IMPACT Rebellion 2022 Report: Josh Alexander becomes IMPACT champion

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

Welcome to POST Wrestling’s coverage of IMPACT’s Rebellion pay-per-view from Poughkeepsie, New York featuring Moose defending the IMPACT title against Josh Alexander.

We will be doing an IMPACT Rebellion POST Show that will be available on Sunday for members of the POST Wrestling Café.

*IMPACT Championship: Josh Alexander over Moose (champion) in 23:51
*Knockouts Championship: Tasha Steelz (champion) over Rosemary in 11:46
*IMPACT Tag Team Championships, Eight-Team Elimination Match: Violent by Design (champions) over Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows, Rich Swann & Willie Mack, Rhino & Heath, Matt Taven & Mike Bennett, The Major Players, W. Morrissey & Jordynne Grace, and Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice
*Tomohiro Ishii over JONAH in 14:35
*X Division Championship: Ace Austin over Trey Miguel (champion) and Speedball Mike Bailey in 10:24
*Reina de Reinas Championship: Taya Valkyrie over Deonna Purrazzo (champion) in 9:02
*Steve Maclin over Jay White and Chris Sabin in 12:05
*Knockouts Tag Team Championships: Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood (champions) over The IInspiration in 6:35 (pre-show)
*Eddie Edwards over Chris Bey in 9:23 (pre-show)
*Dark Match: Kenny King over Crazzy Steve

Prior to the start of the ‘Countdown to Rebellion’ pre-show, there was a dark match with Kenny King defeating Crazzy Steve.

The announcers for the event are Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt.

Eddie Edwards vs. Chris Bey

The announcers explained that Jonathan Gresham was not medically cleared to compete tonight. Gresham was injured coming out of the Battle at the Belts II taping last Friday and missed his shows with Progress Wrestling, but he did wrestle on Friday night for C*4 Wrestling in Ottawa, Ontario. Gresham has not commented on his status yet.

Bey landed a tope con hiro but was thwarted by Edwards when they returned to the ring as the Honor No More member took control. Bey responded with a reverse elbow off the top and the audience cheered for Bey.

Bey countered a Tiger Driver and hooked the legs for a two-count, Edwards hit a backpack stunner before both got to their feet and traded strikes. Bey stopped a Blue Thunder Bomb with a cutter, attempted the Art of Finesse but Edwards got out of the way hit the Tiger Driver, and followed with the Die Hard Driver to pin Bey.

WINNER: Eddie Edwards at 9 minutes and 23 seconds

It was a nice opener between the two and the audience got behind Bey at different points in the match. It was a tough spot as Edwards and Gresham looked like one of the best matches on paper and was one the audience would have been anticipating. It came off as Edwards having a placeholder match to remain on the card, although being moved to the pre-show after the opponent changed.

There was a great feature covering the entirety of the Moose vs. Josh Alexander feud going back to Bound for Glory. This is one of those shows where there is a clear-cut main event that is being pushed strongly.

The Inspiration (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood) vs. The IInspiration (Cassie Lee & Jessie McKay) for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships

The champions jumped the challengers inside the ring before the bell rang.

The IInspiration double-teamed Rayne until Dashwood stopped Lee on the turnbuckle and knocked her off. Dashwood hit a high cross to Lee & McKay and hit The Spotlight kick on Lee for a two-count.

One of the titles was sent into the ring and Dashwood picked it up, the referee took the title away, and with his back turned, Rayne handed Dashwood the other title. Lee ducked a belt shot and landed a spin kick on Dashwood leading to the big near-fall of the match.

McKay and Lee were stunned, they went for The Idolizer but were stopped when Rayne speared Lee and The Influence won after hitting The Collab on McKay to retain the titles.

WINNERS: The Influence at 6 minutes and 35 seconds

For what it was, the match was better than you would expect. The IInspiration has improved a lot since coming to IMPACT last year and this match was built around the big near-fall spot and it was pulled off well and set the tempo for the finishing sequence. It wasn’t a great match but for the time it had as a pre-show match, it was fine.

