Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow Report: Speedball and Bandido steal the show

Photo Courtesy: WrestleCon

WrestleCon presents Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow 2022

March 31st, 2022

By: John Siino

Fairmont Hotel in Dallas, TX

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni & Veda Scott

Quick Results

·       Bandido def. Mike Bailey – *RECOMMENDED MATCH OF THE SHOW*

·       Mia Yim def. Athena

·       Tomohiro Ishii def. Timothy Thatcher

·       Taya Valkyrie def. John Morrison

·       Laredo Kid, Michael Oku & Rey Horus def. Ace Austin, Black Taurus & Josh Alexander *RECOMMENDED*

·       Minoru Suzuki def. Biff Busick

·       Team Onita def. Team PCO

·       The Briscoes def. The Rottweilers

Mike Bailey vs. Bandido

A couple of snafus to start the show with them playing Bret Hart’s music first and then when Mike Bailey’s music was playing, Bandido was introduced instead. Veda Scott mentioned in commentary how she is marrying Bailey in a few months. This is their third encounter after Bailey got the first two wins at wXw 16 Carat Gold in 2020 and PWG Battle of Los Angeles just this past January. They start with a bunch of leapfrog and counters until they end up on the apron with Bailey hitting an Asai Moonsault to Bandido on the outside. They start fighting around the ring with Bailey connecting with some kicks before continuing the kicks inside. They start exchanging chops until Bandido knocks Bailey down with a kick as the crowd gets behind him. Bandido hits a roll into a stalled vertical suplex position as the crowd counts along all the way to 60 before Bandido drops Bailey right down on his face. Bailey comes back with more kicks and a twisting splash for a two-count. Bandido catches Bailey’s next kick attempt and drops him down followed by the Three Amigos suplexes. Bandido goes to the top rope and hits a frog splash for a two count. Bailey counters Bandido into a flurry of kicks before they go into a kick exchange ending with a pop-up cutter from Bandido. They end up trading suicide dives on the outside, followed by a Triangle Moonsault from Bailey and a Fosbury Flop from Bandido. Bandido challenges Bailey to fight on the apron, and they go into another chop exchange until Bailey hits a moonsault into double knees. Bailey goes for Ultima Weapon, but Bandido gets out of the way and hits a spinning face plant. They go back to the apron where Bandido hits a vicious-looking pop-up cutter, followed by the 21 Plex, but Bailey kicks out. They head to the top rope, but Bailey kicks Bandido off, lands on his feet and hits a moonsault double knees, goes right back to the top, and hits the Ultima Weapon, but Bandido kicks out. Bailey hits his tornado kicks followed by the Flamingo Driver for another two-count. Bandido dodges a bunch of kicks, catches Bailey, and hits the X-Knee followed by double knees to the back of the head and a release suplex. Bandido places Bailey on the top rope and hits the fall-away moonsault for the pin.

Winner: Bandido by pinfall at 16:21

Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

They announce the special guest ambassador of WrestleCon 2022 as Bret Hart. Bret says it’s great to be here and it’s going to be a very special night with great matches and hope everybody has a great WrestleMania this week and a great time.

Mia Yim vs. Athena

This is Yim’s first match since leaving WWE and she gets a great reaction as she faces Athena for the first time since 2015, as they never got to wrestle in WWE when she was Ember Moon. They start right away with arm drag takeovers then go into a test of strength with pin attempts. Athena comes back with a hip toss and a cartwheel into knees for a one count. Yim puts on a side headlock and takeover, but Athena pulls the hair and gets out. Yim comes back with a knee and a dropkick knocking Athena to the outside, as Athena takes a seat on the chair. This was a trap to get Yim to come to the outside, where Athena slams Yim into the ring post followed by a twisting splash for a two count. They start trading chops, before Athena rains down forearms. Athena twists Yim up, but she bites her way out before they trade forearms in the corners, but Yim is able to trap Athena in a Tarantula. Athena hits a standing moonsault, basement flatliner into the Koji Clutch, but Yim turns it into the Boston Crab. They both go for a cross body and knock each other down with Athena getting up first. Yim hits a back drop driver and a boot in the corner, followed by a cannonball for a two count. Yim goes for the package piledriver, but Athena reverses into an Alabama Slam, goes to the top rope, but Yim stops her. Yim goes for a hurricanrana, but Athena turns it into a Splash Mountain for a two count. Athena argues with the referee and pushes him over a downed Yim. Athena goes and grabs a chair from under the ring, but the referee takes it away from her. Yim hits the package piledriver and gets the win.

