Homicide comments on 2022 ROH Hall of Fame inductees, says he better be in the next class

Former ROH World Champion Homicide speaks about the 2022 ROH Hall of Fame class and AEW's Tony Khan acquiring Ring of Honor

Homicide thinks he should be in the second ROH Hall of Fame class.

The first group of inductees into the Ring of Honor Hall of Fame were: CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Samoa Joe, The Briscoes (Mark & Jay Briscoe) along with former ROH owner Cary Silkin being honored with the ‘Legacy Award’.

In interviews following the announcement, Samoa Joe and The Briscoes expressed that they would’ve liked to seen Homicide included in the first group. Homicide told the Battleground Podcast that he appreciates their consideration and touched on his Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame induction.

Homicide’s first class for the ROH Hall of Fame includes Joe, Punk, The Briscoes and Jay Lethal. He went on to add that for the next go-around, he better be included and said he’d like to see Christopher Daniels inducted as well.

Oou, I don’t know if you heard but Game Changer Wrestling did a Hall of Fame for me. It was about the independents of Hall of Fame and I was the first one and to me, it was real. I was so happy about it. I had a speech and of course I blacked out, I said a couple of things, dropping ‘f bombs’ out there. [They] had sponsors right there and they’re saying it was really good because it’s just me. I don’t know what that means but it was — I was honored man. For Ring of Honor, man hell yeah [I’d be interested in being inducted into their Hall of Fame]. I think everybody uses the term ‘Hall of Fame’ a lot. It depends on the person, how they did. Like to me, I started Ring of Honor since day one. All my scars, all the injuries, busted my ass for the company, you know? So yeah, I deserve to be in the Hall of Fame! Yeah man, but like I said, my picks, I told somebody that my first class was CM Punk. The reason why CM Punk is because he’s from the Midwest. He brought that Midwest attitude to the east coast so I can dig that, plus he was our Raven. I don’t know if that makes sense, Raven of ECW but CM Punk was the reverse of Raven and was cool and plus, he’s a great guy. He’s an asshole but he’s a great guy. Samoa Joe, come on bro. You talk about Bruno Sammartino, Pedro Morales, all these great champions [that were raved about] for years, look at what Samoa Joe did for that title. He made that world title so important for the company, you know? Everybody wants that world title. I mean people from Japan came to the United States for a local independent show called Ring of Honor because Samoa Joe had the precious world title. So he made that title mean a lot and that’s all — definitely Samoa Joe. The Briscoes, come on, we talk about The Road Warriors, The Fabulous Freebirds, The Fantastics, The Midnight Express, The Dudley Boyz, excuse me, Team 3D, whatever they’re called, I don’t know. Also, The Briscoes [are] on that list. They are, to me, they are the outlaws, the renegades, the independent — someone like myself, underground king of professional wrestling and that’s what they are. Hell yeah, they deserve it. They were there since day one and they’re still busting their ass and taking names. To me, they’re the best tag team in the world right now next to FTR but that’s another story. You know, but to me, The Briscoes, I love those guys man. I call them ‘The Redneck Thugs’ so, I love those guys and Jay Lethal is one of them. The reason why Jay Lethal is because he was there since day one, went to TNA with myself when Ring of Honor was over. Went to TNA, he became ‘The Black Machismo’ and I guess got released and came back to Ring of Honor and he was still on fire. He wrestled great, became a world champion, a TV Champion. To be great — Jay Lethal is one of the greatest of all time of this generation. I’m gonna put him over. He is a GOAT of this era. He’s a phenomenal wrestler. I consider him the franchise of Ring of Honor, you know? That’s my first class. Now, the second class, that better be me [Homicide laughed]. That better be me, you know? But I’m just honored by The Briscoes saying, ‘It better be Homicide [in the ROH Hall of Fame]. He should be number two, he should be next year.’ Like I said, I’m honored man.

But like I said, with the Hall of Fame, Ring of Honor, man it’d be a blessing to be on class number two. I’m gonna be man. Whoever’s the boss, it could be Tony Khan, Christopher Daniels — I think he’s another one who should be [in] class number two but, that’s another story but yeah man, I better be there.

AEW President Tony Khan acquired Ring of Honor and has been the owner of the company for a full month. Homicide hopes the future is bright for ROH and that Khan does right by the Ring of Honor name.

I hope the future is bright [for Ring of Honor], I hope everything goes well. I mean we need more wrestling in this crazy world called planet earth and Ring of Honor made a lot of history man. I was part of the promotion day one and I was one of those guys who bring fire to the people like Samoa Joe, American Dragon, CM Punk, all those guys that people see on TV right now and I’m hoping, I’m hoping that Tony Khan does good for the company and I hope the guys bust their butt and make a living and also support — have the fans love the new product. So I hope the future is bright for Ring of Honor.

Homicide is the current NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion and he’ll be defending his title on the 4/26 episode of Powerrr. This coming weekend at PowerrrTrip 2, he has another scheduled title defense against Colby Corino.

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