This ended the pre-show portion.

Jay White vs. Steve Maclin vs. Chris Sabin

Maclin wore black and white face paint and looked like he was auditioning for the role of Finn Balor.

Sabin hit dives off the apron to White and Maclin on the floor while half of Maclin’s face paint ended up on Sabin.

White took over by dropping Sabin onto the edge of the apron and sent Maclin into the post before hitting a Saito suplex. Sabin fought back with a high cross on both and the three exchanged chops and strikes on their feet. Sabin kicked off Maclin to hit White with a tornado DDT.

Maclin hit Sabin with a flying knee and White dropped Maclin with a DDT, so all three were down. White used the Blade Buster on Sabin for a two-count.

White gouged Sabin’s eyes on the turnbuckle but was sent into the tree of woe. Sabin was placed in the same position in the opposite corner as Maclin charged at Sabin, who lifted himself, and Maclin crashed through the corner to the floor.

Sabin countered The Blade Runner with a roll-up for a two-count. Each went for their finishers and the sequence ended with Sabin hitting The Cradle Shock but Maclin returned and rolled up Sabin with a crucifix to win.

WINNER: Steve Maclin in 12:05

This was a very nice opening match, the audience isn’t super loud but they are reacting to the action. Sabin looked very good in the match and really, all three did for their different roles in the match.

The French broadcast team of Marc Blondin and “Handsome” JF (Jean-Frederic Clement) were introduced.

Josh Alexander was with his wife Jade and their son backstage. Jade told Josh not to worry about them and tonight is six months in the making, they want to see what they know – that he will be a tremendous champion. Josh said he needs to show Moose that there are consequences. Scott D’Amore walked in and said Moose knows he isn’t better than Alexander and is trying to get in his head by using his family. If he lets anger take over, he won’t win and needs to use it as motivation and he’s the best wrestler in the world.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Taya Valkyrie for the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship

Valkyrie controlled the match at the start and hit Pandemonium, which Purrazzo got up from and send Valkyrie into the post on the floor.

Hannifan brought up Mercedes Martinez being the interim ROH women’s champion and Rehwoldt made fun of the title stating they know who the real champion is.

Purrazzo sent Valkyrie into the side of the ring with a side Russian leg sweep. The two met in the center of the ring on all fours, screaming into each other’s face before engaging in a striking battle.

Purrazzo applied the Fujiwara armbar and Valkyrie got to the rope. Purrazzo came off the turnbuckle and was met with a sit-out powerbomb and Valkyrie applied a cross-legged STF as Purrazzo reached the rope.

Valkyrie stopped Queen’s Gambit and hit her with Road to Valhalla for the victory.

WINNER: Taya Valkyrie in 9 minutes and 2 seconds to win the Reina de Reinas Championship

The ending came out of nowhere with a quick counter and hit her finisher – to the point, I feel most of the crowd expected a kick out to her finisher. They worked well together with a brawl at the start of the match and a more technical match with each emptying the arsenal and trying to weaken the other before the counter to Road to Valhalla.

This is Valkyrie’s fourth reign as Reina de Reinas champion and ends Purrazzo’s reign that began in August 2021.

Tasha Steelz was interviewed with Savannah Evans backstage and sent a message to Valkyrie that she holds the real title. Steelz said Rosemary has been “chasing Flava” for the last two years and is still chasing it. This was a good promo from Steelz, who has a lot of presence as champion.

Trey Miguel vs. Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Ace Austin for the X Division Championship

Bailey went for a handspring off the ropes but Austin grabbed him by the wrist from the floor as Miguel dove through the ropes onto Austin. On the floor, Miguel draped Austin from the apron as Bailey hit a Golden Triangle moonsault onto the back of Austin in that draping position.

As Miguel went for a leaping stomp onto Bailey’s back, he was caught in mid-air by Austin and dropped onto Bailey.

