Adam Scherr donated a portion of his WrestleMania 34 pay to Nicholas’ college fund

Former Raw Tag Team Champions Braun Strowman and Nicholas became the topic of conversation during a Q&A session

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Adam Scherr looks back on his tag team with Nicholas.

The second-to-last match at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans, Louisiana saw Adam Scherr f.k.a. Braun Strowman team up with ten-year-old Nicholas, who is the son of WWE Senior Manager of Talent and referee John Cone. Scherr and Nicholas defeated Cesaro and Sheamus to become Raw Tag Team Champions.

They relinquished the titles the following night on Raw. While in the U.K. at the ‘For the Love of Wrestling’ event, Scherr and Erick Redbeard were the focus of a Q&A session and Scherr reflected on that moment at WrestleMania 34. He thinks it allowed for the ‘Strowman’ character to show a different side of himself and he added that he donated a portion of his pay from that show to Nicholas’ college fund.

I thought it was an awesome opportunity [teaming with Nicolas at WrestleMania 34] and a lot of people didn’t like it and I could understand that because they did such a good job of protecting me and making me into the ‘Monster Among Men’, but you can only run so far being this indestructible, inhuman monster so it was an opportunity to kind of humanize me and to show that I was more than just fee-fi-fo-fum, I’m going to grind your kids up and make my bread. It showed that I was compassionate and stuff like that and it really resonated with the younger audience which is — which makes up a lot or mostly of my fans and demographic [which] are the kids so it was showing that this larger than life, this giant monster, I’m a giant teddy bear in real life unless you piss me off and then I’ll turn into a grizzly bear and I’ll eat your face. But yeah, it was really special, especially too because it’s John Cone’s son, the referee of the match and I’m very close with John. I have a great relationship and stuff like that and Nicolas did such an unbelievable job that I took a percentage of my money that I got paid at WrestleMania and donated to him for his college fund.

Several months prior to that, Scherr was competing for the WWE Universal Title at the Royal Rumble when he and Glenn ‘Kane’ Jacobs were a part of a Triple-Threat with Brock Lesnar.

During the match, Lesnar punched Scherr in the head after Scherr connected with a knee to Lesnar’s face. Scherr discussed that moment and the conversation he had with Lesnar. He jokingly added that he’s proud of it because he took a punch from Brock and did not get knocked out.

Yeah, we laughed it off in the back [Scherr & Brock Lesnar after Lesnar punched him] because like, after he blasted me with the right hand, I tried to kill him with a clothesline too and we both stopped for a second and looked at each other like, ‘We gonna keep doing this?’ And I was like, ‘I don’t wanna keep hitting you and I don’t want you to keep hitting me because it doesn’t feel good so let’s just — let’s wrestle and then we’ll figure it out later.’ I am proud of it though. I think I’m the only human being to take a right hand from Brock Lesnar and not get knocked out so I pat myself on the back for that.

On top of his outside the ring projects, Scherr is a part of the Control Your Narrative promotion. Back in March, Erick Redbeard had a short stint in All Elite Wrestling and competed at the Revolution pay-per-view.

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