AJ Mendez details what WOW is looking for talent-wise, maps out their taping schedule

Women of Wrestling producer AJ Mendez discusses the show, their taping schedule and also commented on AEW's Serena Deeb and Britt Baker

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WOW Executive Producer AJ Mendez discusses the program.

It was revealed in October 2021 that former three-time WWE Divas Champion AJ Mendez (Lee) would be getting back into pro wrestling as the Executive Producer of WOW (Women of Wrestling).

AJ dove into her decision to get back into wrestling and working with WOW while guest appearing on The Sessions with Renée Paquette. Mendez explained what they are looking for talent-wise and stressed that diversity and inclusivity is focused on.

I think the biggest thing, sort of the M.O. is just that everybody gets along [in Women of Wrestling] and that it’s a safe, comfortable, inclusive environment. So our entire cast is so diverse. We have all different cultures, all different shapes and sizes, all different experience levels coming in. Some people have been wrestling for ten years, some have been wrestling for ten weeks and it’s just really fascinating to see. It’s every kind of woman on TV being a different kind of role model and the goal is to show that superheroes come in so many different packages and a woman can be a superhero in so many different ways.

Elsewhere during the conversation, Mendez mapped out WOW’s taping schedule. She said they’ll be doing a total of 52 shows and they record 12 shows in a three-day session every month.

We [Women of Wrestling] are doing I believe 12 shows in this three-day — we’re doing about 52 shows, but we do 12 in like a three-day shooting session every month.

Paquette asked Mendez has she been tuned in to the AEW product. Mendez jokingly said she’s been watching for ‘reasons’ now. She specifically highlighted Serena Deeb and Britt Baker as two talents she enjoys watching. Mendez credits Deeb for passing her the torch early in her career and making her a better wrestler.

AJ added that she’s always been big on promos and Baker stands out to her in that category. At the time of the recording, she said she could not wait to meet Britt.

Well, I’ve been watching some AEW for ‘reasons’ and I’ve gotta say, as much as I love so many people on the roster, I think the best wrestler they have is Serena Deeb. I’m obsessed with her. Serena and I are like — go way back. I was in FCW and I was the first indie wrestler — female indie wrestler they had signed in like a decade or something and it was this huge deal and I only had two years of experience so it’s kind of just this label. When she came in, it was like I was drowning and this wonderful person came in to save me and she was like an indie wrestler that had a lot of experience, like a real f*cking indie wrestler and she was so good that she taught me so much in this very short period of time and then got injured and then I had to step up and be locker room leader. All I did was just mimic what she taught me and it made me a better wrestler and I honestly credit her teaching me and then passing that torch to me for me becoming a good wrestler and everything else that happened after, like success-wise. So she’s just like the beginning of a chapter for me and I just see her shine now. She’s so f*cking good. I love Britt [Baker]. That’s my girl. Oh my God, I love a promo, you know I love a promo. There’s a confidence. There’s something that you can’t teach people. It’s just like if you love yourself and you know who you are, you speak a different way and I can just see that in her so I’m always just like, that’s my baby.

Mendez’s significant other is newly crowned AEW World Champion CM Punk, who was approached by New Japan’s Hiroshi Tanahashi on the 6/1 AEW Dynamite.

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