Ricochet discusses what WWE can do to empower him as Intercontinental Champion

The reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion Ricochet explains what WWE can do to spotlight him as their champion

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The Intercontinental Champion explains how WWE can spotlight him.

Since early March, the WWE Intercontinental Championship has been in Ricochet’s possession. He’s had four title defenses so far with the latest being against Shanky on 4/22.

Ricochet feels there is more that can be done to further spotlight him as champion and expressed those sentiments to Shakiel Mahjouri during their interview. He said all he needs is the opportunity and believes no one is going to outwork or outperform him if he’s put in that spotlighted position.

Give me time [is what WWE can do to empower me as Intercontinental Champion]. Just give me opportunities. Give me a chance to show what I do, give me — which there have been a lot recently, like a lot. They have given me that outlet to perform because that’s what Ricochet needs. He needs that outlet to show everybody that he literally is the best. When you step into that ring, when you step through those ropes in the 20 x 20 and those four corners, there’s nobody — and this right here [Intercontinental Title] proves it — there’s nobody who’s gonna outwork him, there’s nobody who’s going to outperform him, there’s literally nobody. I don’t care who you pick. I don’t care who your favorite is, who you like the best, that’s great but there’s nobody that’s gonna be better than me and I just need that one chance, one opportunity. It doesn’t matter if it’s two minutes, it doesn’t matter if it’s 20 minutes, it doesn’t matter. If Ricochet’s out there, he’s gonna be unforgettable and you’re going to remember him until the next time you see him do something else and so I just need that opportunity in which they have been — well I’ve been kind of taking myself to be honest with you. But that’s what I need. I just need the opportunity.

Columbus, Ohio will play host the 6/3 episode of Friday Night SmackDown and as of this writing, scheduled for the program is the return of Madcap Moss.

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