beauty of this particular match is in its stripped-down simplicity, reminiscent of classic pro-wrestling. Knowing the backstories of both Iida and MIRAI, you can’t help cheer for both of them because both have overcome personal hardships to make their way to and to stay in Stardom.

While their match was shorter than I expected, there was certainly no lack of chops or lariats that made my chest hurt from over eight thousand miles away. MIRAI closes out the match by submitting Iida with Miramare (MIRAI’s variation of the Kimura Lock). Everyone else in Stardom is lucky that Iida and MIRAI are in separate units. If they were to tag, they could be a combination that is likely to be unstoppable in pure heart alone. 

Post-match the pair are all smiles, sportsmanship, and fist bumps, so I believe we have a new forever rival collision course starting up!

What’s Next? 

  • MIRAI faces the loser of Kamitani/Hayashishita tomorrow
  • Iida is in the Cinderella Rumble… and should clean house to win the entire thing. 

6-Woman Tag Gauntlet Match 

    • Queen’s Quest (Lady C, AZM, & Miyu Amasaki)
  • Donna Del Mondo (Natsupoi, Himeka, & Mai Sakurai) – WINNERS
  • OedoTai (Saki Kashima, Fukigen Death, & Ruaka)
  • Cosmic Angels/STARS (Mina Shirakawa & Waka Tsukiyama w/Momo Kohgo)

The match opened with Cosmic Angels (with STARS’ Kohgo) against OedoTai. Everyone got some offense in, but Kashima quickly nailed Tsukiyama with My Emblem to eliminate Cosmic Angels. (4:09) Queen’s Quest would emerge next to resume their endless war against OED. AZM led the charge with Lady C and the latest addition to the QQ ranks in Miyu Amasaki. AZM gets to work and pins Kashima with a bridge. (2:39) Donna del Mondo enter last, and we got a brief High-Speed Championship preview with AZM and Natsupoi. A good ole “everyone gets a move in” frenzy before Himeka drops Lacy C with the JP (Jumbo Princess) Coaster (3:10)

There were no real stakes for this match, other than the curious possibility of Cosmic Angels teaming with Kohgo. It was a fast-paced series of matches, where everyone got something in, and all of the pins were by the defacto team captains. Plus, we got to hear some of the really great, but not played often entrance themes. With the Cinderella Tournament in April, this was a great way to get a bunch of the women on the card without setting up convoluted storylines before it’s every woman for herself in the tournament next month. 

Some may skip this match, but it’s a great palate cleanser between all the harder-hitting, serious storylines Stardom has concurrently running at the moment. Wrestling can be fun. This gauntlet match was fun. I enjoyed it. 

What’s Next?

  • Check the full finalized match card below

Tag Match: Prominence (Risa Sera & Suzu Suzuki) defeats Donna del Mondo (Maika,/Thekla) (10:27) 

I was relieved when Thekla was announced to be Maika’s partner for this match, largely because of her history in Ice Ribbon and her familiarity with Risa and Susu. I did like the revelation was Thekla was approached by Prominence, but declined their invitation, choosing Giulia and Stardom instead of deathmatch wrestling as a member of their freelancer stable. 

Suzu’s continuously growing laundry list of Transgressions of Giulia also could have another line item. Remembering that Maika was the first member of DDM that Giulia recruited out of Just Tap Out shortly after leaving Ice Ribbon and abandoning Suzuki instead of taking Suzu with her or coming back for her. While they tangled a little bit at the beginning, the focus of the match quickly shifted to Receipts for Thekla, as Suzu concentrated all her frustration and energy on her former colleague. Eventually, Suzu pinned the SWA Champion with a deadlift German Suplex, taking one giant stride forward for Prominence in the war they are waging on Donna del Mondo. 

I have a feeling Suzu will be coming to collect that opportunity during the Cinderella Tournament next month as there are several additional tour stops along the way to the finals, with plenty of opportunities should she be able to convince Rossy that she deserves the shot. 

