BTWA #18: Scott Hall Retrospective w/ Will Cooling

BTWA #18: Scott Hall Retrospective
Photo Courtesy: WWE


With Andrew Thompson busy due to WrestleMania week, Martin Bushby is joined by PW Torch’s Will Cooling to look back at the career of Scott Hall.

They discuss how they were first introduced to Hall, Will’s interview with him, and his legacy in the wrestling business.

Plus, a look back at 5 of his matches:

  • Razor Ramon vs. Bret Hart (King of the Ring 1993)
  • Razor Ramon vs. Diesel (SummerSlam 1994)
  • Razor Ramon & 123 Kid vs. Shawn Michaels & Diesel (Action Zone #2)
  • The Outsiders vs. Harlem Heat (Halloween Havoc 1996)
  • nWo vs. Roddy Piper, Kevin Greene & Ric Flair (Slamboree 1997)

Photo Courtesy: WWE

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