GCW Downward Spiral: Joey Janela vs. Johnny Game Changer from Las Vegas

Photo Courtesy: GCW

GCW Downward Spiral
Saturday, May 28, 2022, Silver Nugget Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

By: Jon Pine

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:

Chris Bey vs. Mike Bailey
Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne vs. ASF and Gringo Loco
Johnny Game Changer vs. Joey Janela
Cole Radrick and Rina Yamashita vs. John Wayne Murdoch and Alex Colon

GCW News:

Tournament of Survival 7 Weekend:
Saturday, June 4, 2022

Tournament of Survival:
First Round Matches
Cole Radrick vs. Drew Parker
Rina Yamashita vs. Hoodfoot
Toru Sugiura vs. Shane Mercer
Matt Tremont vs. SLADE

Deathmatch Hall of Fame:
Wifebeater, inducted by Nick Mondo
JC Bailey, inducted by Mad Man Pondo
Toby Klein, inducted by Brandon Lee FKA Deranged

Sunday, June 5, 2022

JCW Fully Loaded:
Singles Match: Lindsay Snow vs. Janai Kai
Singles Match: Grim Reefer vs. Alec Price
Singles Match: Axton Ray vs. Yoya
GCW Tag Team Title Match: BUSSY (EFFY & Allie Katch, Champions) vs. Billie Starkz & Marcus Mathers

Singles Match: LuFisto vs. Masha Slamovich
Tag Team Match: IronBeasts (KTB & Shane Mercer) vs. Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice)
GCW Ultraviolent Title Cage of Survival Match: John Wayne Murdoch (champion) vs. Alex Colon
Talent Announced: Sawyer Wreck

You Wouldn’t Understand
Saturday, June 18, 2022, Melrose Ballroom, New York City

GCW World Champion Jon Moxley Returns to GCW
Six-Man Tag: ASF, Drago Kid, and Gringo Loco vs. The SAT
Singles Match: Nate Webb vs. Charles Mason
Singles Match: Action Mike Jackson vs. Joey Janela
Singles Match: Jack Evans vs. Ninja Mack
Singles Match: Grim Reefer vs. Homicide

I Never Liked You
Sunday, June 19, 2022, Fete Music, Providence, Rhode Island
Singles Match: Nick Wayne vs. Will Ospreay
Singles Match: LuFisto vs. Allie Katch
Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. JT Dunn
Talent Announced: Ninja Mack, Kevin Blackwood, Tony Deppen, SGC

Gateway to the Death:
Friday, July 1, 2022, Pop’s Nightclub, Sauget, Illinois

Singles Match: Delirious vs. EFFY
Singles Match: Alex Colon vs. Cole Radrick
Singles Match: Davey Richards vs. Joey Janela

JCW announced that Lucha Legends Negro Casas and Volodor Jr. for their show on Sunday, July 10, 2020.

Downward Spiral Results:

Six-Way Scramble Match: The Rotation vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Matt Vandagriff vs. Titus Alexander vs. Marcus Mathers vs. Early Morning Guy Steele

Before the bell rang, Guy Steele attacked Matt Vandagriff, The Rotation and Titus Alexander; Steele entered the ring and ran the ropes but was sent to the floor and triple superkicked by the aforementioned competitors. Titus Alexander hit the Chaos Theory onto Matt Vandagriff which sent him to the floor; this was my first time seeing The Rotation, he had a very solid sequence with Marcus Mathers. Guy Steele took out Jimmy Lloyd with a hurricanrana followed by an attempted springboard dive to the floor but Stelle ended up crotching himself on the top rope.  The Rotation took advantage of the opportunity as he used Guy’s back to wipe out the rest of the competitors on the floor with a tope con hilo. All of the competitors got the chance to hit their high-flying moves, The Rotation climbed on top of a 15-foot structure and took everyone out with a moonsault. Guy Steele hit a top rope Canadian destroyer and attempted a pinfall but the pin was broken up by Marcus Mathers. Steele and Mathers traded near falls with Guy Steele eventually getting the victory after hitting a spinning neckbreaker. 

Early Morning Guy Steele wins the Scramble

Six Person Tag Team Match: Allie Katch, Billie Starkz, Sandra Moone vs. Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice 

Moone and Justice started off the matchup with a headlock from Moone but Justice was too strong and threw her across the ring, followed by a stiff shoulder tackle. Moone hit a second rope Regalplex for a near fall. Gray and Starkz were next in the matchup, Gray built a head of steam but Starkz stopped his momentum with an attempted hurricanrana but AJ blocked it a couple of times and finally cartwheeled out of one to the delight of the crowd. Mance Warner and Allie Katch traded chops and strikes in the center of the ring, Katch headbutted Warner to the floor which led to all of SGC bringing in chairs into the matchup. SGC relentlessly beat up their opponents with chair shots, all while Justice retrieved a pair of doors from underneath the ring; they built a door bridge and placed Moone underneath, and propped Starkz up on AJ Gray’s shoulder. Starkz countered with a rana which sent AJ Gray through the door but SGC regained control with a pair chair shots, Katch returned to the ring with a knife and stabbed Warner’s head and cut Justice’s chest. AJ Gray disarmed Katch by spearing her and attempted a pin but it was broken up by Starkz. Warner lawn darted Moone into the door but the door didn’t break, Justice speared her and DVD’d her through the door. SGC set up another door, Warner attempted to Superplex Starkz through the door but Moone snuck in and powerbombed Warner through the door, Katch hit a piledriver for the victory.