“I dunno if Giulia is going to show up tomorrow or not, but if she does, the real war begins…” 

– Suzu Suzuki (in-ring post-match promo)

I was not surprised to see the fifth member of Prominence, Kurumi Hiragi, joining Suzu and Risa as their second. She’s the one I’ve kept an eye on as she hasn’t had any matches in Stardom since Prominence’s invasion back in January. One of the biggest sticking points that Giulia made to Prominence was their choice to leave Ice Ribbon to be a hardcore deathmatch freelance stable, yet they’ve come to Stardom and they’re just wrestling regular matches– which they could still be doing if they stayed in Ice Ribbon.

Personally, I am not a hardcore deathmatch darling, and I don’t know if Stardom is the place for it either, but given Giulia’s track record of over the top spots (like in her Hair vs. Hair match against Tam last March), I am wondering if a deathmatch against Suzu will be the only way they’ll be able to bury the hatchet and move forward. 

What’s Next? 

  • All four will meet tomorrow in an 8-woman tag match for DDM vs. Prominence.
  • Mochi Miyagi and Akane Fujita of Prominence will join Suzuki & Sera
  • Himeka and the loser of Syuri/Giulia will squad up with DDM (and we all know who SHOULD be responsible)

Himeka joins Japanese commentary for the remainder of the show.

Goddesses of Stardom Tag Team Championship: Black Desire (Starlight Kid & Momo Watanabe) defeat FWC © (Hazuki & Koguma) (14:18)

When SLK and Momo Watanabe strolled in with brand new big match gear, I simply knew. I knew they were not only bringing the A Games, but they planned to absolutely dismantle the reigning Goddesses of Stardom Champions. With the combination of purple, blue, and neons, the quartet could easily become their own stable because standing side-by-side, they look like the opposite sides of the same coin.

With the influx of outside talent in the last few years, this was one of the rare occasions where all members of the match are Stardom originals. This match was a showcase of the workhorses of Stardom, the ones who have had to claw and scratch their way into the spotlight. While this was a clear babyfaces vs. heels match-up, I found myself cheering for everyone, unable to choose a side. The tag team chemistry and synchronicity were off the charts throughout the match, without a mismatch in talent, star power, or technical prowess. 

I wouldn’t have been mad had it ended in a draw, but as the tail end of the match saw OET resorting to dirty tactics to breakdown FWC with a lot of chair shots, it leaves the story open-ended for a road to redemption when the 12th Annual Goddesses of Stardom Tournament rolls around later this year. Black Desire humiliated the fallen champions by dumping water on their heads as they proudly wore their newly poached title belts. 

Momo Watanabe seals her legacy as The Black Peach with her first championship in OedoTai with a Black Thunder on Koguma for the win. She previously had a substantial reign with the Goddesses belts alongside Utami Hayashishita (November 2018- June 2019) with six successful defenses. At the time, she was also the Wonder of Stardom Champion with thirteen successful singles defenses, so could this be the launching point for 2021 Five Star Grand Prix Runner-up’s foray into the World of Stardom Championship mix well?

When The Black Peach announced that the Sky Tiger Shrouded in Darkness would be her tag partner, shortly after they previewed a tag move together, I knew that they would not only be poised for an eventual Goddesses of Stardom championship challenge but would fill the gaping hole left by ALIKABA. With the popularity of Dark Kid and Black Peach catching like wildfire since Watanabe’s defection to OedoTai, I honestly felt it was merely finding the right timing and opponents. 

It makes me wonder what Stardom has planned for Hazuki and Koguma for, when they go to the girls’ home prefecture of Fukuoka for their first big show in May. I wouldn’t want them to challenge again for the Goddesses Championship but have a special singles match against one another (without breaking up Fukuoka Double (W) Crazy).

What’s Next? 

  • Koguma will challenge for the High-Speed Championship against AZM © and Natsupoi
  • Hazuki & Momo Watanabe face one another in a Generation of Destiny Singles Match
  • Starlight Kid tries to make a name for herself by facing KAIRI in singles competition

Pirate Princess Stardom Revival: KAIRI & Mayu Iwatani (STARS) defeat Tam Nakano & Unagi Sayaka (Cosmic Angels) (17:36)

The promotional video about KAIRI’s voyage from Stardom to WWE and back home again put me in shambles. In preparation for her return, she cross-trained in multiple disciplines and before even stepping back into a Stardom ring, prepared two new moves: The Kraken Lock (a rolling leg lock takedown) and Cutlass (Spinning Back Fist). While Stardom continued to grow and thrive in her absence, KAIRI’s time in NXT and WWE helped bring many casual fans to Stardom largely due to her unyielding charisma and consistently outstanding performances. 

