MLW Fusion Report: Alex Hammerstone defends title against Cesar Duran

Photo Courtesy: MLW

MLW Fusion #146

May 26th, 2022

Gilley’s in Dallas, TX

By: John Siino

Commentary: Rich Bocchini & Joe Dombrowski

Microman Has Arrived!

We start the show with Mister Saint Laurent and Microman in the Micromobile arriving at the venue being greeted by fans. They get confronted by two of Cesar Duran’s henchmen who pass him a note that says if Microman loses tonight he is gone from MLW forever.

Danny Rivera (w/ Dr. Julius Smokes) vs. Davey Richards

Danny Rivera now is announced with “Limelight” being his nickname. Rivera gets on the mic before the match and talks trash about the fans in the crowd with their Davey Richards shirts and, of course, says the Dallas Cowboys suck and he will put Richards ‘old ass’ down tonight. Richards starts the match working on Rivera’s arm, who goes into the ropes for a breather. Rivera asks for a test of strength, only to kick Richards down. Richards comes back with a punch attempt, but Rivera extends his hand out, only to smack Richards. Richards tries a pin attempt but gets up just to get drop kicked down. Rivera keeps the offense going hitting a neckbreaker and a senton for a two. Rivera drives down elbows as they go to commercial.

When we come back, Richards is delivering kicks and hits a dragon screw on the ropes, before heading to the top rope and missing a double stomp. Richards puts on a death lock, but Rivera is able to reach the ropes for a break. Richards comes back with a roundhouse kick and tries another running one, which Rivera ducks and hits a DDT for a two. They go back and forth with forearms until Richards hits a German suplex and a clothesline for a two. Richards follows with Gotch style piledriver and gets the pin.

Winner: Davey Richards by pinfall at 8:29

Rich Bocchini gets a word with Richards after ringside who says it was no shame losing to Alex Hammerstone, but that loss made him hungrier, and he challenges Alex Kane for the National Openweight Championship.

We see a video package for Alex Hammerstone and Cesar Duran ahead of their World Heavyweight Championship Match for tonight before cutting to two of Duran’s henchmen guarding Duran’s office that Mads Krugger barges out of.

Battle Riot IV Control Center

We get more entrants for the June 23rd event in New York City

·       EJ Nduka

·       Jacob Fatu

·       Mini Abismo Negro

·       Budd Heavy

·       Matt Cross

·       Ross Von Erich

We go to Cesar Duran who is in a gi backstage training before being interrupted by the Von Erichs who say they want their shot against 5150. Duran says he’s busy training, so Marshall gets upset and punches through the wooden board.

TJP & Strange Sangre (Arez & Mini Abismo Negro) (w/ Holidead & Dr. Dax) vs. Aerostar, El Dragon & Microman

Microman gets the introduction from MSL and a big reaction, as he starts the match with TJP who quickly tags out to Arez. Arez and Aerostar start the match after taking Abismo and Dragon out of the ring. Arez catches Aerostar off the top ropes and sets up Abismo to punch him, only for Aerostar to duck. Aerostar goes on the offense stomping on Abismo’s back before TJP tags in and goes after Aerostar’s arm. Microman gets in the ring, as TJP teases him and gets on his knees just for Microman to attack him with punches and a hurricanrana. Dragon tags in but gets spilt to the outside where he gets jumped by Strange Sangre as Holidead distracts the referee. TJP keeps attacking Aerostar before Arez tags in and hits a suplex on Aerostar who DDT’s Dragon in the process. Abismo comes in as him and Arez both hit top rope splashes for Abismo to get a two count as they go to commercial.

When we come back the heels are in control, as Arez is choking Microman out in the corner with his boots. Microman is able to strike fear in the hearts of the heels before Dragon and Aerostar dive off the top rope before splashing Microman on top of them for a two. Holidead gets involved and joins the pile. We see footage from the back of Duran’s henchmen knocking on the door of Los Parks locker room. Back to the match, Arez hits a moonsault to the outside before Aerostar dives on everybody. Abismo follows that with a top rope moonsault to the outside and Dragon with a twisting dive. Microman teases climbing next, but TJP stops him and attempts both a sharpshooter and figure four but is unable to twist up Microman’s legs. Microman catches TJP’s arm and puts him in an armbar that MLS calls the ‘Microwara Armbar’ that Abismo comes in and breaks up. Abismo takes down Microman before TJP misses the Mamba Splash. Microman hits the ‘6.19’ on TJP before rolling up Abismo for the pin and the win.

Winners: Aerostar, El Dragon & Microman by pinfall at 10:36

Tankman All Access

We get another all access look at Calvin Tankman who says MLW has given him the opportunity to show what he can do and help elevate this company to the next level. He talks about his first year and taking down everybody until he slipped up against Jacob Fatu and wants another shot at the title. All he wants from this business and life in general is to be financially stable and take care of his family. Tankman wants to be a legend in his community and his family and in every sense of the word.

Fake Ass Karate Kid

We go back to Cesar Duran who is still training in his office before Jacob Fatu barges in and attacks his henchmen. Fatu says how they thought he was one of Los Parks and he will see them later and calls Duran a ‘fake ass Karate Kid’ as commentary talks about Duran’s plans blowing up in his face for tonight’s title match.

We see a hype video for Killer Kross.

Next Week

·       nZo vs. KC Navarro in a grudge match

·       Bandido vs. Flamita

MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Cesar Duran

Duran comes out in his gi with his henchmen and two additional referees that escort him out. As Tim Barr is trying to do the introductions, one of the henchmen hands him a note that says Duran is the ‘embodiment of Lucha Libre with a black belt in violence, your homeboy, a visionary, a man with courage and conviction. A man who possesses the biggest cojones ever measured, the undefeated and reigning El Jefe of Azteca Underground; Cesar Duran’ before doing an impressive acrobatic off the ropes that’s assisted by the henchmen. They make Barr read notes for Hammerstone that says he’s ‘fighting out of a country that has seen it’s best days gone by and representing the fat, poor and dumb, fueled with more illegal supplements than the fast food each and every one of you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is Alex Hammerstone’.

Before the bell can ring, Duran grabs a mic and asks the crowd if they are ready for violence and to see Hammerstone humbled. Before he can humiliate Hammerstone he will give him a gift of the Gods and Hammerstone will fight with one arm behind his back as the referee goes to chain his arm behind his back in which Hammerstone says ‘no problem’. Duran yells to make it tight enough to make Hammerstone bleed. Duran says there is one more thing and asks for a chair for a prop as the bell officially rings. Duran goes to swing the chair but gets stopped by Richard Hollidays’ music as he comes out with Alicia Atout.

Holliday has a mic and says this all seems like a giant joke and Duran should not be wrestling for the heavyweight championship under these conditions. If anybody should be wrestling for it, it should be him as he tells Hammerstone it ‘was always him’ and attacks him with stomps in the corner causing the referee to ring the bell.

Winner: Alex Hammerstone by disqualification at 1:40, to retain

Holliday grabs the chair and attacks Hammerstone with it. Duran screams that he loves this glorious violence and says he loves surprises and consequences as Hammerstone is getting both. King Muertes and Mads Krugger come out and start attacking Hammerstone. The Von Erichs run out for the save standing tall with Hammerstone. Duran says they will pay for this and they fight Muertes, Krugger and Holliday in a trios match.

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