Billie Starkz, Allie Katch, and Sandra Moone Defeated Second Gear Crew

Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Chris Bey

The match started off hot as Bailey picked the leg and started sprinting through various counters and reversal with Bey until Bey took a powder on the floor. They locked up again and this time it was Bey with the advantage throughout their exchanges, culminating in a springboard tieras that sent Bailey to the floor. Bey tried to continue his momentum but Bailey kicked him in the chest and locked in a single leg crab followed by a double knee to the abdomen of Chris Bey. Bailey hit a second rope frog splash for the first nearfall of the matchup. The action picked up once again with Bailey continuing his advantage as he grounded Bey with a Mars Comet for another two-count. Bey fired back up, connecting with a Code Red, and attempted a springboard cutter but Bailey bailed to the floor, stopped Bey’s momentum and hit a triangle moonsault. Bey returned to the ring and took out Bailey with a top con hilo. Back in the ring, both men battled on the top rope, Bey laid out Bailey on the top rope, stomped him, and attempted the springboard cutter once again but was kicked in the head by Mike Bailey. Bailey finally connected with the moonsault double knees and a buzzsaw kick for a two-count. Bey hit a buzzsaw kick of his own and climbed to the top rope but was blocked by Bailey who hit the Ultimate Weapon for the win. 

Mike Bailey Defeated Chris Bey

Singles Match: Matt Cardona vs. Blake Christian

Before the bell rang Cardona blindsided Blake with the Internet Championship but Christian quickly recovered and started to take the fight to Matt Cardona. Blake Christian controlled the opening minutes of the match up hitting Candona with a standing frog splash and various strikes, he wiped Cardona out on the floor with a top con hilo over the ring post. Cardona got caught with a superkick, followed by a running flip dive, Cardona retreated and threw a pitcher of beer at Christian’s head, he rammed several trash cans into the body of Blake Christian, Christian returned fire and climbed onto a ledge by the bar and dove onto Matt Cardona. Cardona went for the pedigree but Christian was able to muscle his way out of it and back body dropped Cardona on the steel entranceway. They went back into the ring, Cardona low-blowed Christian, and rolled him up for the win. 

Matt Cardona Defeated Blake Christian  

Tag Team Match: Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne vs. ASF and Gringo Loco

Oliver and Loco started off the match up and immediately started running through mind-blowing Lucha sequences which ended with a stare-off in the center of the ring. Both men tagged in their partners who started off with a Greco Roman knuckle lock before engaging in their own sequence of Lucha-based offense and reversals. Gringo and ASF got the heat on Jordan Oliver with a pair of splashes onto the ribs of Oliver, ASF was jaw-jacking with Nick Wayne as they continued the beatdown on his partner with quick tags and powerful strikes. Nick Wayne got the hot tag and started to run wild on both Gringo Loco and ASF with an amazing offensive flurry but he was still only able to get a two count on ASF. Wayne tagged in Oliver who continued to work over ASF’s arm, ASF was able to tag in Gringo Loco who took Oliver and Wayne out with a pair of dropkicks followed by a handspring into a tieras. ASF hit an assisted poison rana onto Nick Wayne, Gringo Loco climbed to the top rope, ASF climbed onto his shoulders and hit a splash onto Wayne. All four men started brawling, Oliver folded ASF up with a sit-out Liger Bomb. Gringo Loco took out Oliver on the floor with a Fosbury flop while ASF hit a shooting star press onto Nick Wayne for a very close near-fall. All four men stood in the center of the ring and traded forearms; Wayne and Oliver hit a cutter into a German suplex combination and with ASF isolated in the ring Oliver hit him with the clout cutter for the victory.

Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver Defeated Gringo Loco and ASF

Singles Match: EFFY vs. Kevin Blackwood

EFFY and Blackwood started the match up with some chain wrestling and reversals with neither of them getting the advantage; EFFY headbutted Kevin Blackwood in the balls which started his offensive flurry. Blackwood cut EFFY off with a double stomp followed by a pump kick that sent EFFY to the floor, EFFY returned to the ring and was met with a knee strike followed by several kicks to the legs. With EFFY grounded, Blackwood locked in a seated abdominal stretch of sorts, EFFY was able to make it to his feet but Blackwood chopped him back down again with kicks to the legs. EFFY grabbed Blackwood’s nipples, which allowed EFFY to take control of the match. EFFY hit a Super Dragon-esque curb stomp followed by the cattle mutilation but Blackwood was able to free himself and connect with a running uppercut. Both men stood in the center of the ring and traded stiff shots, Blackwood kissed EFFY but EFFY was still able to roll up Blackwood for the victory.