Unagi and Tam entered with their katana and halberd, and matching gear!! (By now, you know how much of a sucker I am for matching gear). While it was more Unagi adapting her outlandish Kabukimono-style to Tam’s with a sailor collar and some ruffles, I do appreciate the effort. I do with that Tam would have splashed a little neon or some animal print to return the favor. She did have some tufts of faux fur, but it blended into her costume rather seamlessly as the accents were white. They did use the Cosmic Angels’ Theme instead of Tam’s, another subtle move. 

“Don’t you dare chicken out now!” Tam screamed, pushing Unagi back into the center of the ring when she slowly backed away after the spinning back fist feint from KAIRI. 

While they’ve been apart for nearly five years, KAIRI and Mayu have that muscle memory synchronicity as they pick apart Unagi. Mayu continues her favorite hobby, by putting a little extra stink on every kick she bestows upon any member of Cosmic Angels, with Unagi in particular. The funny thing is that Mayu and Unagi match more – both with colorful fox spirit inspiration in their gear than they do with their own tag partners. As Team Yamaguchi (named after the west Japan prefecture where both Mayu and KAIRI hail) intentionally keeps Unagi in the ring and does just about anything to keep Tam from tagging in.

While Mayu has consistently been the mountain for Tam to scale in the last few years, but her desire to prove to herself and to KAIRI that she belongs in the top tier wrestler conversation, Tam might have just set KAIRI up as another mountain she’ll need to scale in her endless quest to prove her worth within Stardom. I feel like their moment in the ring together could lead to a singles match in the future because I don’t think either one is done with the other just yet. 

What I want for KAIRI in all of this is to become “The Legend Maker,” the one who helps mint the new stars and elevates those struggling to find their foothold within Stardom. Do I love seeing her with championships? Absolutely. However, with her career being nearly as long as Stardom has been in business and achieved as much as she did before she left for WWE five years ago, KAIRI is now in that rarified air– where fighting her is akin to fighting for a championship. She’s above titles and doesn’t need to win them, but she could certainly help bolster the records of those she challenges, even if it means taking them to time limit draws or the occasional loss. 

I did enjoy seeing KAIRI unveil her new moves (The Kraken Lock & Cutlass), but also bring back everyone’s favorite Insane Elbow Drop! I found it interesting that they went with KAIRI dropping her elbow to set up Mayu for her moonsault and the subsequent pin. The only change I would have made would have been KAIRI pinning Unagi if only to give Unagi that extra little bit of shine in defeat. Mayu’s beaten up Cosmic Angels plenty in the last year or so of their launch, and it would have bookended Unagi’s gatekeeper story, by getting gatekept by one of the Stardom originals. 

“We still have two title matches left, so please lend us all your power! No! No! Give us MORE!!!!” – KAIRI (post-match in-ring promo)

First and foremost, this was a proper homecoming celebration for one of their own in KAIRI. However, affording the opportunity for a newer member of the roster like Unagi Sayaka to play her gatekeeper of new talent gimmick, provided KAIRI to begin doing what many had hoped for when her return to Stardom was announced: using her experiences abroad both inside and outside the ring to elevate the future of Stardom and giving back to the Stardom family in the process. 

Mayu joking that that KAIRI’s still long-winded all these years later and KAIRI leaning into a long-running joke that she accidentally tried closing the show was the perfect Mayu and KAIRI closure to The Return of the Pirate Princess. 

What’s Next? 

