Wardlow comments on program with MJF: “I couldn’t have wrote a better reality for what I’m currently living”

Wardlow felt that his opportunity would be big when he got it, but says what he is currently doing has exceeded his expectations

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The on-screen program between Wardlow and MJF is one that is exceeding Wardlow’s expectations.

On AEW television, Wardlow is ‘under contract’ to MJF and as of late, MJF and Shawn Spears have thrown challenges at Wardlow in the form of Lance Archer, The Butcher and IMPACT Wrestling’s W. Morrissey.

Wardlow is not able to use theme music when he comes to the ring, must be accompanied by security and handcuffed on his way to the ring and after his matches. Wardlow spoke about the ongoing storyline with Josh Martinez on the ‘Superstar Crossover’ podcast.

He expressed that he felt like when he got the opportunity to have a fleshed out program, it would be big but what he’s currently doing has exceeded expectations.

You know, I truly, wholeheartedly believed that once I had the opportunity, it was gonna be big and I think even this is exceeding my expectations. I mean I couldn’t have wrote myself a better future than what I’m currently living, or I guess I should say I couldn’t have wrote a better reality for what I’m currently living. I just… I wouldn’t change a single thing that has happened or a single thing that is happening right now.

In his matches, Wardlow performs the ‘Swanton Bomb’ and he shared that after his match against Lance Archer, he was approached by Jeff Hardy who gave him props for his execution of the move.

So the only one so — oh, so Jeff Hardy, that’s another one I didn’t mention. Here I am doing Swanton Bombs that I did millions of on trampolines throughout my life. So Jeff Hardy is the only one [childhood wrestling idol] that I’ve had the opportunity to talk to and thank and I’ll share a cool little moment. After I did the Swanton against Lance Archer, I’m in the locker room and Jeff comes up, you know, gives me knuckles and goes, ‘That was a nice Swanton. Very graceful’ and I stood there with this smile on my face for about ten minutes, speechless. So to have Jeff Hardy compliment my Swanton Bomb was absolutely insane.

Wardlow separated himself from MJF at the Revolution pay-per-view when he assisted CM Punk in defeating MJF in their Dog Collar match.

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