Miguel got out of the way of Bailey’s Ultimate Weapon and slid from his knees to hit a cutter to Austin on the floor, which was very unique.

Austin landed a spinning wheel kick to Miguel in the corner, Austin slid to the floor and right into an Asai Moonsault by Bailey off the top followed by a ‘rana by Miguel to the floor as all three were down – that was a tremendous sequence.

As Miguel attempted a sunset bomb to Austin out of the corner, Bailey climbed onto Miguel to deliver a German sending Austin to the mat.

Bailey hit Ultimate Weapon on Austin but Miguel broke the cover.

Bailey took out Austin with a kick, and Miguel hit Bailey with a brainbuster and a Meteora. Miguel had the match won by Austin pulled the referee out.

Austin hit a springboard roundhouse kick to Miguel as Bailey rolled to the floor, Austin hit Miguel with The Fold and pinned Miguel to win the title.

WINNER: Ace Austin in 10 minutes and 24 seconds to win the X Division Championship

This match was tremendous and the best of the show, so far. This match benefited greatly by being elevated to the main show from the pre-show. Some of the sequences and precision were just incredible and all there gelled in a way where the three-way concept was not a deterrent even though the audience had just seen one in the opener.

The ending was a little cliché with the referee being pulled and still in a position where he could have counted three, so that was a mild annoyance but the match was very strong and you can mix and match these three in a series of singles matches and they won’t disappoint.

Honor No More was backstage with Eddie Edwards going over the change to his match earlier with Chris Bey replacing Jonathan Gresham. Matt Taven and Mike Bennett took turns stating they will win the IMPACT tag titles and after they win, will tell the Bullet Club ‘that’s just too sweet’.

A vignette ran for a new talent that is coming to IMPACT with Hannifan adding “he has a hit list”. The spot had a Pulp Fiction vibe between the font and style used.

JONAH vs. Tomohiro Ishii

JONAH took Ishii to the mat with a headlock. Ishii ran into JONAH and dropped to the mat from a shoulder block and sold the power of JONAH.

Ishii staggered after eating multiple strikes and wouldn’t go down. Ishii attempted a German suplex and was run into the corner. Ishii tried to lift him for the brainbuster, which was blocked, and JONAH scoop slammed his opponent.

Ishii continued to chop down JONAH and attacked the knee and got him down to a knee. Ishii went for the brainbuster a second time and couldn’t complete the move. JONAH landed a senton and tried for the JONAH Bomb, but Ishii prevented it and used JONAH’s momentum off the ropes to hit a release German suplex and elicit an ‘Ishii’ chant.

Ishii hit several lariats, JONAH dropped him with one of his own but Ishii popped up and took JONAH off his feet with another lariat.

It became a battle of attrition with each throwing everything at the other. JONAH hit a JONAH Bomb and a lariat to follow for a two-count. JONAH went for his own brainbuster that he couldn’t hit, he speared Ishii and missed with the Tsunami allowing Ishii to hit a sliding lariat for a near-fall.

On the third attempt, Ishii hit the vertical drop brainbuster and pins JONAH.

WINNER: Tomohiro Ishii in 14 minutes and 35 seconds

This turned into a fantastic match that really had to work to get this crowd going. The story was simple with JONAH being the powerhouse that Ishii had to chop down over time and finally weakened him to the point that JONAH was prone to the brainbuster that Ishii could finally land to win the match. This was great.

Eight Team Elimination Match for the IMPACT Tag Team Championships

Two teams begin a new team enters after each team is eliminated. The tag champions are Violent by Design going into the match

The Major Players (Matt Cardona & Brian Myers) w/ Chelsea Green vs. W. Morrissey & Jordynne Grace

Grace lifted Cardona and was dropped by a boot from Morrissey. As Morrissey chased Myers around the ring, Green got in the way and with Grace dealing with Myers it allowed Cardona to roll up Grace and pin her in 2:18.

