LA Fights 4: Juicy Finau vs. Hunter Freeman, Titus Alexander vs. Lucas Riley

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LA Fights Volume 4
Saturday, May 21, 2022, Ukrainian Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:
Bad Dude Tito vs. Brandon Gaston
Jai Vidal vs. Jordan Cruz
Titus Alexander vs. Lucas Riley

LA Fights vs. JCW Results:

April 1, 2022, Fair Park, Dallas, Texas

Team JCW Defeated Team LA Fights, Cole Radrick Defeated Kevin Blackwood, Jack Cartwheel Defeated Alec Price, Big Vin Defeated Juicy Finau, Nick Wayne Defeated Marcus Mathers, Billie Starkz Defeated Sandra Moone, B-Boy Defeated Grim Reefer, Dark Sheik Defeated Charles Mason.

LA Fights Volume 4 Results:

Six-Man Scramble: Eli Everfly vs. Rob Shit vs. Cameron Gates vs. Keita Murray vs. Gregory Sharpe vs. Ju Dizz 

This was your typical scramble match with each man pairing off at certain points and which allowed them to get their moment to shine in the ring before the next duo was up. All the competitors were sent to the floor except for Gates and Everfly, two training partners at Santino Bros wrestling school; they briefly faced off before they launched themselves to the floor. Shit and Keita were next up in the ring where Shit landed a series of thrust kicks which sent Keita to the floor, Ju Dizz was able to land a beautiful dropkick which sent shit to the floor. Gregory Sharpe jumped the gloating Dizz and beat him down in the corner. Everfly returned to the ring and was able to beat up Sharpe for a little while before both of them were sent to the floor. All the competitors locked each other in submission moves but Keita grabbed a chair and ran wild clearing the ring. Eli Everfly climbed to the top rope and went for a dive but was caught by Cameron Gates who hit a Spanish fly onto the competitors on the floor. 

Ju Dizz won the Scramble

Singles Match: Damian Drake vs. Midas Kreed

The match started with a feeling-out process from both competitors, which saw Kreed locking in an arm wringer but Drake was able to escape with a headlock takeover. Kreed sent Drake to the floor and attempted to hit a tope but was cut off mid-action and slammed on the apron by Damian. It was a pretty back and forth matchup with neither man really able to get any serious momentum which made for a little bit of a slower but still decent match. Drake locked in the torture rack and hit a blue thunder bomb for a two count, Kreed hit a step in cutter followed by a running swinging neck breaker but it still wasn’t enough to put Drake away; they kept kicking out of various finishers until Midas Kreed connected with a tope followed by a reverse DDT for the victory.

Midas Kreed Defeated Damian Drake 

Singles Match: Brandon Gaston vs. Bad Dude Tito

Both of these competitors are seasoned and strong as they started the match with some chain wrestling sequence which culminated in an Ankle Lock from Bad Dude Tito. Gaston fired up and hit a series of neckbreakers and strikes on Tito; they continued their fight on the apron with Tito hitting Gaston with a back body drop. Bad Dude Tito continued the onslaught by hitting a tope which sent Gaston flying and followed it up with a series of hard strikes and a snake eye on the wooden railing. Back in the ring Tito hit an Eddie Guerrero-esqe senton and registered the first near fall of the matchup. Gaston sent Bad Dude Tito to the floor with a clothesline and hit a beautiful Sasuke Special followed by a perfect moonsault taking out Tito.  The match kind of fell apart for a moment after that spot as Gaston was searching under the ring for something, pretending to be knocked out or something, then he was powerbombed on the ring apron. Back in the ring, Bad Dude Tito once again locked in the ankle lock but Gaston powered out of it and connected with a DDT. Gaston’s advantage didn’t last long as he was once again caught with the ankle lock, suplex on his head, and hit with a huge frog splash securing the victory for Bad Dude Tito.