  • Unagi is in the Cinderella Rumble & hopes for consecutive wins.
  • KAIRI squares off with Starlight Kid in a singles match 
  • Tam faces the winner of Kamitani/Hayashishita tomorrow in a Wonder of Stardom Championship Match
  • Mayu faces the winner Syuri/Giulia tomorrow in a World of Stardom Championship Match

Wonder of Stardom Championship: Saya Kamitani (QQ) © defeats Utami Hayashishita (QQ) (27:11)

First, Utami lops off all her hair after her loss to Syuri, going back to her super rookie roots. Next, The Red Queen shows up in Kokugikan with her AphroditE (tag team with Kamitani) entrance gown, but with brand new, scarlet, and gold gear underneath. The tables are now turned where Utami is the challenger and her tag partner is the champion, The Golden Phoenix. Utami has her eyes set on the one championship she hasn’t won in Stardom and Saya is out for blood as she seeks her first singles victory over Utami.

One of the things that stood out in this match was Utami giving a masterclass in composure and conducting herself as a dominant champion. While the white belt has eluded her and she had an exceptional run with the World of Stardom Championship, I was curious to see what lengths she would go to enlighten Saya on the difficulty of keeping a championship. For Saya, her confidence is slowly growing with each title defense, but there are times I feel like while she has the fire of a babyface champion, sometimes she’s fighting an additional battle against her own confidence. 

This was a very squeaky clean, babyface battle between tag team partners. Saya and Utami know each other very well, so it was a good match, one that I didn’t mind going as long as it did because after the career Utami has had thus far, she shouldn’t be losing quickly if she is to lose cleanly against someone. After a dominant two years, including highly-rated matches last year, Utami is allowed to focus on helping elevate others and giving her body time to rest.  

Kamitani hits her Phoenix Splash on her QQ stablemate & tag partner to secure her first singles victory over Hayashishita and her third successful defense of the Wonder of Stardom Championship. When it comes time for AphroditE to reunite in the tag division, they now have an even more consistent tag look now that Utami ditched the silver for gold and a more vibrant color scheme. I feel like Saya can still learn a fair bit from Utami, so I hope their time in QQ is met without friction because the former World of Stardom Champion could definitely help assist her colleague toward her goal of making her name synonymous with the Wonder of Stardom Championship.

Hopefully, Kamitani’s ambitious move of wrestling Utami on night one doesn’t come back to bite her when she faces Tam tomorrow on night two. 

What’s Next: 

  • Saya Kamitani (QQ) defends against Tam Nakano (CA)
  • Utami Hayashishita (QQ) will wrestle MIRAI (DDM) in a Golden Generation Singles Match

World of Stardom Championship: Syuri © (DDM) defeats Giulia (DDM) (26:54)

Giulia unveiled her black and red costume variant, complete with burgundy locks to match the World of Stardom Championship. Ami Miura would be revealed as Syuri’s bodyguard. The details as to her relation to Syuri are yet to be revealed, but she could be the first person Syuri splinters off DDM with to begin her next chapter, should she put DDM in her rearview mirror.

Boundaries go out the window along with mutual respect during the match, as both cast aside the DDM banner viewing the other as “just another opponent.” Removing those rose-colored glasses allows for both to really let loose with one another, neither holding back in the least. What is love about watching both Syuri and Giulia is that they have their pride, top-tier skill and are two of the hungriest competitors I’ve ever watched. 

Throughout the match, the majority of DDM are at ringside cornering for both Giulia and Syuri and Himeka is on commentary. Most of the members were in the neutral corner, yet Thekla and Mai Sakurai were backing Giulia in the blue corner. The tension between Syuri and Giulia has been permeating throughout DDM as most of them are getting caught in the middle as a result of the arrival of Prominence and the rapidly growing rift between Syuri and Giulia. 

Ah, Giulia’s signature: a piledriver through the table. For those who have never had the displeasure of tangling with a Japanese-style folding table, they are thicker, denser, and at that perfectly annoying height where you can do damage to a thigh or knee if you manage to clip your leg on one. Any time there is a table spot in a match set in Japan, I have meeting room flashbacks, so I couldn’t even imagine driving someone’s head or body through one. 

I am such a sucker for opponents showboating by using one another’s signature moves, so seeing Syuri hit the Glorious Driver and Giulia nailing her with the SyuSekai before heading into a very emotional back and forth amped up the energy. Giulia brought Syuri into DDM  shortly after Maika in 2020, but I don’t think Giulia expect Syuri to beat her to the World of Stardom Championship. Giulia dropping out of the Five Star because of her neck injury could have added additional frustration as she had to sit back and watch Syuri take the driver’s seat of DDM  and win the entire tournament, while she was on the sidelines.  