Morrissey hit a double chokeslam on Cardona and Myers and Grace hit a suicide dive to both. Green struck Grace on the floor. Morrissey went to powerbomb Myers through a table, but Cardona stopped him, Cardona was about to take a chokeslam when Green hit him with a low blow as Morrissey revealed he was wearing a cup. Green slapped Morrissey and led to Green taking a powerbomb through a table on the floor.

Matt Cardona & Brian Myers vs. Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows

The Good Brothers hit Myers with a superkick on the floor.

Cardona begged for mercy as they hit the Magic Killer immediately and pinned him in 0:15.

Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows vs. Johnny Swinger & Zicky Dice

Gallows & Anderson double-teamed Dice until Swinger grabbed Anderson on the apron. Dice missed and nailed his partner and took a spine buster and Magic Killer as Anderson pinned Dice in 0:39.

Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Gallows & Anderson got the heat on Swann and cut off the ring. Mack received the tag and knocked Gallows off the apron while Anderson was the legal man. Swann hit a standing moonsault for a two-count on Anderson.

Mack got ready for the Stunner, but it was blocked, and Anderson hit a spine buster. Swann returned to the ring to stop the Magic Killer on his partner. Mack used a pop-up forearm and climbed to the top where Anderson stopped him. Mack knocked him down, Gallows knocked Mack off the turnbuckle, and injured his knee.

Gallows attacked Swann from the floor and left Mack prone to take the Magic Killer and Anderson pinned him in 9:04.

Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows vs. Mike Bennett & Matt Taven w/ Maria Kanellis

Vincent and Kenny King came out with Maria Kanellis as a distraction that allowed Taven & Bennett to jump Anderson & Gallows from behind.

Anderson went to suplex Taven into the ring and Maria yanked his leg and held it allowing Taven to pin Anderson in seconds.

Taven hit a tope to the floor but then took a Magic Killer from Gallows & Anderson on the floor.

Mike Bennett & Matt Taven vs. Rhino & Heath

Bennett and Taven double-teamed Heath with Taven hitting a twisting neck breaker. Taven landed a Disaster Kick to Rhino after he was tagged in. Bennett & Taven landed a double superkick on Rhino as all four were in the ring.

Bennett was setting up Heath for the Proton Pack but Rhino landed the gore on Taven and pinned him in 3:49.

Eric Young & Joe Doering w/ Deaner vs. Rhino & Heath for the IMPACT Tag Team Championships

The match started with Violent by Design in control of Rhino. Rhino finally makes the tag to Heath and he goes after both Young and Doering.

Young avoided a piledriver, but Heath landed the Wakeup Call. Doering laid out Heath with a lariat on the floor and sent him back inside the ring to Young.

Rhino returned to the ring and set up for the gore, which was prevented by Doering, who pulled Rhino to the floor and sent him into the post.

Heath blocked a piledriver and went for another Wake-Up Call but Young held onto the rope and hit his piledriver to pin Heath.

WINNERS: Violent by Design in 5 minutes and 46 seconds to retain the IMPACT Tag Team Championships

This was a really long match with seven mini-matches strung together and several of them were throwaway matches that just seemed to be an excuse to get more people on the card. The story was Violent by Design benefited from being the last team in and therefore, retained the titles. It set up a few stories with the continuation of W. Morrissey feuding with The Major Players, The Good Brothers feuding with Bennett & Taven, and Rhino & Heath coming so close but falling to the champions. This was okay but I wish it had fewer teams and was tightened up a bit as it just becomes a collection of pinfalls coming at you so quickly that it’s hard to digest at once.

Tasha Steelz w/ Savannah Evans vs. Rosemary w/ Havok for the IMPACT Knockouts Championship

After Rosemary went to the floor, Steelz connected with a dive and took over the match. Steelz applied the Rings of Saturn but Rosemary got to her knees and lifted Steelz, who released the hold and hit a codebreaker.

Rosemary bit Steelz from behind and they traded strikes. Rosemary hit a series of clotheslines and a sling blade before using an exploder to produce a two-count.