Bad Dude Tito Defeated Brandon Gaston 

Singles Match: Jordan Cruz vs. Jai Vidal

Cruz locked in a cravat that would‘ve made Chris Hero proud as he started off the match with the advantage over crowd favorite Jai Vidal. Cruz has the size and strength advantage in this matchup but Vidal at times is still too quick for Jordan Cruz; Cruz started to pick away at Jai Vidal with submission maneuvers and power spots. Vidal went for a swinging DDT but Cruz turned it into a delayed brainbuster, Cruz rushed into the corner but was met with double boots from Vidal, Cruz absorbed it as much as he could and connected with a forearm strike, and Irish whipped Vidal out of the ring. Cruz chopped Vidal a couple of times on the outside of the ring, sent him back in, and locked in a full nelson; Vidal was able to counter and finally connected with his DDT and Pele kick grounding Cruz. This was the most offense Vidal has gotten in throughout the entire match. Cruz caught Vidal who attempted a tope suicida and threw him into the ring post, Vidal powered up and eventually caught Cruz with a tope, Vidal tried to capitalize on the injured Cruz by hitting a top rope Canadian Destroyer but Cruz no-sold it but was eventually powerbombed and pinned. 

Jai Vidal Defeated Jordan Cruz 

Singles Match: Lucas Riley vs. Titus Alexander

The two had a battle of waist locks and chain wrestling to start off the match, both men bridged out of a pin and started to slap each other in the face while bridged; they traded a series of near falls as they wrestled to a stalemate. Riley controlled the match up for a little while, he connected with a couple of forearm shots only for him to be caught and knocked off the top rope by the much bigger Titus Alexander. Titus kept attempting pinfalls but Riley was able to kick out each time, a frustrated Titus went to kick the ref in the head which allowed Riley to regain his composure and hit a snap suplex on Titus. The two men met in the center of the ring and started trading stiff strikes, the ref had to break them up which allowed each man to recover.  Riley hit a Frankensteiner for a two count followed by a package DDT for a two count, Riley went for a Japanese arm drag but was caught by Titus who hit him with a snake eyes followed by a massive german suplex, and Lucas Riley landed high on his shoulders/neck but still kicked out at 1. Riley hit a cutter but Titus rolled out of the ring, Riley countered that by hitting a tope, but it didn’t matter because Titus was able to hit the ‘Sweet Time Driver’ for the victory.

Titus Alexander Defeated Lucas Riley 

Tag Team Match: PPRay(Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas) vs. Gangsta Party (B-Boy and Lil Cholo)

Before the introductions could happen PPRay attacked B-Boy and Cholo on the floor and took the fight to them for the opening moments of the match. Ray Rosas continued his offense on Cholo, which consisted of Ray pulling down his trunks and sticking his bare ass in Cholo’s face. Cholo responded by biting his ass as the commentator exclaimed “Cholo is eating Ray’s ass, literally!” Ray rushed into Cholo but Cholo moved and he got caught on the top rope, B-Boy then shook the ropes doing further damage to the netherregion of Ray. Cholo made the hot tag and B-Boy ran wild on the PPRay, B-Boy locked in a head-and-arm choke on Peter Avalon and used Peter’s body to taunt Ray. Ray was tagged back into the match and took the fight to the veteran B-Boy, connecting with stiff strikes and kicks in the corner. Ray Rosas isn’t very good, there’s no meaning nor fluidity behind the moves that he strings together. Cholo received the hot tag and ran wild, he attempted a double pin on PPRay but they kicked out at 2, B-Boy was beating up Ray behind the ref’s back and Cholo connected with a strike to the face which dropped Ray. B-Boy choked out Ray Rosas for the victory. 

Gangsta Party Defeated PPRay

Singles Match: Hunter Freeman vs. Juicy Finau

The match started off in a hurry with both of these giants landing some stiff strikes, Juicy was sent to the floor and taken out by a massive dive over the top rope from Hunter Freeman. Juicy evened the score as he hit Freeman over the head with a chair and threw a door into the ring. Juicy set up another door right by the stage, Juicy took too long as Hunter recovered and blasted Juicy over the back of the head with a chair. Juicy lifted Hunter on his shoulders and gave him an FU onto the stage, Hunter connected with a pump kick but it didn’t phase Juicy, who caught Freeman and back body dropped him from the stage through the door bridge on the floor. The action returned to the ring where Juicy set up a door in the corner, he tried to slam Hunter through the door but Freeman was able to slink out and spear Juicy through the door. He followed that up with a series of running boots and chair shots for a two-count. Freeman was able to slam Juicy through a couple of chairs but was only able to register a three count. Hunter Freeman went to the back and retrieved a barbed-wire door which was then set up in the corner of the ring. Juicy hit Freeman with a DVD through the barbed wire door and pinned Juicy Finau. 

Juicy Finau Defeated Hunter Freeman

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