Shinjiro Otani undergoes successful surgery, Otani’s wife issues statement

An update on the status of Shinjiro Otani. He underwent surgery and has been moved to a different hospital to begin treatment

An update on the status of Shinjiro Otani.

On April 13th, Shinjiro Otani underwent surgery for a cervical spinal cord injury that he suffered in the main event of Pro Wrestling ZERO1’s 4/10 show. Otani took a German suplex into the corner turnbuckle pad but could not move his extremities after taking the move.

ZERO1 provided an update on the status of Otani and noted that he underwent successful surgery. His surgeon informed the promotion that things went as planned. Today, Otani was moved to a different hospital to begin the next step of his treatment. He is stable and working on the treatment in consultation with his family and doctors.

Eriko Otani, Shinjiro’s wife, issued a statement, noting that she married a pro wrestler so she was prepared to accept a situation as such. She added that the support will continue for Shinjiro and hopes that people will watch over her family.

I married a professional wrestler, Shinjiro Otani, so I was prepared to accept a situation like this, but when I think of Shinjiro’s disappointment, I cry. However, we will not look down, but forward, and with the help of pro wrestling, we will continue to support Mr. Shinjiro. We will do our best with your warm support. We hope that you will continue to watch over us warmly. Finally, I would like to ask for your continued support for Zero One and all the wrestlers that Mr. Shinjiro has been protecting.

ZERO1 added that they are in discussions with Otani’s family and related parties to confirm his wishes. ZERO1 is hoping to make another announcement next week.

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