Jake Lee regains Triple Crown at AJPW Champions Night 4

After an injury ended his first championship reign, Jake Lee is once again the Triple Crown holder.

Photo Courtesy: AJPW

After an injury ended his first championship reign, Jake Lee is once again the Triple Crown holder.

On Sunday’s Champions Night 4 event, Jake Lee defeated Kento Miyahara with the D4C to launch his second campaign as All Japan Pro Wrestling’s top champion.

Last December, Lee was sidelined with a fractured nasal bone and fracture of the medial wall in his left orbital. Due to the injury, Lee relinquished the Triple Crown and ended his reign which began in June 2021.

Miyahara won the Triple Crown for the fifth time when he secured the vacant championship in January.

After the match, Suwama issued the next challenge for Lee.

Sunday’s match headlined the Champions Night event that drew 1,398 to Ota City General Gymnasium and included several title changes.

Shotaro Ashino & Ryuki Honda won the All Japan tag titles by defeating Shuji Ishikawa & Kohei Sato, who had just won the titles last month. Ashino previously held the tag titles with Suwama while Honda has never held the tag titles previously.

New Japan’s Tiger Mask won the All Japan Jr. Heavyweight Championship by dethroning Hikaru Sato. The match was billed as an ‘Atsushi Aoki Memorial’ to honor the former All Japan & NOAH star, who died two years ago in a motorcycle accident at age 41.

New Japan Pro Wrestling also sent Yuji Nagata for this card, who teamed with Dan Tamura and lost to Suwama & Taru prior to the main event. Suwama pinned Tamura as he’s getting set to challenge for the Triple Crown again.

Izanagi lost the GAORA Television Championship in a four-way ladder match to Toshizo. The match included Black Menso-re and Yusuke Kodama.

Below are the results from the card (Courtesy: Purolove.com):
*Triple Crown: Jake Lee over Kento Miyahara (champion) in 27:57
*Suwama & Taru over Yuji Nagata & Dan Tamura in 11:55
*AJPW Tag Team Championships: Shotaro Ashino & Ryuki Honda over Shuji Ishikawa & Kohei Sato (champions) in 16:09
*Shuji Kondo over Yuma Aoyagi in 11:33
*AJPW Jr. Heavyweight Championship – Atsuki Aoki Memorial Match: Tiger Mask over Hikaru Sato (champion) in 14:51
*Naoya Nomura over Hokuto Omori in 4:29
*Atsuki Aoyagi over Rising Hayato in 10:07
*Masa Fuchi, Takao Omori & ATM over Yoshitatsu, Masao Inoue & SUSHI in 10:02
*GAORA Television Championship, Ladder Match: Toshizo over Izanagi (champion), Black Menso-re & Yusuke Kodama
*Oji Shibata over Ryo Inoue in 4:53

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