Mustafa Ali thinks people can relate to his storyline with Theory, adds that things came together last minute

Since returning to WWE, Mustafa Ali has been involved on-screen with United States Champion Theory

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Mustafa Ali dives into his storyline with Theory.

Last month, Mustafa Ali made his return to WWE TV and scored a win over The Miz. As of this writing, along with Miz, Ali has been featured on-screen with United States Champion Theory and Tommaso Ciampa, who has been targeting Ali since his return.

Mustafa had been away from the company as he publicly announced that he requested his release. He guest appeared on El Brunch de WWE and dove into his interactions with Theory. He feels that it is relatable and it is the story of a person who is handpicked to succeed versus the person who is grinding for an opportunity.

Yeah, you know, everything kind of came together last minute and I was kind of eyeing the roster up and down and you know, I’ve been making a lot of jokes about Theory and taking my shots at him but the reality of the situation is a guy like Theory and a guy like me, I feel like it’s a story everyone can relate to. There’s a guy in Theory that is, you know, no doubt, an amazing competitor but he’s gotten to the head of the line by kissing up to the boss, by cutting corners and by being that suck up, that corporate employee, you know? The perfect model employee, the one that’ll go tattle tell behind your back and we all know a guy like that or a girl like that, one that’ll do anything to get ahead in the corporate world and then there’s a guy like me that calls it right down the middle. If I think it’s bullcrap, I’ll say it’s bullcrap. If I say no, I’ll say no, you know? I’m that guy that’ll keep it — I have to be true to myself at all times and I feel like if you look at our careers, that’s been one of the defining factors. Theory is the youngest United States Champion in WWE history. I have been with the company almost six years now and have never held a championship but I’m widely regarded as one of the best in-ring performers that we have. So when you compare the two, to me, that’s the glaring difference and I think that’s the story that we’re trying to tell of there’s one guy that’s the corporate suck up and there’s another guy that’s not and that’s the story we’re trying to tell and so when I came back, I knew that’s who I was lining up bets — who my eyes was on. It was Theory and the United States Championship.

On the 5/9 episode of Raw, Ali went one-on-one with Ciampa but Miz was the special guest referee. Miz fast-counted for Ciampa so he could get the win. To hear POST Wrestling’s recap of that match and the entire show, head over to this link.

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