Rosemary landed an Inverted DDT for a two-count but the crowd doesn’t seem into the match.

Steelz hit Stratusfaction as a shot at Mickie James that the announcers called attention to, but Rosemary kicked out.

Steelz grabbed the title and with the referee dealing with her, Evans entered the ring and nailed Rosemary. Steelz used The Blackout and Rosemary kicked out, which they noted was the first time anyone has kicked out it.

Steelz missed with a frog splash, Evans got onto the apron and was hit with green mist. Rosemary used a spear on Steelz and she kicked out, which the audience did react to. Steelz recovered with a step-up cutter off the turnbuckle and followed with a modified Michinoku Driver for the win.

WINNER: Tasha Steelz in 11 minutes and 46 seconds to retain the Knockouts Championship

This match struggled with the audience this late in the show with a longer match despite the work near the end. It was hard for anyone to believe Rosemary was going to win but when she hit the spear it was a good near fall. The match wasn’t much for the first three quarters but the two did some nice transitions and near-falls at the end, this audience did not seem engaged and it really hurt not having any significant reactions for a title match this high on the card.

There was a promo announcing Slammiversary returning to Nashville on Sunday, June 19th with clips from the past twenty years of the promotion.

Moose vs. Josh Alexander for the IMPACT Championship

Alexander walked to the ring with his son, who was dressed in the same ring gear as his father, and was a cool moment.

Alexander immediately used a fireman’s carry to take down Moose and administer knees to the body. Moose went to the floor and walked up to Alexander’s family in the front row, Alexander got upset which led to Moose landing a boot and taking control of the match.

Alexander went for the crossbody to the back but Moose caught him, Alexander popped off the shoulders and sent Moose into the post. Moose got hold of Alexander on the floor and swung him into the guardrail. Alexander escaped an abdominal stretch and stomped Moose against the bottom rope before hitting a running crossbody to the back as Moose was seated on the apron.

Alexander side-stepped a pump kick attempt and hit rolling German suplexes on Moose and ended up hitting ten of them. Moose came back with a Sky High out of the corner for a two-count.

Moose missed with a spear and was hit with a release German, Moose popped up and hit a lariat and scaled to the top for a flying clothesline but missed. Alexander applied the ankle lock and Moose fought to the rope.

They stood and traded chops. Moose lifts Alexander for a Uranage and he kicks out at one. Alexander’s headgear comes off and he fires up. Alexander hits the C4 Spike and Moose gets his foot on the rope. Alexander went for another one and was run into the corner. Moose bit Alexander’s ear in the corner.

Moose hit a superplex and went for a spear in the corner, but Alexander caught him and turned it into a Styles Clash. After hitting the move, he applied an ankle lock and Moose pulled off the turnbuckle pad. As the referee tended to the padding, Moose kicked Alexander low before running Alexander’s neck into the exposed buckle and hitting the spear and Alexander kicked out, which they note has never been done.

Moose tore off the top turnbuckle pad and hit a buckle bomb to the exposed buckle. Alexander blocked a second spear using his knee to the head of Moose. He looked at his family and hit the C4 Spike and wins the match.

WINNER: Josh Alexander in 23 minutes and 51 seconds to win the IMPACT Championship

Alexander’s family celebrated in the ring with the championship.

I enjoyed the main event a lot and Alexander worked the match as a top babyface and was an example of a long built-up story having a rewarding ending and a match that delivered.

It was structured well with the C4 near-fall and Alexander kicking out of the spear as two of the key moments of the match and then working the climaxing with the second C4 that won the match for Alexander.

Overall, I would categorize this as a good show with the top matches being the X Division three-way, Ishii against JONAH, and the main event. The rest was standard fare that I can’t say is worth dedicating three hours of your time, but you’ll be satisfied with those three matches.

It was not a show full of many angles or setting things up for the future but everything was designed for Alexander’s coronation as champion and that came off well as the clear focus of the show and the audience got what was promised in the end.

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