DDT Pro-Wrestling to lift vocal crowd noise restriction for July 7th show

DDT Pro-Wrestling will be lifting the vocal crowd noise restriction for their July 7th event which will be a free show

Photo Courtesy: DDT Pro-Wrestling

Vocal crowd noise cleared for DDT’s July show.

DDT Pro-Wrestling announced that at their July 7th show, the vocal crowd noise restriction will be lifted. Crowds in attendance for pro wrestling events in Japan have verbally remained silent and showed their emotions through stomping and clapping.

This restricted being lifted is a test trail for DDT and the seats at the venue will be arranged so that people are socially distanced from one another. The July 7th show is free of charge.

Bushiroad CEO Takaaki Kidani recently touched on the possibility of New Japan Pro-Wrestling lifting their crowd noise restriction for the Best of the Super Juniors final event on June 3rd.

The regulation is that if the venue approves and the number of guests is within 50 percent of the capacity, the organizers of the event can allow vocal crowd noise.


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