Winner: Mia Yim by pinfall at 13:41

Timothy Thatcher vs. Tomohiro Ishii

They go right to a lock-up with Ishii fighting out of a side headlock and they trade shoulder blocks into a headlock takeover by Thatcher. Ishii fights out and into a double wrist lock. They start trading forearms until Thatcher hits a belly-to-belly suplex for a two-count right into a wrist lock. Ishii tries to kick his way out until he puts his foot on the rope. Thatcher follows with stomps as Ishii fights back with chops but gets kicked to the apron where Thatcher wraps his elbow on the ropes. Ishii stops him finally with a tackle and hits a vertical suplex for a one-count. They go back to trading forearms and Ishii blocks an Enziguri with a forearm, but Thatcher comes back with a kneebar transitioning into an ankle lock, but Ishii turns it into his own ankle lock. Thatcher comes back with a butterfly suplex into a cross arm breaker, into a pin attempt, and a Fujiwara armbar, but Ishii grabs the rope. Ishii challenges Thatcher and then takes him down with one hard forearm. Thatcher blocks a Saito Suplex, but Ishii comes back with a German Suplex into an Enzuigiri, and a low clothesline for a two count. Ishii goes for the brainbuster, but Thatcher turns it into a Fujiwara armbar, Ishii gets out and hits a lariat for a two. Ishii picks him up and hits the vertical brainbuster for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tomohiro Ishii by pinfall at 12:52

Dirty Dishes Match: John Morrison vs. Taya Valkyrie

This stipulation for this husband vs. wife match is the loser must do dishes for life, as Morrison is introduced as just ‘Johnny’ but his graphic says Johnny WrestleCon. Valkyrie grabs the mic before the match as the crowd chants ‘Johnny Dishes’ and says they have been married for almost five years now and in the beginning, Johnny was so sweet and used to make the bed and clean up after himself but asks what the hell happened as Johnny got lazy and can’t do his own dishes, laundry and she’s starting to believe he can’t even wipe his own ass. So as proof of how much of a slob he’s become she brought the dishes here tonight and tells them to bring them out, as we see four guys come out with tubs and buckets full of dishes and cleaning supplies. Johnny laughs at her bringing the dirty dishes here and says Taya always wants to be right, but she made a big mistake because Taya will be doing a lot of dishes after this match. Right after Johnny corners Taya and tries to land a kiss before escaping and sitting on the top rope where they exchange middle fingers. They trade pin attempts before Taya lands a big chop to the chest of Johnny. Johnny gets mad and pushes Taya down, but Taya comes back and stomps Johnny into the corner before heading to the outside where she grabs a tub of dishes and some buckets. Johnny throws a dish to Taya and superkicks it, shattering into Taya’s face followed by an implant DDT for a two count. The crowd now starts chanting ‘Johnny Doghouse’ as Johnny goes and grabs a mug that he smashes into Taya, but she comes back shattering one back. Taya grabs a bottle, but Johnny cartwheel kicks it and shatters it. Johnny starts putting dish detergent on Taya’s back and starts scrubbing it with a sponge before spraying Clorox bottles onto her followed by a shining wizard. Taya comes back with a knee, open hand smacks and a spear before grabbing two bottles and smashing them on Johnny’s head for a two count. Taya sprays Clorox sending Johnny to the outside, where Johnny sneaks and grabs a cookie sheet. They trade a couple kicks, as Taya lands in a split and punches Johnny down low, before putting a bucket on Johnny’s head and hitting a DDT, followed by a Canadian Destroyer for a two. As Taya hits Road to Valhalla, Johnny takes the referee down spraying him with Clorox, so he is unable to make the three count. Johnny hits her with two more mugs as he’s screaming that he’s not doing the dishes. Johnny places bottles on top of Taya and hits the Starship Pain. Johnny grabs the mic and says he hit her with everything but the kitchen sink before asking Parrow to bring one out, in which he does. Johnny goes to hit the Skull-Crushing Finale on top of the sink, but Taya counters with a stunner and smashes more plates and bottles on Johnny. Taya grabs the hoses from the sink and wraps it around Johnny’s neck before delivering a curb stomp on top of the sink for the pin.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie by pinfall at 14:30

Johnny grabs the mic and says he hates dishes, but he loves Taya as they embrace with a kiss.

Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger

Jushin ‘Thunder’ Liger gets introduced to the ring and gets a great reaction before hyping up the crowd and posing.

Michael Oku, Rey Horus & Laredo Kid vs. Josh Alexander, Ace Austin & Black Taurus

Cary Silkin joins commentary for this match, but unfortunately, his headset doesn’t seem to be working and we can’t hear him for the first couple minutes. Taurus and Laredo start the match with arm drags as Taurus ends that with a power slam sending Laredo to the outside as Horus comes in and gets taken down also. Horus comes back with body scissors and sends Taurus to the outside where he hits a hurricanrana. Austin comes in and takes Horus out before going back and forth with Oku. Oku hits a running knee knocking Austin to the outside before Alexander comes in and tries an ankle lock before knocking Oku down with a boot. Alexander catches Oku and drops him down with a powerbomb onto the knee. Alexander takes out Horus and Laredo before grabbing Oku on the outside where Austin hits with a Fosbury Flop, followed by a Samoan Drop by Taurus for a two count. All six men start brawling in and out of the ring with Oku taking Taurus down and into a Half Crab, before knocking Austin and Alexander on top and doing a triple Half Crab. Horus starts fighting off all three opponents and hits a DDT on Alexander followed by a dive onto Austin on the outside, followed by a dive from Laredo. Austin comes back and takes them out before being kicked off the apron by Oku who dives onto everybody followed by a spinning corkscrew plancha from Taurus. Back inside, Taurus hits a backbreaker and crucifix bomb on Laredo, but Alexander and Horus come in before Alexander hits both Laredo and Horus with a Death Valley Driver. The madness continues with pins being broken up before Oku and Austin go at it. Horus comes in and hits a Spanish Fly on Austin for a two count, goes to the top but gets knocked off by Taurus. Taurus and Laredo go to the top, as Oku, Alexander, and Austin, all join them. Austin gets pushed off as Oku hits Alexander with a springboard hurricanrana and Taurus press slams Laredo off the top rope. They start fighting on the outside as Laredo takes down Taurus, hits a 450 followed by a splash from Horus and a Frog Splash from Oku for the pin and the win on Taurus.

Winners: Michael Oku, Rey Horus & Laredo Kid by pinfall at 13:07

Minoru Suzuki vs. Biff Busick

Busick comes out all bandaged up from his fight earlier today against Jon Moxley at Bloodsport 8. They go right to the mat where Suzuki puts a cravat into a heel hook and kicks Busick to get back up. Suzuki takes Busick right back down and puts on a double wrist lock before manipulating his joints. Busick gets right out as they go back to standing and we see that Busick’s cut has been reopened. Suzuki starts laughing as the referee checks on Busick’s head. Busick takes Suzuki down with a body slam that sends Suzuki to the apron where he traps Busick and drags him outside where they start brawling by the announce table and barricade. They continue to trade forearms before Suzuki goes back inside. Suzuki drives his elbow digging into Busick’s open-cut before dragging him into the ropes where he starts biting it. Suzuki goes back to twisting Busick’s fingers and into the Kimura Lock as Busick continues to leak down blood. Busick gets up and starts delivering hard chops, as Suzuki encourages him. Busick takes Suzuki down and puts on a half crab and into an STF before Suzuki puts his foot on the rope. Suzuki comes back and hits a running kick for a two-count before he starts stomping Busick’s head. They start trading hard chops with Suzuki getting the better of them, trying a sleeper but Busick comes back with a half and half suplex. Suzuki knocks Busick down with a hard forearm followed by a Gotch style piledriver for the pin

Winner: Minoru Suzuki by pinfall at 14:39

Team PCO (PCO, nZo, Jimmy Wang Yang, Barry Horowitz & Dirty Dango) vs. Team Onita (Atsushi Onita, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Juice Robinson & Colt Cabana)