Syuri finally defeats Giulia using SyuSekai, to cement victory number two and carries the World of Stardom Championship into the match tomorrow against Mayu Iwatani. I never pegged Mayu as a strategist, but she chose wisely, allowing Giulia to soften up Syuri for nearly 30 minutes.

“Tonight is my final night in Donna del Mondo. I’m starting my own stable, and the first member will be (Ami Miura; the bodyguard). From tomorrow, I walk my own path.” – Syuri (to Giulia; post-match promo)

“Being a leader is a challenge. I wonder if you can handle it… from now Syuri, you’re the rival I want to surpass. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely be coming back for that belt, so be prepared… thanks for everything up until now…Arrivederci!” – Giulia (in response)

What’s Next: 

  • Syuri (DDM) defends against Mayu Iwatani (STARS) 
  • Giulia joins DDM in the 8-Woman Tag Match (as she SHOULD) to fight off Prominence

I am curious to see which members of DDM choose to stay alongside Giulia after tomorrow’s match against Prominence, and who may choose to step away to join Syuri. Himeka on commentary makes me wonder if she’ll be stepping up to challenge the winner of Syuri/Mayu if only to keep Risa Sera from challenging next. 

FINAL MATCH CARD: Stardom World Climax ~ The Top
(Tomorrow; March 27th; Ryogoku Kokugikan)

  • Future of Stardom Championship: Hanan vs. Mai Sakurai
  • Cinderella Rumble: Unagi Sayaka vs. Mina Shirakawa vs. Lady C vs. Miyu Amasaki vs. Saki Kashima vs. Ruaka vs. Saya Iida vs. Momo Kohgo vs. Waka Tsukiyama vs. Tomoka Inaba vs. Aoi vs. Haruka Umesaki vs. Nanami vs. Maria vs. Ai Houzan vs. Mei Suruga vs. Yuna Mizumori vs. TBA 
  • Golden Generation Singles Match: Utami Hayashishita vs. Mirai
  • Generation of Destiny Singles Match: Hazkui vs. Momo Watanabe
  • High-Speed Championship: AZM © vs. Koguma vs. Natsupoi
  • Pirate Princess Stardom Revival II: KAIRI vs. Starlight Kid
  • 8-Woman Tag Match: Donna del Mondo (Giulia, Maika, Himeka & Thekla) vs. Prominence (Risa Sera, Suzu Suzuki, Akane Fujita & Mochi Miyagi)
  • Wonder of Stardom Championship: Saya Kamitani © vs. Tam Nakano 
  • World of Stardom Championship: Syuri © vs. Mayu Iwatani

Medical Update on Natsuko Tora – She’s been showing up at the bigger shows as of late, but still not official clearance and return date yet. 

Hazuki’s Secret Sensei – Not revealed

Stardom Spring Schedule – Big Matches* (likely to have an iPPV) are designated with an asterisk

April 2022: Cinderella Tournament 2022

  • Opening Night* (2022.04.03) Tachikawa Stage Garden (Tokyo)
  • Mid-Tournament Stage (2022.04.17) Korakuen Hall
  • Finals* (2022.04.29) Ota Ward Gymnasium

May 2022: Stardom Golden Week Fight Tour 2022 – The big match in this series will be Fukuoka Goddess Festival at Fukuoka International Center* (2022.05.05) as it is the one that received the video package featuring Fukuoka natives Hazuki, Koguma & Maika. Additional tour stops include: 

  • Fukuyama Big Rose Center (2022.05.01) Hiroshima
  • Kumamoto City Ryutsujoho Hall (2022.05.04) Kumamoto
  • Edion Arena Osaka (2nd Gymnasium; 2022.05.07) 
  • Nagoya International Hall (2022.05.08) Aichi

NEW! Flashing Champions 2022 (2022.05.28) Ota Ward Gymnasium – Ticketing/iPPV Details: TBA

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