The Bollywood Boyz credit DEFY Wrestling for taking care of their visa situation

The current DEFY Wrestling Tag Team Champions Gurv and Harv Sihra credit DEFY for helping them with their post-WWE visa situation

Photo Courtesy: DEFY Wrestling

Harv and Gurv Sihra speak about their time working with DEFY Wrestling.

Following their departures from WWE, Harv and Gurv Sihra, collectively known as ‘The Bollywood Boyz’ returned to in-ring action in their home country of Canada. The duo’s visa situation was being handled by WWE while they were under contract but as they became free agents, the independent promotion DEFY Wrestling stepped in to assist with helping them wrestle in the USA.

Harv and Gurv were profiled by Slam Wrestling and they shared with the outlet that days after their exits from WWE, DEFY contacted them and took care of their visa situation. They are currently the Tag Team Champions of DEFY .

Gurv: We’ve gotta give props and much love to DEFY Wrestling who called us within days of us getting released, and they took care of us, they took care of our visa situation, because obviously without a visa, we’re not going to be making a name for ourselves in the States.

Harv: It’s funny, just before we got released, DEFY was making so much buzz, we would see it on our feeds, and a lot of our friends were working there. We were like, ‘Holy crap, that’d be great.’ I remember the first DEFY show we did. I was like, working with WWE is obviously great, but that intimate atmosphere where they’re out, you can’t even duplicate that. And I was like, ‘Holy sh**, this is fun!’ I remember telling Gurv that. We had that ladder match, which was like, I mean, we’re not the Beatles, we’re still trying to make it, but man, I mean, that love the audience gave us in Seattle that night was …

Gurv: It boosts your confidence, because at the end of the day, you can be on WWE television, but people might not remember who you are. There is that 90-day thing. So when our music played, and we came out and we got the love and again, Matt Farmer and DEFY, we’ve got nothing but love for them.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Harv went on to share that Shawn Michaels sent them a message after it was made public that they were no longer with WWE.

Harv: Shawn Michaels told us … ‘Don’t ever take yourself out of the game. Just don’t take yourself out. Don’t stop, don’t stop training. Don’t stop dieting, don’t stop working out. Keep wrestling and keep doing whatever it takes. Don’t take yourself out of the game.’ He’s said Macho Man told him that years ago, when he was young, and he told us the same thing — don’t take yourself out of the game.

At DEFY Wrestling’s April 30th event, The Bollywood Boyz are putting the DEFY Tag Titles on the line against Cody Chhun and Guillermo Rosas.

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