JBL received phone call from Bruce Prichard because someone in WWE assumed he was involved in concussion lawsuit

JBL recalls receiving a phone call from Bruce Prichard, who informed him that someone in WWE assumed JBL was part of the concussion lawsuit

JBL recounts a conversation with Bruce Prichard from 2021.

Attorney Konstantine Kyros led the now-dismissed concussion/brain damage lawsuit against WWE. Kyros represented multiple former in-ring performers and he forwarded their claims about WWE hiding the risks of concussions from them. In 2021, WWE and company CEO Vince McMahon sought out over $500,000 in legal fees from Kyros.

John Bradshaw Layfield touched on the concussion suit on the latest episode of ‘Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw’. He said last year, he received a phone call from Bruce Prichard who asked him if he was involved in the suit. JBL responded by saying he would never sue Vince McMahon.

Prichard went on to add that someone in WWE headquarters assumed that Layfield was involved and Layfield further denied those claims.

A few — I don’t how long ago, about a year ago, Bruce called me about something, Bruce Prichard called me about something and he goes, ‘Hey, you’re not — you’re not no way involved in that concussion lawsuit are you?’ I go, ‘Of course not. I’m not gonna sue Vince’ and he goes, ‘Okay.’ He goes, ‘I knew you weren’t, but somebody in headquarters had said, I think John may be involved’ and it was a hundred percent not true. None of it was true. I never even talked to a lawyer, nothing, and Bruce killed it thankfully.

Before the lawsuit was dismissed, in February 2021, the case was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court by Kyros.

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