Jim Ross reveals title for his next book, says it’ll be about 50 big moments from his career

Jim Ross is writing another book that has a planned release year of 2024 and it is going to be titled 'J.R. 50'

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The title for Jim Ross’ next book that has a planned release year of 2024.

Throughout his 48-year career in the sport of pro wrestling, Jim Ross has written several books with his latest being ‘Under the Black Hat’ that released in 2020. He previously shared that he had been planning to write another book and said he planned for it come out in 2024.

Ross provided more details about the book during his Grilling J.R. podcast. In 2024, J.R. will celebrate 50 years in the wrestling business and he is going to title his book ‘J.R. 50’. He shared that he’ll be writing about 50 ‘groundbreaking’ moments from his career.

And when I write my next book which is gonna happen, we’re gonna call it ‘J.R. 50’ and it’s gonna hopefully come out in 2024 whether I’m still in the wrestling business at that time or not. Didn’t matter to me. I wanna finish the story and I think it’s gonna be pretty cool writing about 50 different moments in my career that were groundbreaking and some for some reason.

Ross is the current lead commentator for AEW Dynamite on TBS. He spoke about what William Regal has brought to the AEW team. He added that Regal is helping young talent behind the scenes on top of helping Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley as well.

[William] Regal’s been a perfect fit I think coming into AEW. He’s excellent on commentary, he’s excellent with promos and in the behind-the-scenes, tutoring a lot of these kids. You know he’s still in the head of [Jon] Moxley and Bryan Danielson. He still helps them. So he’s very active. I think he’s a valuable addition to what we’re doing.

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