nZo comes out as the first surprise partner and grabs the mic and introduces himself before making a joke thanking PCO for being part of ‘his team’ tonight and if you’re not part of his team there’s only one word that describes you and he’s going to spell it out for you. That word was ‘Sawft’. Barry Horowitz comes out to a great reaction to Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’. Colt Cabana and Barry Horowitz start the match, as Cabana feels honored and hugs his hero, but Horowitz goes right to work and takes down Cabana before patting himself in the back, and Cabana patting Horowitz’ back as well. Juice and Dango tag in and go back and forth with headlocks before a very long sunset flip attempt that Dango fights out of and dances on top of Juice before Cabana slingshots Juice downlow onto Dango. nZo tags in but decides to take his time before tripping inside the ring, taking down Juice and walking all over him before tagging in Yang who gets a ‘cowboy shit’ chant. Yang looks impressive kicking Juice down and hitting a standing moonsault before hitting 10 punches in the corner and tagging in PCO. PCO challenges Juice to chop him but they have no effect, so PCO tells Juice to tag in Onita. Onita shakes PCO’s hand, sprays red mist in his face and takes it to the outside where he hits a DDT before tossing PCO into the barricade and hitting him with a chair. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express start double-teaming on PCO, but nZo comes in and breaks it up to massive boos. PCO and Morton go at it, before Dango tags in and they keep Morton in their corner. nZo comes in and gets sent right into the ring post before everybody comes in and starts brawling for a bit. PCO and Juice go at it, before PCO starts diving on the outside onto Cabana and Juice. PCO places Juice on the apron and hits a senton off the top rope. PCO gets handed a chair and places it on top of Juice before going for a top rope moonsault and missing. Onita comes in but PCO keeps him in the corner before tagging in Dango who grabs the chair now as he and Onita toss it back and forth to each other, before Onita kicks it into Dango’s face followed by red mist to the face and a stunner for the pin and the win.

Winners: Team Onita (Atsushi Onita, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson, Juice Robinson & Colt Cabana) by pinfall at 12:19

Summer Rae

After the match, Onita red mists Yang and tosses him over the top rope and throws him over the barricade for some reason before finally heading to the back. As Dango is getting up in the ring, we hear his old theme music and out comes Summer Rae who gets in the ring and does a quick dance with Dango for a great reaction.

The Rottweilers (Homicide & Low Ki) vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)

Low Ki has shed his recent ‘Hitman’ video game gear to go back to his old Rottweilers persona for this match. Before the match begins, Low Ki gets into the face of a fan sitting ringside as they exchange some words. Low Ki makes his way back inside, but the crowd chants ‘Fuck him up, Low Ki, fuck him up’, which prompts Low Ki to go back to the fan, but the fan gets escorted out as Low Ki hops over the rail and sits in the fan’s seat to a big reaction. The bell rings and we think it’s finally going to start, but Homicide grabs a mic and tells the fan to take a seat and calls him a ‘cocksucker’, and throws a couple more obscene insults that I won’t repeat here. Totally unnecessary and not called for, I think. Low Ki grabs the mic and says nobody came here for a shit show and demands that the fan gets put back in his seat he’s the one with the mic and keeps repeating the demand. Low Ki mocks the fan sitting down and the fan shouts that it’s ‘better than being blacklisted like your ass’. Low Ki says but he’s the one in the ring fucking people up while the fan is paying to watch.

After the bell had been rung already for a couple minutes, Low Ki and Mark Briscoe tie it up before Low Ki ends up on the top rope and traps Mark in an arm bar before falling to the outside. Low Ki makes sure to say some words to the fan before going back inside. Low Ki whips Mark to the other side, but Jay comes in and they take Low Ki to the outside. Homicide throws some chairs inside as Low Ki grabs the ring bell. Jay Briscoe grabs a mic and says since they want to play like this they might as well make this a no disqualification match. Homicide grabs the mic and asks if that’s what the fans want, they say yes, but Homicide tells them they aren’t getting shit. The Briscoes start attacking them outside, including Mark diving off a chair from inside to the outside. All four start brawling on the outside, as Mark grabs a baking sheet from the same fan who got into the argument with Low Ki and starts using it on Low Ki. The Briscoes go after Low Ki inside, but Low Ki is able to fight them off as Homicide joins in and they double team on Jay. Low Ki places the chair wedged in the corner, as Jay punches his way off of them. Mark comes in and takes Homicide out with a chair, places him on the top rope and drives him back down for a two count. Mark grabs that wedged chair and goes to dive off of it, but Low Ki stops him. Jay comes in, superkicks Low Ki and knocks Homicide off the top rope, followed by a Jay Driller attempt, but Homicide turns it into a cutter. Homicide starts showboating, but Jay hits a Death Valley Driver that gets broken up by Low Ki with a double stomp. Low Ki is able to duck out of a Doomsday Device attempt, puts Jay on his shoulders, but Mark breaks it up. Jay hits the Jay Driller on Low Ki followed by the Froggy Bow by Mark Briscoe for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) by pinfall at 12:00

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