The Bella Twins discuss their A&E/WWE ‘Biography’ episode

Nikki and Brie Bella speak about their A&E/WWE 'Biography' episode that is going to air this summer

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Nikki and Brie speak about their ‘Biography’ episode.

Earlier this month, it was revealed by WWE and A&E that the series titled ‘Biography: WWE Legends’ will begin airing in July. Among the list of subjects that were profiled for the show were The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie Bella).

Now that the show topics are public, they spoke about it on their podcast and expressed how excited they are. Nikki mentioned that there are parts when she got emotional. Brie initially questioned what else could they add information-wise since they’ve been on reality TV, have a podcast, a book and YouTube channel but when the format was explained to them, Brie recognized that a side of she and her had not been shown.

Nikki: Now we finally get to talk about it.

Brie: Our A&E documentary?

Nikki: That’s right.

Brie: Yeah, I’m super excited. You know, when they asked to do a documentary on us, you sometimes think to yourself like, gosh, I have the memoir out, I’ve been on reality television, we have a podcast, a YouTube channel. You’re like, what else can you talk about? But then, when they broke it down to us, what WWE and A&E want to showcase, I was like, you know what? That side of us hasn’t been shown. So I’m really excited for people to tune in and gosh, we’re with great, amazing legends; Undertaker, Goldberg.

Nikki: I mean, this season is amazing.

Brie: The season that we’re on, also, The Undertaker will be on there, Goldberg, Lex Luger, Edge, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and D-Generation X.

Nikki: I mean, iconic, iconic, iconic. It is a massively iconic season. Just like when we were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, I mean absolutely incredible. All this talent, just icons, all these men. Brie, we’re amongst a lot of amazing men, I like it.

Brie: It’s been the story of our lives but, I love it so I’m excited for everyone to watch. It’s fun that you get this-this summer.

Nikki: There’s little parts that I got really emotional so I’m gonna be — it’s like when you live back in reality, right? When we know those emotional parts are coming up and you’re like, oh my gosh, I don’t wanna see myself go through that again but, that’s okay. So, we’re gonna have some laughs and tears and inspiration.

Along with Nikki and Brie, names like The Undertaker, Goldberg, Lex Luger, Edge, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and D-Generation X are going to be profiled in the series.

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