EFFY Defeated Kevin Blackwood

Singles Match: Jai Vidal vs. Dark Sheik 

This was a first time ever singles matchup as the two started off the match with a usual feeling-out process. Jai took early control of the matchup as he beat Sheik down with various chops and strikes, but it didn’t last long though as Sheik sent Jai to the floor and took him out with a crossbody. Jai Sabu’d a chair into Sheik’s head, placed her on the chair and hit a tope suicida, rolled her back into the ring, and got a two count on Dark Sheik. Sheik fired back up and hit the dick punch and slammed Jai’s face onto the chair and did a Bronco Buster onto Jai. Jai hit a flurry of offense on Sheik culminating in the power bottom bomb but Sheik was still able to kick out. Jai set up a couple of chairs in the ring and put Sheik on the top rope, before he could capitalize, Sheik bit his nose and hit a Samoan Driver onto the chairs for the victory.

Dark Sheik Defeated Jai Vida.

Singles Match: Johnny Game Changer vs. Joey Janela 

The two started off with a slower pace as they started working over each other’s arms, Janela got the short advantage by eye-poking Johnny and running his eyes across the ropes. Johnny hit a swinging neck breaker followed by an attempted starship pain but Joey rolled out of the way and Johnny landed on his feet. The two stared at each other in the ring, Joey attacked Dad, the guy who accompanied Johnny to the ring, and Johnny hit a twisting tope which took out Joey to the floor. Joey took advantage of Johnny’s concern over Dad and hit him with a piledriver on the apron. Johnny Game Changer is continually grounded by some stiff forearms from Joey Janela, who then went to town on Johnny’s fingers and neck. Joey hit a reverse Spanish fly and floated over into an STF, with Joey firmly in control he continued his onslaught on Johnny with a swinging neckbreaker. Both men grounded each other with stereo forearms, Joey hit a DVD and rolled out to the floor, and threw in a couple of chairs and a door into the ring. Dad returned to the ring with boxing gloves but Joey knocked Dad out and put him through the door. Johnny Game Changer recovered, and hit a knee lift followed by the starship pain for a two count. Johnny set up a door across the bottom rope, Janela put Johnny on his shoulders while standing on the door, but the door broke underneath their weight before Joey could do anything. Johnny smashed the remains of the door across the face of Janela which busted him open, Johnny placed him on the door and hit a flipping elbow drop on Janela for the win. 

Johnny Game Changer Defeated Joey Janela

Tag Team Deathmatch: Alex Colon and John Wayne Murdoch vs. Cole Radrick and Rina Yamashita 

Due to an injury sustained last night at VxS’s Better off Dying, Drew Parker was unable to compete tonight, instead, Cole Radrick will be teaming with Rina Yamashita.

Murdoch and Radrick started off the match-up with a collar and elbow tie-up with Murdoch getting the advantage but Murdoch quickly tagged out to Alex Colon. Rina and Alex went right for the tubes as they stalked each other around the ring, with both competitors hitting each other in the face with the tubes. Rina sent Colon to the floor and tagged in Radrick, who unloaded a pair of tubes over the skull of Murdoch. Rina hit Murdoch and Colon with a double back suplex and started carving away on Colon’s head; Murdoch was doing the same to Radrick’s head. Cole broke a bundle of tubes over the chest of John Wayne Murdoch as the action returned to the ring. Colon tagged himself in and started to kick tubes into the back and head of Cole Radrick, Murdoch returned the favor by tagging himself in and breaking tubes over the scruff of Cole’s neck. Cole was sliced open pretty good but he still was able to cut off Colon and Murdoch’s momentum by drop kicking Murdoch into Alex Colon, Rina tagged herself in and was hit over the head with a tube from Murdoch but it didn’t phase her as she broke one over her head and started eating the glass and then took a back bump onto the tubes, she encouraged JWM to do the same which he did but Rona went for the pin. Colon saved Murdoch but Rina grabbed both of their balls and sent them flying. Cole and Rina double team suplexed Murdoch who was sent to the floor. Cole went for a tube-assisted Lionsault but the bundle didn’t break so instead he threw it at JWM’s face. All four competitors squared off in the center of the ring, Murdoch was speared through a door by Radrick. Colon attacked Cole from behind, Murdoch hit a destroyer and went for the pin but it was broken up by Alex Colon. The two got in each other’s faces but still took time to beat down Rina, Colon hit a tube assisted running double knee and Murdoch sent Colon to the floor. Rina kicked out at 1 as Murdoch and Colon faced off once again but Cole interjected himself and hit a double stunner, Murdoch cut him off and hit a brainbuster followed by a top rope tube assisted double foot stomp. Murdoch hit a brainbuster onto Colon and put Radrick on top of Murdoch’s own tag team partner, which secured the victory. 

Cole Radrick and Rina Yamashita Defeated GCW Ultraviolent Champion John Wayne Murdoch and Alex Colon

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